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I see that as discussing history, not religion. Because the first mention that most people know of circumcision is in Genesis, you can't discuss the historical context without mentioning the Bible/religion. However, I don't see that as debating the relative merits/failures, etc. of any particular religion.

The policy of no discussion of religion here is to avoid anyone saying that one religion is superior/inferior to another. I just haven't seen that. Maybe I'm wrong and will accept it if someone can point it out to me.

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Hi Everyone,

First of all, Beloved Bird, I think its great you are writing in. After all, it takes courage to go against the grain and take all the heat. I think a lot of us here know what that is like, because choosing not to circ is often met with resistance from our surroundings.

I think, I can speak for everyone and assure you that nobody here has anything against the Jews or the Jewish religion. However, we are strongly against circumcision, because it is painful and has no medical benefit. It just so happens that circ is part of a religious ritual, so we oppose the circ, not the fact that Jews celebrate their religion.

We have nothing against the singing, the praying, the eating. We do have something against the forceful cutting of an infants genitalia.

Anyhow, please feel free to write in again Beloved Bird, a voice of dissent is a good thing. If I came across as somone hating the Jews, accept my sincere apologies.

Lise Brit
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Whew!!! Glad that is all cleared up.
~Beloved Bird Please come and feel free always to discuss here. I am very much interested in learning about anything and everything. It is people who go against the stream who enlighten us all. We all learn from one another IMO. So stick around!
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The following is the most beautiful speech I've heard in a while....

A rabbinical liturgy of a BRIS SHALOM ceremony:
We are gathered together today, in the last year of a century which has given us profound and unprecdented insight into our humanity, one hundred years in which we have learned that each of us is fully human from the moment we are born, able to feel and able to remember all the richness of each and every moment's experience.

But this century has also given us the holocaust, a bloodletting of unprecedented proportion. Given both the insight and the brutality of our century, we are inevitably led to conclude that there must be no more bloodshed in G_d's name. We continue where Abraham left off: We shall do the child no harm.
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