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This woman is HOT!!! These are great suggestions!

I think maybe you should let some clients find theri way to you, KM!
Oh Penny! You're totally rocking my world. Who doesn't love being called hot?

You too, Terri! I love it when someone says "Look at it. Love it. Release it." Totally my mantra! (Obviously.)

Ok, I'm feeling all goose-bumpy and happy and loved. This thread really does rock!
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Originally Posted by KoalaMama View Post
This thread really does rock!

The reason I missed a lot a couple of days ago, is that for whatever reason, I was dreading coming here. : I think I knew it would raise my vibration, and for some reason I was perfectly content at the time with feeling :::.

So, I kept trying to get on, but every single time, something would happen. The multi-quote feature wouldn't be working, my internet was pretty much down for a few days straight, MDC would be down every time I tried to come here.

I guess it goes to show, be careful what you ask for.

However, when I really was ready to get out of my funk and get happy again...everything went perfectly. The internet was working fine, MDC was working fine, the multi-quote was working again.

Now if only that banana would dance.

ETA: Well, would 'ya look at that!
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Originally Posted by Momtwice View Post

I guess the question for me in hard situations is, do you visualize/make room for peace with what is, or do you visualize a different situation? Or both?

Something to ponder.
Hmm.... do we have a pondering smiley? I don't really visualize anything for this situation since they moved away (just when we were moving 1/2 hour closer to where they used to live)... I just feel helpless and frustrated. I can't visualize them coming back. I guess I could visualize ds being happy when his sister is mentioned instead of the sad look he gets. The other day we were talking about airplanes for some reason and he said he was going to get on an airplane and go to dsd's house. He doesn't really understand, except that when she leaves it's on an airplane.

I'll ponder more....

Originally Posted by KoalaMama View Post
Zannalyn... I would start by making a list of everything about this that is bugging you and getting under your skin, and then really looking at what that says about your emotions around this. For example...


Basically, work from where you are and keep writing until you find thoughts that feel better!

I would also highly recommend doing a list of positive aspects for everyone involved here, especially your husband's ex. The harder it is to come up with the good stuff, the more beneficial it is for you to do it.

I hope that's helpful. to all of you as you work through this.
Thanks. I will work on this. I'm like right now. I've just not been thinking about this, as much as possible, for months and I'm not sure why it's up, now. But, hey, coach, if the highlighted statement above is right, (and I figure it must be) then I'm in for some really big benefits!

And I do need to keep up the long distance connection between ds and dsd. I don't even have her address and phone number, I've been (up till now!) mirroring dh's passivity, and letting him handle it, and kind of giving up on my relationship with dsd.... which is stupid. For ds, I have to take the initiative and keep him in touch with her. And for her, too. And for me. Thanks again.

It's very helpful. Thank you! And Penny is totally right; you rock!

Originally Posted by Annikate View Post
I'm just finding it so amazing how we are all getting at some pretty deep stuff and are now realizing that we need to work it through, or should I say . . . *Look at it. Love it. Release it.* :


I think that for me all this is a final cleansing, if you will, before the goooooood stuff really starts to manifest.

Just want to say to all you wonderful mamas who are here on the journey w/me.

just in time for treasure maps! I like this idea, and it makes sense astrologically, too... The new moon last weekend connected with Pluto, and what Pluto does is dredge up the stuff that you had maybe forgotten (or tried to forget) was down there inside somewhere, in such a way that you have to deal with it.

And it fits with the season (around, here, anyway) as we experience the last of winter; the snow just melted to reveal our snowdrops still there and doing fine, and we went for a walk in our light jackets and saw crocuses blooming... and they say it'll snow tonight. But this is a time of year I really really love, too, because there's so much potential, and those first flowers are so tiny and brave and strong and beautiful

Originally Posted by catgirl View Post
I decided to manifest that extra stuff, so when I called to buy it, I explained that I hadn't had the money to respond to the bribe at the time, but now I'd manifested the $$, and I was calling within 48 hours of manifesting the $$, so could I still have the offer? And he said, oh yeah, sure, we'll always give you that! Sometimes you just have to ask, YK? Oh, and I'd been tying to get through for several minutes and I was getting a bit frustrated, then I thought, wait....the perfect person for me to talk to has just hung up from his or her previous customer...and I got through!
Oooh... thanks for the tip! I'll try saying that, too. Because I can see the money coming, there's just all these pieces I have to get in place, first, and it feels slow, but it's all moving.

