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Can we do a roll call?

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Just to get the DDCers that are still hanging out here in one place?

* Name
* Due?
* Your belly baby: boy, girl, unknown/keeping it a secret?
* Name picked out that you want to share?
* Other Children?
* Anything else you want to tell about yourself?
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I'll start off

June 22nd
Expecting a boy
Name picked out, not sharing
No other children
Uhm.. I'm 27, married, have a budgie, am a cellist, photographer, knitter. Not nescesarily in that order
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* Name
* Due?
* Other Children?
* Your belly baby: boy, girl, unknown/keeping it a secret?
* Name picked out that you want to share?
* Anything else you want to tell about yourself?
* Hilary
* Due June 24
* No other children
* Girl!
* Jennifer Elizabeth, Elisheva in Hebrew
* What else? I'm married, we have two cats, both DH and I work in aspects of the entertainment industry (production end), so our kids will either be full-bore theatre artsies or go into something staid like accounting as a means of rebellion! I'm 27 and DH is 37.
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* Name
* Due?
* Your belly baby: boy, girl, unknown/keeping it a secret?
* Name picked out that you want to share?
* Other Children?
* Anything else you want to tell about yourself?
*June 5th
*Dont have one picked out... well Imogene if it were only up to me
* 1 daughter, Ellya, 2 1/2ish
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EDD June 15
No definate name yet
DS Riley is 18 months

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1.) Tomi
2.) June 1
3.) Mystery
4.) Not telling
5.) Gosh! Can't think of anything!
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june 27th
name picked, not telling
1st baby, 2nd pregnancy
i can't focus on anything besides this baby--work, doctoral work, etc. all seem insignificant right now. the students at my school are super sweet to me, though. they all want to touch my belly (i'm cool with that). i answer probably a dozen pregnancy questions a day. i think it's good for them to understand the process, esp the girls b/c we have a high teen pregnancy rate at our school.
i feel like the princess at my school. the other day this big, very thug-y boy saw me coming down the crowded hall and yelled, "get the f&*^ outta the way! lady with baby coming!" and all the students in the hallway parted down the middle to let me through. it was truly biblical! i was like, "thanks, honey. watch your mouth--my baby can hear you now!" he was shocked at that
i'm really loving being pregnant. in nyc, everyone feels they have the right to talk to you suddenly which i find 90% endearing and 10% annoying
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June 16th
Expecting a Boy!
No decisions on a name yet!
DD will be 3 yrs on 4/3!!!!
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My stuff:

- Ann (if that wasn't too obvious - should think about changing it!)
- June 16th - hoping for the 17th (Father's Day)
- Boy
- very uncertain but Sean Thomas seems to be the leading candidate - but also contemplating Conor and Kieran
- Kathleen (4 yrs - she will be five a few weeks before this baby is born), Andrew (3 yrs, just) and Declan (14 months)
- I am an 'accountant' but have never practiced as one outside of the time to get my designation, I work full-time, my kiddos are in daycare in my building so we go out for lunch each week, I am married (for almost 7 yrs) and have 2 cats! We are planning a major reno to start this fall (delayed start) and everyone thinks we are crazy to reno and to have 4 kiddos. We drive a minivan! My husband loves to golf so this babe 'should' be born in the morning of the 17th so he can watch the closing round of the US Open. I am hoping for a homebirth (first one) but dh is still terrified!
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* willo

* June 21 (or 23 is the 7 week ultrasound is more accurate than my charting)
* unknown (told DH he could find out this time, but baby kept it covered up!)
* I don't tell, and I also don't decide for sure until I've met the baby
* one son, who will be 3 1/2 when this baby is born

* I'm a Jew-by-choice--I converted in 2001. I love to read, especially histories and mysteries, and I've written 2/3 of a novel. I adore living history and play a late 13th century Spanish Jewish matron in the SCA. I have lived in the Northeast since I went to college in New York State in 1992, but I will always consider the Pacific NW "home."

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June 13 (ish)

Unknown! We haven't had an ultrasound....

Still in the process of choosing two names...we are keeping them a secret

Just furbabies. Two cats and two dogs
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*Early June, I was 2.5 weeks early with dd and 2 weeks late with ds so I don't believe in due dates.
*Unknown sex, surprise
*Names not sure yet
*DD Nicole will be 6 on 4-11, DS Jacob 3 1/2, miscarriage on 7-1-06
*DH and I have been together for almost 16 years but married for 7. Planning on water birth at hospital with midwife, doula, DH and if time is right kids and mom.
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~EDD May 30/June 1
~Karina Rose
~DS - Keon - 8.22.02
~very excited for this baby, planning a hbac and currently trying to finish the last semester of my MSW program
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* Hannah
* June 26th
* Girl
* Greta
* Elli, 11-21-04
* tandem nursing hopeful
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* Name: Arleta
* Due: June 16
* Your belly baby: boy, girl, unknown/keeping it a secret?: girl we think
* Name picked out that you want to share?: no clue
* Other Children?: Korbin 3, Kane 2
* Anything else you want to tell about yourself? 2 hospital births with no meds/interventions, 1 was a surprise breech!!!
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* Name Amanda
* Due? May 31st but by the ultra sound last week the midwife said june 3rd
* Your belly baby: boy, girl, unknown/keeping it a secret? Hubby thinks it is a girl midwife said she didn't see any boy parts but so it is a surprise since the baby had it legs crossed.
* Name picked out that you want to share?not sure on names
* Other Children? Sarah 20 months
* Anything else you want to tell about yourself? I am 26 hubby is 24 we have been married for 6 years fisrt birth was a home birth transfer and end up being a c section so I will be a vbac at a birth center I am very excited.
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Name: Jaime
Due Date: June 19th
Sex: Unknown
Names: If boy Liam Caleb, if girl Bella Simone
We have a son who turns 4 on the first day of spring. No other pregnancies or children.
Our sons birth was a horribly oppressing experience in a hospital so this time around we are opting for a homebirth.
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1) Christine (duh!)
2) June 10th
3) BOY!
4) Re: names - I'm not tellin', and you can't make me!
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* I'm Shannon
* I'm due June 7th
* Your belly baby: Girl!
* Name picked out that you want to share? Possibly: Carys or Kaia
* Other Children? 2 boys: Ethan (3.5yrs) and Gaven (22 months)
* I'm as big now, at 28 weeks, as I was full-term with the other two! Crazy big belly & lots of weight gain!
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1. Joy
2. Due June 1 (or May 25, or June 6, depending on who you ask)
3. Boy!
4. Names are still a secret
5. I'm a teacher and desperately hoping that I can get my students through their state mandated tests (icky!!!!) before this baby shows up.
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