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i found my nesting!!! i just cleaned out my laundry room which has been a catch all since moving in 3 years ago, i have 10 bags of trash that need to be taken to the dumb and 7 bags of clothes and 3 bags of shoes for good will!!! i slimed down all the stuff from the kids i feel soo awesome!
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good for you! I so need to do some nesting around here, but after a rough weekend am trying to rest.
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I think I am getting into the nesting stage. I have all these things I want to do and am starting on. I just keep running out of time. I hope I get it all finished.
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I made my husband pull out the stove yesterday. And there were mouse turds, so I made him scrub the floor, too. :

I then cleaned the entire kitchen floor, drying as I went. And then I sprayed it down with vinegar water, also drying as I went.

And today, I caught myself WANTING TO DO IT AGAIN. Fortunately, I have some shred of sanity left and decided that I'd clean the bathroom, instead.
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we got so much done this weekend. new toy storage for hazel (and actually organized toys! hallelujah!), new lights and curtains up in the dining room, a new water heater just now, and all the diapers and clothes are put away. i still have a few things to add to the birth kit, we need to hang the baby's hammock, and we pick up the birth tub tomorrow. oh, and the most important thing: *a head-down baby*. heh. i've been checking my cervix once in awhile and i'd call it 2cm and really soft--and i can feel the head up there! that was surprising.

i feel pretty good about the state of everything, although if i did actually go into labor right now i'd be pretty seriously vacuuming and spraying down walls and mopping floors and stuff. oh also, i have NO food frozen. not one meal. and my taxes aren't done.

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