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Today I am grateful..

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I am so grateful for my ds.
I am thankful I had a relatively easy pregnancy.. and birth.. even though it was not my "dream birth"
I am grateful my son is healthy and happy and doing well.
I am grateful for his smile.. his laugh and his little arms around my neck... and for every minute I have with him.

I am grateful for my supportive, kind, patient DH.
I am grateful for my family.

I understand that I am truly blessed, lucky and privileged to have these things.. and I wish them for all of you.

I have been reading about a lot of struggles and sadness today... and I realize I am very very lucky to have what I do. I really have no business complaining and I am going to try harder not to... and to be of more and better service to others.

To those of you struggling.. with WHATEVER... I wish you strength, courage, blessings and hearts-ease.

I just had to post this after some of the things I have been reading today.. both here and at work.
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Thank you SO muchfor sharing this!

I really needed to read this today! We all have so much to be grateful for! Thank you for reminding me how lucky Iam too!
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many people do forget how lucky they really are. I am extremely lucky and hope everybody who is having problems get better and everything works out for them.
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That's a lovely post!

I was gonna move it, but I think I'll leave it here to give us some much-needed cheering up!
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that was a really neat post! i am greatful that today dd and i can go golden gate park and feed the ducks. i am greatful that divorce exists and that i can divorce my husband if i need to and not be forced to be married to him if it is not working out, it hasn't been. but i mean i am glad there is a way out.
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Yes, thank you for this thread! My husband has been dealing with frustrating issues at work, and it's good to remember what I am grateful for.

I am grateful for my happy, energetic boy. I am also grateful for naptime!

I am grateful for my supportive, loving dh.

I am grateful for my family, and how they give me room to be me. I am also grateful to have been raised by such a wise mother. She was our rock when life was stormy.
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