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New Fears???

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Recently I visited my sister and her children with my 11 month old son, Joseph. While there, her dog (she has a greyhound - sweet as can be) came upon Joseph and I, and really surprised him (the dog was so quiet we didn't hear him coming). He screamed out in fear -- the first time I've ever heard him cry out in fear!

Now, since I've returned, there are certain things that SCARE him!
Most particularly, the puppet dog on Baby Mozart, but sometimes our dogs scare him too, if the run by too fast. He's always loved the dogs before, and still likes to play with them as well for the most part.

On all of these occasions, including the trigger incident, I am right there and comfort him as calmly as I can and let him know that it is o.k., but I would love some other advice as to what to do to let him feel safe.

P.S. I recently have weaned him down to just one, sometimes two nursings per day and wonder if this has something to do with it.

Thanks in advance
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my sister's dog scared my ds when he was young and he has never really gotten around to liking any dog since we do not have any dogs but see them walking around all the time. i am curious about how to get him to be able to get around dogs again to. he loves to see them on tv and on the road but will not get any where near them again. do not want to be rude and take the focus from you post, i just want to know what i can do to help ds too.
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