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Originally Posted by willoLevin View Post
...Is something major happening in our blood volume or something else right now? Oof...
I think right now our little babies are starting to leach iron and other goodies out of our system to be stored in the liver in addition to the continuing upward demand for nutrients. This might be a big part of it. I've upped my intake of Floradix and yesterday I was actually able to leave my house and go get a library card! I checked out a dozen books because I had been so tired I can't even sit at the computer! Pathetic! Reduced to reading! hehe
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Wow ... you girls all sound so tired I certainly don't have any energy surge, but I'm not overly-exhausted. I've been getting so much gardening done - lawn mowing, reseeding, planting bulbs, weeding around the winter flowers, etc. When I'm exhausted, it's because I've pushed myself too far.

Oh, and I have to mention that I passed my 3-hour glucose test yesterday!
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Congrats on the pass! Yay!
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I have a doula! She came to visit this morning, and I'm 99.9% sure I want to use this one. She will be going out of town about a week after my due date, so I have to find a backup in case. But I'm definately on the same wavelength with her. Since I'm a doula myself and we've done things in our local organization together, she's offered to do it for free.
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Shannon: Congrats on passing the test, that must be such a relief!

Shell Ell: Yay for finding a Doula!!

I've been getting weird little bursts of energy, usually first thing in the morning and then again before bed. This morning I cleaned both bathrooms and mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors. I HATE mopping! I also did a ton of laundry, including all of the baby's clothes. I've been all about completely setting up the nursery and taking inventory of what I still need. DP thinks it's funny.
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I thought I was the only one feeling soo tired. Everyone kept talking about nesting and I kept thinking " how can anyone nest, I am so exhausted"! Anyway, I hope for some kind of energy surge soon.
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We did hire a doula and will have our first "official" meeting with her this weekend. I'm keeping my fingers so tightly crossed I might loose circulation, but she seemed great at our first meeting, DD liked her (it's impressive for a stranger to win over dd so fast), and she had a day and a half of back labor with her first so she has some idea where I'm coming from in terms of my labor history. She also has attended several happy VBACs at my hospital and with my care providers, so I'm confident about that aspect as well.

I must say belly bean has been pretty bouncy today (which is nice)! And she had hiccups...about 8-9 minutes of regular "blurps" in the same spot on my left side. I wonder if there is something funky about how my innards are put together...dd1 always had hiccups in that same spot! Perhaps there's something funny written on the "wall" there and everytime a belly bean see's it they laugh so hard the snort amniotic fluid out their nose and get the hiccups?

Anyway, with this whole anterior placenta thing I haven't felt nearly as much movement this time round and so a day with lots of wiggles is a nice change.

How are other mamas doing with the hypnobirthing program (I know there are a few others here...)? I just started the second class (will be doing finger drops tonight) and so far it's been kind of fun. I don't know that I really go with the whole "pain free birth" element, but I'm enjoying the nightly relaxation sessions and think it's helping me stay more together during the days as well. And that half hour cd session is just about the only "me time" I've got these days!
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That "me time" must be nice! Dh travels so much for work that I barely get any me time ... I guess I use the outdoor gardening stuff as my me-time because the boys will play around me and I get some brain relaxation Maybe I should try hypnobirthing just to learn how to get some of that ultra relaxation (although I am expected to have a scheduled c-section at 40 weeks).
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Didn't we just post a weekly thread? I am also shocked at the time flying...

Shell_el, I am still so congested. I sleep with my mouth wide open and make a clicking noise so loud it wakes me up at times. Poor dh sleeps with wax earplugs all the time now, if not on the couch. In the morning I clear loads of snot from my head which continues all day. So, yes, I am still a mucus queen over here.

I am tired, too. My Floradix surge seems to have faded. Maybe I'll have to up my dose like you, Willo. I went on a field trip to the Jewish Museum with the 10th grade yesterday and came home and took a 3 hour nap after and still went to bed by 11pm. I just get tired.

We have one week until spring break and our trip to Puerto Rico. I tried on a bathing suit today....scary. I have no prob with the big belly look, it's just that my thighs are all cottage cheese-y and vein-y. HOT. I am seriously working on letting go of being freaked out about it, but it's hard. I keep thinking that maybe a light tan will camoflage some of it!

We have parent/teacher night tomorrow night. A 14 hour workday. God help me...
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Dh takes dd upstairs after her bath (when we nightweaned he took over most of the night-night routine...he does her bath, then they come downstairs so I can do jammies, nursing and toothbrushing, and then they both go upstairs to "finish" the routine with a few songs/cuddles/hand holding/kissing of various sleepy buddies/etc) so I generally have a half hour window of time after he takes her up but before she falls asleep when I can sit in the living room and listen to a hypnobirth session.

I think they actually have a few cds aimed at c/s mamas...I picked this program since it seemed supportive of VBAC mamas and I felt I needed the extra confidence/relaxation in terms of just going with the flow this time and being "okay" with either a VBAC or a c/s if that's what happens (I was sooooo devastated after dd's c/s that I actually was diagnosed with both PPD and PTSD and honestly I just can't deal with that emotional/spiritual/physical place again so soon!).

