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childcare issues

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Is there a family member that could watch her? If not, I'd probably stay home.
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I hate that! You shouldn't have to miss out just because you have a child!

We are in the same situation once a year, for my DH's Xmas party. (It is a long story, but the party is not really skip-able.)

I can understand if people don't want to bring *their* kids, but who are they to tell you that you can't bring *your* kids?!

Too bad your DD isn't just a little younger, and you could sling her and go anyway.
Too bad since this your Dh's big night, HE doesn't get to choose to have his DD (and hence his DW) with him there.

I don't suppose complaining to the right person would improve things for future occasions? I know it's not fun to make waves though.

If you don't go, you should still do something really special that night, as a family. (I think if you did show up with DD for a while in a cute little dress, it might change some minds.)
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I think I agree that a 20 month old might not be at ease with a group of kids she may (or may not) remember from an hour at a picnic. It is also at a time of day when she probably isn't used to visitors/visiting, so it could be confusing for her.

On the other hand, depending on Sam's mood that day, I might do it with him 'cause he is super social and seems to totally thrive on a group and even a group who is all new! (This might change any day now, but we're still calling him "our little rock star" cause of the way he 'works' a room!) Only you know how she would react.

And, yeah, I'm with you on "i've been told i should just leave her at the daycare center since "it's a registered facility" and otherwise i'll be alone all night. (i don't consider being with shosh being alone but whatever)": Seems like pretty silly things to say.

My experience of "formals" is that in general, it might not be a good idea to bring a little one unless people there expect the possibility of small children (like weddings, for example). She probably wouldn't get much out of the event itself at her age, either. (This is said as the only child of parents who took her e v e r y w h e r e and who learned how to behave at all kinds of events and plenty of times I privately wished I could have stayed at home with a babysitter playing than at the adult party was supposedly such a big deal.)
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Originally posted by Elphaba
...i know i don't! these things are long and boring. tons of speeches by boring men ...

well! you got the answer right there!

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