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what do you read other than mothering?

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I love Mothering! I also love to read The Compleat Mother. I was wondering what other periodicals are out there with similar themes towards parenting?
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I saw the thread title and thought you meant other periodicals in general.

Haven't come across other mags. like Mothering. It is in a class by itself.

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Hip Mama, and Compleat Mother, probably come the closest. I subscribe to Hip Mama but not CM. Other than parenting, I subscribe to Harper's, The Nation, the New Yorker, Utne, and People. Hey a girl's gotta have some fun.
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I like Brain,Child Magazine. www.brainchildmag.com Its very good about representing many different viewpoints.
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time and national geographic- not parenting mags, i know
i am getting myself utne reader, complete mother, and mother jones soon. but mothering is my fave
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None. Mothering ruined them all for me I used to read Parenting and Today's Parent but I would get soooooooo angry at some of the "advice" and articles and rarely find something I agreed with. Then I found Mothering and that's all I read now!
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I kind of like Baby Years. It has a lot of AP things in it but is a nice balance between mainstream and AP. It would be a good way to introduce someone to the ideas of AP.
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Thanks for this thread. I'm going to research Hip Mama, Brainchild and Baby Years. Right now I just read Mothering. Although I keep forgetting to renew my subscription, so I haven't read it in awhile.

One thing I do is stay FAR AWAY from the mainstream crap. And I try to keep my dh FAR AWAY from it, too. But jeeeeeeez, it's hard cause they send issues to your house without you asking or subscribing!!! They send all these free issues!!! And my dh gets the mail, so sometimes he reads it and I tell him, "don't fill your head with that mainstream sh--t".

What I need to do is start bringing in the mail myself and throw those right into the recycle bin right away.

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i think this is T but i do read sports illistrated and go to nfl.com

but when comes to parenting i only go to mothering
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The mainstream mags are SO ridiculous. I was reading Parents today while at the gym on the treadmill - they had an article with so called tips for getting your toddler to cooperate. They actually suggested bribes! Every book I've read on discipline talks about why this doesn't work in the long run. Ugh! They also said disposable swim diapers are your best bet for summer! Why would they say this? When one pack costs as much as one resusable swim diaper? And reusuable ones are NO more inconvenient!?!
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Mothering is my only parenting magazine... used to read hipmama... can't recommend that enough... just never resubscribed.

Non parenting magazines/newspapers: The New Yorker and the Times...

Serena: and on the sly PEOPLE!!!! It's total fluff and I love it too... let's my brain rest

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National Geographic, Brain Child, the Catholic Worker....that's it, for the most part.
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Nice thread

1. Mothering
2. Hip Mama
3. New Internationalist

By the way, check out this website:

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I really like "Life Learning" Magazine. It is bimonthly just like Mothering. Even if you don't plan to homeschool/unschool there are many wonderful articles! I enjoy it as much as I do the Mothering mags.
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Compleat Mother and Mothering are my favourites! I also subscribe to an unassisted childbirth newsletter called The New Nativity II. That is it as far as parenting goes, though I have been wanting to check out The Mother magazine but have not had the extra money.
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Home Education Magazine and Family Fun
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Us Weekly
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These other parenting mags like Hip Mama sound interesting. I'll check 'em out.

After reading all these replies, I decided to chime in with the non-parenting mags...even though what comes into my home will sound pretty intellectual/odd/lefty/righty/ecclectic...

Mother Jones, Extra (from www.fair.org) (media watchdog), Covert Action Quarterly (political), Home Power Magazine, W (for NY society gossip), Civil Engineering Magazine, Practice Periodical of Hazardous Waste Management, several other engineering mags, Bitch (left coast feminist), Ms, The Big Takeover (NY non-mainstream music mag), Wooden Boat (sailing), Primitive Archer, various architecuaral and lighting mags (husband), Northern Woodlands, Sierra, and misc. literature reviews. I used to get Cricket when little, I guess I ought to resubscribe.

edited to add: and, how can I forget, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. I've been subscribing since 1986. Anyone want back issues?
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For Parenting.. I read Mothering, Hip Mama and New Beginnings from LLL. I'm afraid I also read Working Mother, since Mothering essentially ignores mothers who work outside the home.

I also read Sage Woman, The Nation (mostly online), The Sun and sometimes Alternative Medicine and Midwifery Today.
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For parenting... mostly just Mothering, sometimes Child too. I hate Parents - it's horrendous IMO. I will check out Compleat Mother, sounds interesting.

Other... OK I am NOWHERE near as intellectual in my periodical reading habits as everyone else apparently is! I like mags to relax with, so choose: Architectural Digest (my fave), House & Garden, Organic Living, Gardening, W (also love Suzy), Bazaar, InStyle (how embarrasing!), Washingtonian, and very occasionally MarthaStewart Living (AACKK!). DH gets Astronomy Today and Nat Geographic, which I also browse every now and then.

I pretty much like gardening/decorating magazines, with the occasional fashion mag or gossip/celebrity rag thrown in to keep me from getting too smart. :LOL
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