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Poll Results: How were your twins delivered

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Originally Posted by Zadee View Post
The midwife/OB practice I go to delivers twins vaginally all the time. Their policy is that the first one has to be head down but that the position of the second doesn't matter. So...you're doctor was a wee bit off.
ditto if Dominic ("A") were vertex we would have been good to go for a vag birth. The OB (I got risked out of the bc for ptl) said the 2nd twin usually turns and if it doesn't they can usually encourge it.

That being said Dominic was wedged sidewises in my pelvis. We tried for 6 hrs of labor with our doula to get him to turn ANY way but no luck. We found out during the c/s why, he was really wedged it took them quite awhile to get him out. He measured 16.25" at birth Aaron was 18.75"

He was really squished though becuase at his 1mth check up Dominic was 18"
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Baby A was vertex and Baby B breech. OB totally fine with attempting a vaginal, but I was an idiot who thought "I'd end up with a c/s anyway" and pretty much had a scheduled c/s.

Fast forward two years and, after coming here, realized how important and wonderful vaginal births are, and planned for a vbac, which was successful.
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both vaginally. Baby A was headfirst, Baby B was transverse at the time but we delivered her footling breach vaginally.
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Both vaginally. A was vertex, B was footling breech.
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Scheduled C-section, due to pre-eclampsia and the fact that A was breech and B was transverse.
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After 11 hours of labour, during which they stuck up a drip I didn't want and they realised that the heads were jammed : they finally did a c-section with a spinal.....not a happy mummy. Twin 1 was ok but poor little A's head was all squished and she couldn't suck and went to SCBU for 4 days

Both were head down at 38+6 BTW!!! should have been a doddle...
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both vaginally and premature (just under 33 weeks). 12 minutes apart. pre-eclampsia 2 days after water broke. horrible labor for 5 days - pitocin and an epidural for the last 3 days.

they were head down the entire pregnancy but I was warned baby B would most likely turn breech after A was birthed. They were right. B was breech extraction. She gets a hip ultrasound in a couple weeks because of it - to make sure she doesn't have hip dysplasia.
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Another "full birth experience" here!

OGirlieMama told me about this thread...

I gave birth to Furie vaginally and unmedicated, which is what I planned all along, but wasn't sure if it was going to happen since they decided to come early. About 6 hours later, Fenix was born via c-section (failure to descend). It's quite a story to tell!
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c-section after almost 24hrs of trying to homebirth. i spiked a fever and both FHT got tachy with one BOW broken, so we transfered. both were footling breech, so of course going to the hospital meant c/s.
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:bump for any new folks who might be curious about our unofficial MDC multiples birth stats
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I had a planned C-Section. Baby A was breech. I never went into labor actually, had them at 38 weeks.
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the first set was by csection. the second were vbac!!! yay!!
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Originally Posted by Four&Me View Post
the first set was by csection. the second were vbac!!! yay!!
WOO! How exciting!
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My twins were born vaginally (and intervention-free, yeah). But they were only two minutes apart -- it was an intense delivery! * Jaime
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I seem to be oddly obsessed with the twin boards atm....anyway....
I dont have twins, but one of my best friends did and although I didnt vote, I still thought I'd share .
She's um...an odd one. Love her to death, but...she was at the homebirth of my daughter and loved it, my midwives said to talk to this CNM that does twin births and well, she never did. She instead stayed were she was and went the FULL medical route. She started having weekly ultrasounds at 22 weeks (her twins are fraternal as well and there was no real reason for the ultrasounds other than her doc wanted them) as well as NST's. Pretty soon she was have twice weekly ultrasounds and NST's. Then at 30 weeks, the ultrasound tech freaked out because *baby B hadnt grown in over 2 weeks and was over a pound smaller than his brother*....which turned out to be wrong, but anyway. Her doc decided induction wasnt an option because it would stress out the babies to be born vaginally. So she had an elective cesarean the next day. Baby A was 4 lbs 6 oz, Baby B was 3 lbs 15 oz. They determined afterwards that they had made a mistake and basically, the babies could've continued to cook with no problems. Instead they spent 11 weeks in the NICU .
However, they are doing great now 2 years later and she was even able to nurse them a little bit. She went the same route with the next 2 as well-3rd baby was born early by elective cesarean due to low amniotic fluid (which again-wasnt actually low.) and 4th baby was another cesarean although very much necessary that time (full placenta previa with bleeding).
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