Originally Posted by catgirl View Post
I know how hard this can be - at its worst I wanted to go round and break her windows, to be honest, for what she was putting him through. I mean, I wouldn't ever have done so, but...you know.
And thanks for the story about your dh's ex (are we the 2nd wives club or somthing? ) I do totally know what you mean. I have this sarcastic letter I've been writing her in my mind (I'm very good at sarcasm, and it's technically nonviolent: )...

But I really do want to transform this situation.
And now I have some great ideas on how to get started...

Originally Posted by catgirl View Post
I think this is the most amazing community I've ever been a part of!

Ain't the internet wonderful?? Who could have imagined this 20 years ago?
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Just a small something good thats happen thought I'd post.

I've got a notorious black thumb. Heck, I haven't even tried in 10 years, but I've even killed cacti. But for the new house I'm manifesting, I want flowers and a food garden. I remember the joy of gardening with my greatgrandma, it is one of my fondest memories, and I want to bring that back.

So Wednsday, my best friend, who is a green thumbish person, but I haven't shared this plan with, comes over. She brought me a potted crocus. There are like 7 or so sprouted parts, no buds. I recognized it is a bulb, so I could transplant this to my new house. So I've been carefully taking care of it, it has sun, I've remembered to water it. And it is covered in beautiful purple blooms!!! My favorite color, too. So it's working, my new home must be nearly ready if it's even effecting my flower skills
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Apryl, so cool about the flowers!!!
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Hey, You Wonderful Mamas! I agree with Penny -- this IS the most amazing community I've EVER belonged to! I was just gushing about it to dh at dinner the other night -- how powerful this community is, how the energy is so palpable, how we so strongly help and support each other. I'm truly honored to be among you! Some quotes to catch up on:

Originally Posted by Sepia View Post
celesterra that is so cool! and thanks so much for sharing. I can really identify with the colors thing--when i was pregnant with dd i was so attracted to hot pink. i had never liked that color before, but i wore it all the time during her pregnancy. guess what her favorite color is

Kate st thanks for your sweet pm I will definitely pass on your recommendations to sil. when you feel ready to move out of the "infancy stage" of your gift let me know!
Celeste -- I LOVED your posts about your appt with Teresea. I'm interested to hear if she noticed any energy blocks with anyone (spirit babe or you, dh?). I've read extensively about this and find opening up certain chakras to be extremely powerful -- just wondering if that was addressed? You can pm me if you want.

And it's so interesting so many of you mamas have mentioned colors. My pre-birth meditation is largely about breathing in certain colors and my Love Notes talk about colors -- I think colors are a big thing for spirit babes!

Sepia, thanks again for thinking of me. I'm actually making large leaps in my ability to recognize the messages of Spirit Babies (other than just my Love Notes), that I believe started with a dream I had about a pregnant mama here on this thread just a few nights ago. You know who you are
. I just want to thank my dream mama and her baby for coming to me and expanding my consciousness even more. And thanks to Sepia for getting my wheels turning.

Originally Posted by memiles View Post
I had an interesting realization yesterday, one that has been so liberating. Of course, I also had a nasty stomach virus when it came about, so I may have been halucinating

I'm just flat out amazed at how quickly the universe works when you get out of your own way.
Memiles -- beautiful post and wonderful breakthrough!! Don't you love it when magic happens so effortlessly!

Originally Posted by nicholas_mom View Post
I lurk more than I post. I love reading the posts here because they radiated such high vibrations!!!
Hmmmm. But today I feel like posting because I had one of those breakthough and I can't stop crying from such joy I feel........
Nicholas_mom, I had to comment on your post because you're energy was so high it got me buzzing!!! Looking forward to hearing about your babe!

Originally Posted by captain crunchy View Post
Penny, we were going to go out tomorrow to meet up with Kate if my um *woman's issues* don't resolve by then (I didn't want to get tmi but basically this month is very, very heavy and I don't know why...)
Tara, sorry about your cycle this month! I pm'ed you yesterday about the little cold Finn has -- well, now I have it and it's not too pretty. Between our colds and your cycle, maybe the Universe is telling us we should wait until next weekend? I really don't want to get you guys sick -- and we're oozing green all over the place -- how's that for tmi!

I am rather frustrated at being sick! I was zzzzoooooming and buzzing all over the place! I thought happy people weren't supposed to get sick?
I'm thinking like Annikate, that this is one of those final cleanses....but I feel I've already had many final cleasnes.

I'm telling myself I'm already healed, I just have to accept it. I'm telling myself I can breathe easily and freely. My mind believes it, but my body doesn't!

