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Posted this on my local tribe...but thought this would be a good forum to post in too! I gave half my business suits last year, and decided that if I hadn't worn the others by this year's drive, I'd donate the rest (I haven't...they're going). More space in my closet, plus a great reason to donate!


Dress for Success Send One Suit Week is March 19-25

"Drop off new or nearly used business suits to any dressbarn store from March 19-25 for Dress For Success' S.O.S- Send One Suit Week. Dress For Success and dressbarn are sending an S.O.S. to women all across America to change over your closet and change a woman's life.

Dress For Success is an international not-for-profit organization, committed to helping disadvantaged women prepare for employment in today's competitive marketplace. Starting with the donation of an interview suit and continuing with on going support and career development. Dress For Success helps women gain the confidence and independence they need to succeed. Since being founded in 1996, Dress for Success has served more than 250,000 women in over 75 cities throughout the United States, Canada, Great Britain and New Zealand.

Each Dress for Success client receives one suit when she has a job interview and an additional suit with coordinating business separate pieces when she gets the job. While the client is employed, Dress for Success invites her to join the Professional Women's Group - where she can attend monthly seminars on career development. These seminars provide her with a safe environment to strengthen professional skills, learn how to network and receive support from other working women.

dressbarn, a women's national retailer, believes in Dress For Success efforts to ensure women enter the work force with renewed training and confidence to become active, productive members in their families and their communities. March 2006 marks dressbarn's fourth year as the National Sponsor and drop-off site for this annual suit drive. To date, dressbarn has collected over 60,000 suits from customers and associates. In addition, dressbarn has donated over 16,000 brand new suits with a retail value of over 1.6 million dollars.

Your donation will make a difference in a women's life. Each woman is a success story: She has gone or will go from suits to self-sufficiency."

For more information on Dress For Success visit and to find your neighborhood dressbarn store click here.