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Single income families: What is the earner's job and how much does he or she make? - Page 4

Poll Results: How much does the wage earner make?

  • 4% (17)
    under $20,000
  • 13% (47)
  • 12% (44)
  • 15% (53)
  • 14% (52)
  • 14% (50)
  • 9% (32)
  • 15% (54)
    over $100,000
349 Total Votes  
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DH is a software engineer. He's been with same company for 15+ years and provides VERY WELL for our family. We are very blessed and I try hard to make him understand that and get him more on board with helping out families who are less fortunate.
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DH makes a little over 35k a year and I have never really worked (got married and pregnant at 16 so Ive pretty much been a SAHM mom forever other than when I worked a PT job at Babies R Us right before Christmas when ds was about 8 months old) but we are still barely making it... Seriously, our credit is pretty bad from making stupid decisions and now trying to dig out is difficult and our car payment is so high because of it.. grrr
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My dh is a computer programmer. He's a contractor so his income varies every year. Low yr - $60K, high yr - $130K
We live on the low end.

We've always been a single income family.
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i am a SAHM with 3 boys! we average about 30-40k a yr..just depends on the year my dh owns his own painting business..around here it seems like it is feast or famine...

i wanted to comment on the EMT comment..i am a volunteer EMT and i do it for free...it is deffinetly an underpaid job, sadly...
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DP works at a butcher shop (ewwww, ds and I are veg) and made 28k last year, for our family of 3 (soon to be 4). I grew up pretty poor, so I think we're doing fine. Things would be easier if we could afford a second car and a house of our own, but I can't complain.
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I make under $20,000/yr. I won't say just because I'm not sure. if I were to get 40hrs every single week no matter what in one year i'd make $13,500. I don't get that so probably more like 9k-10k/yr.

I'm on assistance and we barely squeak by. I'm single so just one income, before and after kids.
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Dh is a carpenter. He makes around 40k, which would be more than comfortable for our family if we didn't take two long trips each year to visit family. We still get by easily, we just need to watch our budget closely at times.
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DH is a former carpenter and yeshiva teacher, now working as a clerk in a bookstore while finishing his history degree. He makes about 28K and has wonderful health benefits that cover all of us.

We don't live on just that, though. I was a professional chef until I developed multiple sclerosis, and I get some help from family so that I can finish my degree and possibly do a job that isn't...you know, impossible for someone with MS. DH isn't crazy about it, but the grandparents deposit a small amount for rent in my checking account. I'm also an awesome AP babysitter for a couple of friends, and I sometimes work events at my university. So, all told, we bring home maybe $36K? In NYC that's not a lot!
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I make $30-40k as a switchboard/office clerk in a law enforcement office. Single mama, single income.

eta: Was making close to this wage pre-Brogan. I was part-time then but at pretty close to the same hourly wage and didn't have the deductions that go along with fulltime (association dues, LTD, mandatory OMERS pension which is different than just old-age pension, etc). I didn't notice any financial change once Brogan came along. In fact, I was on employment insurance for my one-year maternity leave and was receiving 55% of my previous earnings. Didn't feel the pinch at all.
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DH works for the money. He is a Database Adminstrator (whatever that means ) When we got married and I was working we didn't use my income for regular "living". We put it all in a savings account and I used it to pay for college. We knew that when we had kids I was going to stay home so we didn't want to get in the habit of using my income.

I think though that this question should be answered with where you live. For example a person making 50K in MS is a lot different than a person who makes 50K in CA.
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Dh is a mechanical engineer, right now he is mostly working in AutoCad as a technician.

Family of five, living on ~28K a year, in IN. We used to live on about 45K a year before we had kids- gotta love how the job market has gone downhill.

I'm thankful though, we had two hard years where our family of four lived on 19K a year.

We're doing the Dave Ramsey Snowball plan and in about two years we should be living quite comfortably on our 28K.
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We own a drive thru espresso kiosk.
I marked under $20,000 and thats what we are just under.
We make it work, we have NO debt finally and are pretty comfortable. Its hard though as sometimes we are slow and we cant predict how busy or slow we will be. We do it so my hubby and I can be with out son daily, and its worth it.
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My husband is in the military, and I'm not sure exactly how much he makes a year. It depends on if you're adding in his special pays when he's deployed, if you're adding in his allowances and other things.

If you're not adding the allowances and such in it's around $20,000 a year, give or take a little. It's a lot more once the allowances and special pays are added in.

We've been a single income family since we got married, and it's actually going to be cheaper for us to have the baby because I won't be going to school. My tuition was killing us.
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I'm a graphics professional, single mom with one child, and I make between $40-50K.
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dh works in IT, well he did. His job was reclassified. He currentlyis a Data Analyst. He gets paid about $20K less than he should be earning! Heck $5-8K more would be enough for us.
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I am the bread winner in our house. I am a performing artist, and my main source of income is teaching kids. This year I will make about 40,000. Last year I made about 10,000 less but dh was working full time. Now he is in school full time. When he was working, he made about 30,000. So we have gone from 60,000 to 40,000. We are in San Francisco, so while that may sound like a lot, for this area it's really not. Our rent is $1500 a month. I can't believe how easy it has been. Just goes to show how much we used to spend on unnessesary things. I am kind of kicking myself thinking that 20,000 could have been spent on paying off debt or saving but oh well, live and learn. When dh is done with school he will be a nurse and we will be back to 2 incomes. I don't want to up our standard of living until we are debt free. That's my plan.
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DH is a cardiologist, we are a family of 5 and he earn a great amount, he recieved a 14 years of training, I'm very proud of him, I could not have handle something like that.
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DS is a software engineer and also an umpire during baseball season. I voted in the $80-$100K slot, and we are in the lower end of that range. Our family consists of 4 - me, him and our two kids.
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My DH is in the military and its hard to figure out the yearly income, but going by our normal monthly pay its about 36,000.
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Dh is a chemist. I am a SAHM. I checked what he should make the next year since he will be teaching with opportunities to teach summer for extra money!

He makes less than his SIL's 20yo boyfriend with a high school diploma who works in a factory. But that's life...
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