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Single income families: What is the earner's job and how much does he or she make? - Page 2

Poll Results: How much does the wage earner make?

  • 4% (17)
    under $20,000
  • 13% (47)
  • 12% (44)
  • 15% (53)
  • 14% (52)
  • 14% (50)
  • 9% (32)
  • 15% (54)
    over $100,000
349 Total Votes  
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My DH makes ~100k. I used to make $65k but quit when we had our son. Less money, but we have plenty. Less in savings, less trips, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. When we were both working I was able to pay off my substantial student loans in a short period of time. We are blessed.
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Originally Posted by frog View Post
We're single income in anticipation of children
This will be us starting in June. Right now we both work full time, but all of my income goes into savings for a home birth and major purchases we plan on making in preparation for living on one income (washer/dryer, bicycles, camping equipment, furniture, cookware, etc.). DH is a CAD technician and makes about 25K after taxes.

Originally Posted by the_lissa View Post
We would be doing okay if it weren't for all our student loans.
: Starting in June, we'll be living in a 1BR apt with 1 vehicle, a $125/mo food budget, and zero spending money. The worst part about having $50,000+ in school debt is that neither of us has a degree to show for it
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DH works for a Fortune 500 company he is director of marketing and research devlopement and does very well. He takes care of me and the 3 boys ( my oldest 2 are from my first marriage).
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dh makes around $80k. he sells cars and it is only commision. this weeks paycheck was $32 and then some weeks he make over $2k. it really REALLY sucks. it is hard to save like that. with our tax refund though we paid all our bills 2 months ahead so that we can start to save money. finally!
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welll...... we're a single income family.... because i'm a single mama.

i make around $12,000 when i'm lucky, although right now it's more like $10,000 / yr. that's for me and my 2 little chickadees.

eta ~ their father doesn't see them and doesn't pay child support.... (so, no extra income sneaking around. )
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I WAH doing sales (& marketing & whatever else they feel like) or a computer company, dh is a SAHD and writer...

I gross 32,000....

and we're a family of 5

Even though this is the most $$ we've ever had, we're still totally strapped

This paycheck, after bills, we have $60 for food and gas...till March 30
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Originally Posted by Unreal View Post

This paycheck, after bills, we have $60 for food and gas...till March 30
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I quit work a month before my due date with dd1 and other than a year that I worked part-time (when dd1 was 2 years old) I've stayed at home. That year I worked didn't make much difference to our household income because I was paying for childcare and most of the extra went to fund a 2-week trip to England with my mom and sister.
My dh is a Programmer Evangalist for Microsoft and makes decent money. I do plan to go back to work one day and that money will go straight to retirement and college funds!
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I am financially independent from my sons father / kind of partner.

My income was around 50,000 - 55,000 when my son was born (4 years ago) and was up to 65,000 range a few months ago. I am[was] Manager of a software & document conversion company. (I talk in half past tense as the company has been dormant for 6 months (no income right now)).
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Dh is our provider for our family of 4, soon to be 5. He is a Dept Mgr at WM and makes just under $24,000/yr. right now. Come July, he will be in the Asst Mgr program and will be making over $38,000/yr.

Before children, we were a 2 income couple, making over $75,000 combined. DH was a computer programmer for a Wall St company and I was a Supervising Teacher at a corporate daycare center. Before DS was born, we paid off most of our debt (student loans, cc, etc). After DS, I became a SAHM. DH was laid off about 1yr after DS was born and he's been out of the industry since. His skills are all self-taught so it is difficult for him to find a job in his field w/o a degree. He continues to apply to IT positions.

We don't fully make ends meet right now, MIL (who shows her love through gifts and money) helps us out when we get in a bind, or we dip into our small emergency fund, but we have no money going INTO savings.
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Well, we make WELL less than $20,000...like half that! DH is an EMT-I, but only makes about $9/hour. (I'd like to add that I think saving lives is a severly underpaid occupation here )

Anyway, I've SAH since we got married (had a few temporary nanny jobs here and there, but very minimal contribution to our income), so we're used to not having much money. But that also means we sure as heck know how to be smart with it and stretch it when we need to, and honestly, we live simply and our value is in our family anyway, so we also feel we live richly. :

DH is going to finish his teaching degree in the next year or so and that will change things, but we're comfortable where we're at for now.
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DF, DD, & I live on 21K yearly.
I got pregnant my first year of college, so I have never worked. DF works as an installer for a gas company.
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I totally saw this thread randomly, so NOT stalking you B! :

Dh is a mechanic. I am a sahm. He should make like 31k/yr but doesn't. Its a weird system. Last year we made about 20k together (I had an in home daycare while he was in school). The year before we made about 10k. I WISH our income would go up 10k a year consistently!
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Single Income Family, Have been since getting married as DH has been in school. I make $52k/year working in financial services. We live in a high cost area and have considerable student loan debt.

If we didn't have our debt we would be living quite comfortably. Our plan is for DH to graduate in a year and for us to continue to live on one income and use the 2nd income to pay off all our debt.

Hopefully with a DS in the picture this will still be possible!

ETA: We are willing to make sacrifices like smaller living space, less spending money, etc. in order to be able to stay in the city vs. moving to the suburbs. We would have more "stuff" in the burbs but we would miss the city, its really our second love outside of each other!
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dh works in law enforcement and is the primary wage earner. i recently started back as a nurse but i only work 4-12 hours per week (some weeks none) and it is not money we live on - it is pure savings.
we lived on dh's income alone for a year before our ds was born and banked all of my income, which at the time, was greater than his.
we still live on dh's salary of 2 years ago and bank all of his raises. i am frugal as all get out, but we are happy and comfortable.
we are massive savers. it's addictive. i will contemplate a roll of lifesavers and think "that could go into my IRA instead" and put the lifesavers back on the shelf.
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We are one income. My dh is an outside sales manager for a big building supply dealer.

Before the baby, I was working and made about 2/3 as much as he did.
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I am the wage earner now, dh stays home. I make about $35,000 and am an Office Manager. I also own a consulting business that pulls in about $5000.00 a year (Just started it last year) When I stayed home with the boys for 5 years, DH was the wage earner and made about $45,000 as the Operations Manager for printing company. DH works on Saturdays and brings in about $650.00 a month, he is the Beer Manager for a lcoal Wine Store.

Pre kids we had about a $75,000 combined income. (Have no clue how we barely scraped by on that when we live on half that and have a much bigger motgage!) Sheesh!
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My hubby makes right around $22k as the single wage earner. We are currently moving to a double income because it's just not enough. I'll be working at night and watching kids during the day and he'll be working during the day. It doesn't pay to take two full-time day jobs and pay for daycare. Too expensive. It negates working.

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Wow, I'm really shocked at this thread. I had no idea there were so many single-income families out there.
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about $500 less a month than we need to make bills. We'd really like $700-900 more so we can make more savings and have fun money without feeling guilty.

He works at an insurance company as an data analyst.
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