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As a thank you for your military service....Dianetics!

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Well, I guess since they already received the Charles Stanley tracks when they were serving in Iraq...

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I don't get it.Is this a good thing, a bad thing, a semi stupid"what will they think of next thing"?

Sorry. I don't MEAN to sound dumb, I just do not get it.

Could you explain, please?:
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I think military service deserves something a helluva lot more valuable than free Dianetics manuals.

Maybe, say, increased benefits? Veterans programs fully funded? Or how about a government who will listen when the military complains they are sick from battle/vaccines/exposure?

But perhaps Dianetics addresses all that.

I do think it is better than a track from Charles Stanley telling soliders to pray for W. Bush.
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i agree frogertgrl but i am in the military so anything more for us i will always agree with.
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Oops. Forgot I wasn't supposed to talk about military and what they read.

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Well, not to sound rude--oops, nevermind, everytime I preface a statement with that it means I'm going to be rude--the Dianetics people have to do something with all those tracts. Didn't they keep buying up the book so it would show up on the bestseller list? There is probably a huge stockpile somewhere, so I'm glad they aren't going to waste. Since we've mentioned the military, though, and their benefits (or lack thereof) aren't the scientologists barking up the wrong tree? Sheesh, it's a mistake for me to post when I'm tired--I have nothing nice to say. It's just that my understanding is that it took money to be a scientologist, but this may not be the case.
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they always need something to wipe with when they're in the desert, or anywhere really, since so many soldiers have to buy their own toilet paper.
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Well actually I have some concerns about these religious groups sending material to soldiers (I highly doubt the gov sent either)

It is CLEARLY listed on the US postal service as well as the websites dealing with sending mail to soldiers that you cannot send any relgious materials contaray to the Islamic faith

"Religious materials contrary to the Islamic faith"


I don't think any religious group should be sending mail to soldiers with religious material. The mail getting sent through Iraq must be sent through Kuwait and Kuwait has very strict guidlines on what may be sent through their country.

I don't know much about scientology but I am not sure it wouldn't be seen as contrary to Islam. But I know there has been some issues with Christian material.
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Moving this to Activism now!
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it takes money to be a scientologist
it takes a lot of money
they've got a nice little racket set up for themselves and work very hard to recruit members.
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How offensive. My BIL is a chaplains asst serving in Iraq right now and, as such, I am sure he *DOES NOT* want a "Christian Scientist" book.

BTW, Bush *cut* veteran's benifits.

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You beat me to it, Kay.

In the 2004 budget, Bush cuts Veterans Health and Welfare by more than 5 billion................

More of the shell game, NM. Take $$ from one spot and put it in another and pat yourself on the back.


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Thank you, Kay & El's3O. This issue has been explained so so many times, I just didn't have the strength to do it again. Kinda like explaining that the world is not flat.

Venalanatomica: yes, Dianetics and L. Ron Hubarrd work darn hard to recruit...their website shows all the latest international conquests. It does take a lot of money to be a Scientologist. But a free start is a good recruiting technique.
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Not if has to travel through Kuwait they're not. Their mail goes through Kuwait.

It is CLEARLY listed on the US postal service as well as the websites dealing with sending mail to soldiers that you cannot send any relgious materials contrary to the Islamic faith
If their familes cannot send them religious material then the religious groups shouldn't be able to either.
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they're allowed one "diplomatic" bag which can have whatever the heck they want in it, but you can't send things which are specifically forbidden by the laws of whatever country. religious stuff, pictures of naked people, whatever.
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point of record.
christian science and scientology are not the same thing.
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christian science and scientology are not the same thing.
Sorry for the mis-speak and thanks for the correction.

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i only brought it up because my dear dead grandmother was a christian scientist... and let me tell you she was not nearly as hip as John Travolta, Lisa Marie Presley or Kirstie Alley... but I think she was probably more hetero than Tom Cruise...but who knows...
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As a military spouse I can assure you that the soldiers and sailors I know don't want to read this crap. Most of them (though I hate this magazine) would rather read Maxim! Or Cosmo. I also say, follow the rules of the country you are in. Even if you are unlawfully invading it. Weird law? So are out-of-date anti-sodomy laws in the States.

And as for that pay raise... sure as heck haven't seen it yet! We are still living as a family of three (and hoping to be a family of four someday soon) in poverty. My husband made less than $14,000 last year. And he was gone about 7-8 months out of the year. And a few years ago we were told it was going to be almost 5%.. and was then kncoked down to something like 3%. Thanks Bush. Now we can afford to buy some groceries that aren't supplimented by WICO. Because we are overseas we have it better than those families in the States. We make more than them. And yes, veteran's benefits were cut.
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There has already been one lawsuit regarding this.




The updated guidance for mailings now reads: "Although religious materials contrary to the Islamic faith are prohibited in bulk quantities, items for the personal use of the addressee are permissible," Saunders noted
Religious groups sending materials for distribution are clearly in violation of this. It does state families can still send individuals items.
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