Oh well, now I'm just going to cheerfully get myself through this little cold. Right? I never thought I'd come to sunny FL and get sick! Especially because I left snowy, cold CT!

Well, reading this thread always makes me happy. That's gotta be good medicine.
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Yep, Koalamama, you ARE HOT!!!!

Ananas -- way to manifest a dancing banana! Here's a few more vibration-rocking dancers for ya! : :

Apryl -- you sound like me! I started a flower garden last year and when we move to our dream house I also plan on starting a food garden.
You might want to check out Machaelle Small Wright's books "The Perelandra Garden Workbooks I and II." It's all about working with the nature spirits to co-create gardens. It's very magical and all about manifestation. I really love them and they've become my garden bibles -- there's nothing else out there like them (that I've found). Thinking flowery thought with you!
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I have to share something terrible with someone and I can't get anyone on the phone right now. I was at the park with my son and husband and there was a little girl (maybe 3 or 4) holding a kite string and the kite was stuck in a tree. She was sobbing and I heard her father fake sobbing in a mocking way as he walked over to her. Then he saw her and said, "What are you a f'ing idiot. That is touching a powerline. Let go of it." She dropped in and continued to cry and he yelled for her to go back to her mom who was half a football field away. I saw her mom hug her and she was crying on her should and I said ludly to my DH so the man could hear , That is so wrong. You do not talk to kids that way."

I just started bawling crying. I think it just reminds me of the pain I endured growing up and I just want to go get this little girl and take her away from it all. The damage he is doing is so deep and I don't understand how anyone could do this to a child. It's so upsetting to me and I feel like I need to do something about it but I also feel so powerless.

I'm so sad and agry right now and I had to walk home from the park because I was this close to going over and yelling at the guy and who knows what he would have done then.

I just had to share somewhere. Please send me some comforting vibes if you can.

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Oh, Tara, sending you and that precious little girl love and light.
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Tara, maybe it'll be helpful if you try envisioning the comfort you'd like to see for that little girl. Things like: she has a gentle mama who comforts her, maybe she has a doting grandfather who tells her how special and wonderful she is, and maybe that guy at the park was just her mother's boyfriend who'll she'll be dumping now. (But it might help even more if you could somehow conjure up some love and light for HIM as well. That could be more transformative than you know).
Love to you...
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Thanks Kate. I think 1/2 of my emotions are a flash back to my childhood. I just keep sobbing that she only wants to be loved.

Anyway, I am trying to get back to the park to have a great day with my family and I happened to click on the link in your siggie to maybe see a pic of your DS and instead read your awsome birth story. It has really lifted my spirits. I'm going to try to walk back over there with the intention of having fun with my family (luckily it's only 2 blocks away!).

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Tara, I can not judge for another how their path is meant to be. I too experienced similar berating as a child. It only happens in the moment. I can choose to reflect on my experiences with understanding, instead of choosing to relive the pain. It is very empowering to know that that painful moment is done and can not hurt me in the *now*. I felt frightened for/as the little girl. But, now I send my energy toward *compassion*, instead of anger, and that will expand in this world. Each of us finds that most people ARE compassionate, are gentle, especially with children. That is where I can grow my energy. The delta is self-evident to the little girl, just as it was when I/you were the little girl. When I understood that compassion was a possibility, THEN I had a choice! When I saw anger and emotional outbursts met with compassion, I could see an alternate path, than anger. And the cycle changed toward choosing compassion as I saw compassion modeled.

I believe that I understand the pain that you are experiencing. I chose to see the child's pain, really to relive my own pain, many times, with every child who suffered. But, that does not serve them, imo. Spending negative energy on negative energy, grows negativity and more pain... self-induced pain. It doesn't change the situation for the man or the girl. Only I can choose how I experience the situation. And how I react to it.

I always had/have a choice.

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Have you all heard about these "Soul Collage Cards"? They are basically small vision cards, like Tarot cards, which you personally design and create for yourself. They speak to your intuition, to guide you, to nurture the unfolding and the unknown within. Here are some links about creating your own. Caution: apparently this is a very copyrighted concept and can not be sold, bartered or shared, from what I read.


Look at the photos and the messages of these cards (scroll down): http://carostarot.blogspot.com/ They are inspirational and beautiful pieces of personal spiritual art.

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Originally Posted by Taradactyl3 View Post
Thanks Kate. I think 1/2 of my emotions are a flash back to my childhood. I just keep sobbing that she only wants to be loved.