Anyway, even though I'm not totally on board with the pain free side of the program, I have to say that sitting on the floor with my back against the couch listening to sort of new-agey instrumental music (I've been calling it "zEn-ya" if that gives you the feel) with a woman's soothing voice saying "reax....you are soooo relaxed....soooo warm....your muscles are relaxed....your hands are relaxed....sooo relaxed....your mind is calm...." etc after a day of dealing with undergraduates, faculty, and a tempermental 2yo is...well...it's a good half hour!

I wish I could garden...but we still have a foot or more of snow! And our house has the worst little back yard ever. All shade and lead tainted soil so everything has to be grown in containers and moved throughout the day to get even a few hours of sun. Bleh! Yet another reason I want to move!
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No nasal congestion here, but I think I need to ramp up my fibre consumption again soon. [cough]

I managed to get some tickets to the ballet yesterday, so we're going tonight - an area touring company is doing "Merlin," and there was a fantastic writeup in the paper, so we're pretty excited. It's been way too long since we've been on an actual DATE-date, and we don't even have the excuse of a kid keeping us at home; we're just lazy! I'm really looking forward to going out; I even have some nice going-out clothes that still fit, as long as no-one gets hung up at me about even skirt hem lengths.
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Tired here too. I have had trouble staying awake for the past two days.

We now have a cat-I think he adopted us. We're pretty sure one of our neighbors abandonded him when they moved out and he was hanging out by our place crying. He was very hungry and starved for attention, and I couldn't handle not feeding him. He's a beautiful animal-all white except for his tail which is orange stripes and orange markings on his face. He has beautiful orange eyes. Unfortunately, we can't seem to find a name for him. Any suggestions?

My car broke down last week too. : It spent 4 days at the shop. It hasn't needed any repairs in the last 3 1/2 years other than basic maintenance and I think we just made up for that. Grrrrrr. . .

But on the brighter side of life things are starting to warm up a bit-I think I may actually get to start planting a few things this weekend! We can only have a small container garden, but I can't wait to have a few fresh veggies! And flowers around the house-I can't wait for some color!!! Our grass turned green overnight-I kid you not. It was brown yesterday and when we got up this morning it was green-happens every year and it surprises me every time!
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Yeah, it's sort of scary that "mid-may" counts as full term for some of us! 8 weeks seems sooooo much closer than two months, you know?

Of course, I was a 42+ week mama last time so I just laughed at the doctor and told them I'd see them in June...but still...
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Somehow I keep overdoing it even though I don't think I'm doing ANYTHING. Yesterday I felt so... tight in my belly (no cramps, though) and back-achey that I was on the verge of calling the midwives. DH made me rest on the couch, and, lo and behold, I was just tired. But I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!

I worked my three hour shift at the bookstore today. I was exhausted a little more than two hours in. Came home to find many of the kitchen remodel items I've ordered here, so that was fun. I'm so in love with the gorgeous colors of these tin ceiling panels! I'll have to restrain myself from using a crazy, vibrant color, I think.

I need to add more fiber to my diet like someone else mentioned. I've started using Benefiber as a supplement to my whole grains.

I'm still hungry but going through another "nothing sounds good except junk" phase. DH claims I made DS out of sirloin burgers and ice cream, but this poor baby is nothing but buttered bread!

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Can't eat

Can't sleep

After a lovely lunch with ex the other day we concluded we are such good friends, we could really make this work if we both tried.

Ex went on date some night

Ex slept at her house last night (she's a single mom AND his employee)

I want to puke

I have screamed alot

Starting to withdraw

Dont know the last time I was on MDC

Looking for proper counseling for myself on monday


Hating life
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I'm so sorry he is making this so hard for you.

I hope you can find someone really great to talk to. I think it can help a lot.

Please take care of yourself. Scream if you need to, cry if you need to, and try to find people other than your ex to turn to and lean upon. We're all here for you if you need us.

You may have been the best friends in the world, but, right now, he is focusing on pleasing HIMSELF. He can't be your best friend now. Maybe later--who knows? But please, please, please lean on some of us right now instead. I'm afraid he will just keep disappointing you and hurting you over and over again.

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Oh, honey - you know how much I supported you trying to make this work, but I gotta say - WHAT A %$##*^%$!!!!! He is not being a good partner to you at all right now. I hopehopehope he can find some way to reverse his little cranio-rectal inversion and be the man he promised to be; in the meantime, take all the support you can get from other sources. You can be strong for you and your girls, and we can be strong for you, too.
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Whitewax Let him go. He may say one thing but his actions are saying otherwise. Don't let him string you along. You don't deserve this. It sounds like you could benefit from keeping contact with him to a minimum until you are feeling better. I am so sorry he is putting you through this, you really don't deserve this. You are a sweet and caring mama. Take good care of yourself. We're here if you need us.
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