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Originally posted by frogertgrl
Bec, your story of birthing made me cry. Oh, how hard for you and DD!! I always cry when I read stories as yours...you've learned so much, that is obvious and I commend your strength and vowing next time will be different.

It was hard, and I have shed lots of tears about it. And thanks for the support. It means a lot to me. I have great support irl, and that is making a huge difference. DH is fabulous. He listens to everything I say, reads anything I ask him to, and is one of the best cheerleaders you could ask for.

I think my biggest hurdle now is my own self-confidence. I'm working at it, bit by bit, but it's hard. My trust in my body was shattered during the whole experience and after. Succeeding in nursing went a long way in helping to pick up the pieces, but it's like they're all just precariously balanced. I'm working on gluing it all together so it's solid. My brain knows I can do this. Not just think, but really knows it. I just have to convince my heart.

This site is the absolute best. DH and my family and friends are great, but they haven't been there (only one friend has. She's pregnant and due in August, so I'm holding my breath to see how she does). Being able to talk to people that have lived it is a huge inspiration for me.

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Both my birthings were at home(one mw watched and the first was unassisted),so no first hand expereinces with hospitals(TG).But....
I have a friend who has had 7 kids and she often got the pit drip ,because she says that after a certain point her cervix won't dialate anymore.She,unlike me has no issues/regrets with hospital birthing.She never took pain meds,but she does say the pit induced contractions are much more painful.From all that I have read I agree that one intervention leads to another.With my first pregnancy no one did internals(I did one),and my water broke well into labor.With the second I had a mw from 4 or 6 months pregnancy and she never did internals.She did her first and only one when she arrived half and hour before ds birth. I really see no point in doing repeated internals.One during active labor is enough.They baby will come when it will come.A mother needs to move and position herself the way she wants,and she needs to be free to eat and drink if she wants.
With ds my water broke well into labor.I drank lots of water,did herbal teas,and followed my cravings(healthy for the most part).I don't know if any of it helped.I do know nutrition is very important during the developemental stage of the placenta.

If I had to birth in a hospital I would probably lock myself in the bathroom(after I cleaned it,lol),and labor in the shower on a labor ball.I would not allow internals,and I would only allow them to use a doppler.I would never get into the hospital bed until after I delivered my baby.LOL, in short I would drive the staff nuts.I would have a cooler with pineapple juice and RRL tea,some luna bars,and some tintures of herbs for whatever.

And for the record my dh is the type of person most happy to hand me over to the doctors while he waits in the other room for it all be to over.No thank you. I gave a little for his sake and hired a mw the second time around..She was very nice and pretty much had a hands-off approach.He would not be the one living with the emotional scars of a bad birth experience had I done it his way-OB/Hospital.

Best wishes to everyone in their birthing.Healthy and happy momma's and babies!
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