Anyway, I am trying to get back to the park to have a great day with my family and I happened to click on the link in your siggie to maybe see a pic of your DS and instead read your awsome birth story. It has really lifted my spirits. I'm going to try to walk back over there with the intention of having fun with my family (luckily it's only 2 blocks away!).

I forget if you have Louise Hay's book You Can Heal Your life, but what she would suggest is to visualize that the adult you, now, is loving and taking good care of your little-girl self. She writes this part very beautifully.
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Tara - I am so sorry you had to witness that.

I don't think I could add any more to what's already been said but wanted to give you a .
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Thread Starter 
Also remember, when you are pregnant, things strike you even harder and with more pain. Also, when pregnant is a very, very common time to re-experience your own childhood in various ways.

You were there at that moment, seeing that for a reason. Love that little girl in your heart and mind as if she is you. Then, go into your heart and love yourself as if you are that little girl.

This will help heal you both.
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Kate, thanks as always for your loving and encouraging words. I'm in the middle of a creative outpouring for my little etsy shop, but I'll be back tonight with comments.
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Originally Posted by Zannalyn View Post
I got that Holosync offer, too, last week, but didn't have the money right then so.... I guess the perfect time will happen. Or maybe he'll try another bribe?

Wow. I love this story, and especially the highlighted quote. I know other divorced couples who make great efforts to get along and both be there for their kids. I used to hope that dh's ex would eventually come around and recognize that I was yet another adult who loved and watched out for dsd, but.... no. Not in over 11 years. I still get like this And when she announced they were moving, breaking the divorce agreement... arrrrgh! But did dh go see lawyer, like he said he was going to do? no. did he listen to me when I said, look, face it, she is trying to screw you over. (she offered to lower child support payments, then included a tax credit change that would have cost him at least as much money, plus she wanted him to pay for all dsd's transportation back and forth for visits... we've seen her 3 times in 8 months) No. I think he still feels more guilty than anything else. And she has been really really nasty to him. He says he forgives her, but to be perfectly honest, I DON'T. Last summer I just came to the realization that I have absolutely no control over what goes on with dsd. And ds really really misses her, and that tears at my heart.

I've tried to just let go of this, but obviously, it hasn't worked yet. I'd love to hear any suggestions....
Eventually, children come to find out which parents were manipulating them and which ones truly had their best interest at heart. It's maddening until then isn't it?

Originally Posted by Amris View Post
Thank you kindly.

Nothing special, that's just my Nom de Plume (pen name). I created it out of Amris, which came from Am'Ris, which was a character's name that I created for a short story that I wrote (and subsequently lost) long ago.

Not my real name at all, but I do own the rights to everything written under it (© stuff belongs to "me" as the owner of the Am Ris nom de plume, for example).
So do you say it Amris or Om-Ree?

Originally Posted by Amris View Post
First, I want to WuWei

Now, my website is published to the 'net, but it's in VERY preliminary stages. There's a "buy the book" link on there. Please, DO NOT buy the book yet, it's not approved yet, and you will likely get a bum copy. I don't want that to happen!

But, any critiques would be quite welcomed.

Thanks, lovely ladies of MDC!

ETA: Yeah, the website url would be good, wouldn't it. :

I did a crazy search on this thread to find the post where you gave us the addy. After I found it, it dawned on me that it's right there in your siggy isn't it?
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Holosync question

Hey, anyone who's used the Holosync demo, did you feel it was ...I don't know, doing anything? Dh said he did.
I have listened to it twice now and I just don't know.
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what a scene to witness! After reading the kind responses you've gotten, especially Pat's, I started thinking perhaps the man is just having a bad day and responded badly to being frustrated knowing he couldn't possibly rescue the kite.... no excuse, but, a change in perspective. But if I'd been there I probably would've at him.

Originally Posted by whimsy View Post
Eventually, children come to find out which parents were manipulating them and which ones truly had their best interest at heart. It's maddening until then isn't it?
It sure is!
I think she does many good things for dsd, but... I guess I feel that when I have a child with someone, part of what I am committing to is (barring violence toward me or my child) at least being civil with that person even if we split up, even if I were really really angry with him. To me, that is simply being a mature, responsible adult.

dh's ex said to him very early on "I'm not doing anything to make this easier on you." And I have to say, she is a woman who is true to her word!
Ok, I'll stop being snarky, now. I did start a list of positive aspects for her, and wrote quite a few things. And I really do feel better... but I have lots more work to do. But right now all I want to do is
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