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Gifts for triplets and new parents

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Today my best friend had triplets born at 32 weeks. Babies and mama are doing very well but I am at a loss for what type of gifts to give her and the babies. I want to do or give something for entire family that they can really use. Her parents are currently staying with them (probably through the summer) so they will have plenty of help with the baby care.

I know all you mamas out there will have some really great ideas!!

Thanks, Rachel
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-How about an IOU for when your friend's parents leave for things like:

-cook and freeze some meals
-take a load of laundry from her and return it washed and folded
-a professional house cleaning
-a block of time to help her with whatever she needs helpi with
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MamaOui, I really like that idea. I could make her a little coupon book with all kinds of helpful tasks like running errands, fixing meals, laundry, cleaning, etc...

Thanks so much, Rachel
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Love the IOU idea.
Also thought gift certificates for a local drugstore or something so they can buy stuff that they need as they need it.
Wow! Triplets! That's scary!
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That iou idea is a wonderful idea.

I gave that to my sister years ago.
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Glad you like the idea.
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Is she nursing? Or attempting to (pumping and all)? If she doesn't have one yet, the EZ2Nurse pillow is very very popular with MOMs (mothers of multiples).


Then, a travel pillow for behind her head, and a footstool. She can stay omn the couch all night, nursing and sleeping, with this arrgt. A boppy next to her for the 3rd, not nursing baby.

Mothering Multiples


A sling or 2.

A swing, even if she is APing.

Get her videos to watch, as she will get bored with regular TV. Take them back on time.

IMO, nevermind the coupon book. Cute, but she literally won't have time to rip one off and call you. Just make a schedule up for you to come over x times a week, at x o'clock. She will need everything done for her.

She will only be able to sit on the couch and nurse pretty much 24/7. She will need you to bring a meal, warm it up, put it on a plate and serve it to her with a huge glass of water.

She will need you to hold/entertain all 3 while she goes to the bathroom or takes a shower.

She will need you to hold/entertain 2 at a time, when she goes upstairs to take an afternoon nap with one of the babies (the neediest, nursiest one).

She will need you to hold her while she cries.

She will need a foot/shoulder massage.

She will need a helper for outings for at least 3 years.

Don't forget about her after the first few months! If you can't do all of the above, find her someone who can, or several someones. Try a Senior Center for surrogate grandparents, or a church, even if she is not a member. Try the early childhood development class of a college.
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I have twins and can tell you that the thought of 3 at one time terrifies me!!! AGH. Congrats and lucky her to have her mom and dad to help. Give her your time.... simply say I will be there at ------o'clock on -----day for ----hours. Then when you are there make yourself very useful. Laundry, dishes, baby holding, clean the house. And, if you can offer to help her when she goes in for her well-baby visits---can you imagine taking 3 at one time??

From my personal experience (I had a nearly 3 year old and infant twins) my biggest problem, and I had zero help, was cleaning the house and being unable to run to the store in an 'emergency'. Are you the one she can call when she "needs" something from the store?

At the same time remember that some people find it hard to accept and ask for help. If all else fails simply drop by prepared food, in disposable (sorry) containers on a regular schedule.

Finally, her mom and dad may start to drive her nutso. She and her husband might enjoy sometime alone with their new babies can you get her parents out of the house for her for awhile?
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Rachel, you have been given some great ideas. let me kow if there is anything I can do to help you help her.
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You guys ROCK!! I love all the ideas you have thought of. Of course I have already offered my help to her but I love the idea of telling her exactly when I'll be coming over to lend a hand.

DarlyLLL, she is nursing and I think I will get her one of the EZ2nurse pillows you suggested.

Thank you, thank you , thank you

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that so nice of you to help your pal. I have twins and a 2 yr old and definately, the one thing we really needed, and got, was help around the house. Since her mom is staying with her, I would suggest a gift of diapers (either kind) I found that we ran out real fast all the time.
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you've gotten some great ideas. i can't imagine 3! whew! you might try posting your question in the parenting multiples forum (http://mothering.com/discussions/for...e=&forumid=158) . i'm sure the other mamas of more than one could give you some tips, too.

hope your friend and her three are doing well. you're thoughtful to try to figure out something she really needs.

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I have a friend who nursed her triplets... EN'ed them, as a matter of fact, well into toddlerhood. If she has any interest in corresponding with a nursing mom of triplets for any suggestions or support, please PM me and I will give you my friend's email address. I know she's too busy to do it now, but for reference, I thought it might be helpful. She wrote a story for bf.com several years ago, here is that link:

(bf.com has been acting funny lately, might not be available when you first check it out.)
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Moving this to Life with a babe now! maybe some new mamas
there can help you out more!
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