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I think enemas can sometimes really help a labor along. While pushing you may not even remeber that you might poop, ,or you may worry about it so much that you get drawn out of your body and into a not so good headspace. If mom feels drawn to do one, I say go for it. I'll probably do one before this baby.
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Frankly, I would have vastly preferred a quick poop to having my dimpled butt on display for all to see for untold hours.

But, labor ain't glamorous.
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I wonder if labor/birth position has any impact on the poop issue. With dc#1 I labored/birthed on my back partially inclined and pooped a little (which was quickly and discretely swept away by the midwife and nurses) and I felt a little chagrine but had better things to think about. I don't think dh noticed, or if he did he didn't comment.

With dc#2 and dc#3 I labored and birthed on my hands and knees and there was no poop incidents.

So, I wonder if birthing on my back put more pressure on my rectum and therefore pushed out fecal matter during the birth. And if birthing on my hands and knees relieved the pressure, so nothing was pushed out...It's a thought (which may have not substance, but I put it out there).
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I'm not the kind who is comfortable pooping in front of others -- I've been in pretty dire straits while dh was showering in our only bathroom, but still prefered waiting to going in while he was there -- but I found that I didn't notice whether or not I pooped in labour. I did, though, have a natural "cleaning out" during transition or so. For me, personally, an enema wouldn't have helped, but I think you have to do what makes you comfortable. It might help if you look into stats to see if enemas help prevent pooping during labour. I don't know what they are.
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Originally Posted by bobandjess99 View Post
I say this gently....if you are really that incomfortable with your body and the natural acts it perfoms, I think you need to really do some serious soul-searching, relaxation, deeply intuitive therapy. The absolute last thing you need while in labor is stress in any form.
Lots of people are uncomfortable with elimination processes. There was a time when I could psychosomatically bring on constipation if I was going to be somewhere where a public or shared restroom was the only option. Two things changed that: one, living in the third world and two, becoming a mother! No soul searching or therapy required!

I wholeheartedly agree that the last thing OP needs in labor is stress, and if the idea of moving her bowels during labor stresses her out, then perhaps an enema is in order for her.
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I pooped when Ani was born. I just said "I have to poop!" and someone brought me a bedpan. I lifed up a little, pooped, and that was it. Noone mentioned anything and I felt SO much better.

I am a little nervous about pooping during this next birth, as it will hopefully be a water birth. I guess if I poop, someone will scoop it out with a net or something? I think I'll just not think about it. . .
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I just wanted to add that the enema was really no big deal. It was like 10 minutes of my life before I went to the hospital, wasn't painful or anything, so if you want to do it, why not?
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Before DD I was horrified of the thought of pooing during labor. Well, my water broke, I was induced and I poo'd during labor. I was horribly embarrassed and the nurse didn't help the situation by mentioning it everytime she wiped it away. I hated that!! One thing that really helped me get ready for DS (because I was still thinking about pooing during DD) was to read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth about finding the monkey within. You know monkeys don't care if they puke, poop, etc during labor and honestly, we shouldn't either. I discussed this with my midwife and she actually told me she had no problem with poo and to go ahead and "S... all over her"--it's all good. I don't think I did poo with DS, at least no one mentioned it to me (I did ask DH not to tell me if it happened) and I don't see any in the pics.
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