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Hi everybody,

I have been reading but not writing but now I'm feeling out of the loop and missing yall so here I am! Whew, long sentence.

Huge (((((hugs)))) to you Keri. I was so hoping for you! And to have a flu on top of it. Sometimes life can be so cruel.

Tracy, woman! I just checked out your chart and it looks great! When can we expect to see a BFP outta you?

Oceanone, not long til you ovulate huh? I'm sure after sitting last month out you are more than ready to get going this month, huh?

Claire, what up with you lady? Have you temp'ed lately or are you just relaxing and knowing that whatever will be will be. You're sounding pretty chill and calm.

NWmama, that is great that nightweaning is going so well. I'm hoping it brings those eggs right back!

Robin, Happy Birthday! It sounds like you are getting pretty fluent in OvaCue. I hope you won't need it much longer though.

Brandi, all my parts are crossed for you this month!

Hi to everybody else too! We are in the mountains and I'm on a laptop but I better get back to the fam!
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(((Keri))) I was hoping you'd be our first June Positive! I'm sorry AF showed up. May next month be full of bountiful blessings!

Really, folks, we haven't had any Positives in a long time. When was the last one? I can't remember. Seems like we'll have a whole bunch at once soon here.

Jster, thank so much for changing that heading. You could have waited till next month, but it's great to see it now. It seems so positive! And, I like the long posts, too! Thanks!

Chrissy, I'm doing well here. I have been having mad cramps. They go from right side of uterus to left side on a day to day basis. It's so odd. I actually wore a hot pad today and that helped some. If I only knew all this was for a period, I'd feel a lot better. Ow. My abdomen is bloated. I look 4 months pregnant. Yikes! I need to do some more sit-ups! I've been having 4-5 days of dry CM and then 3-5 days of EWCM. I wish someone could tell me if it means anything. I hope I'm gearing up, but I've been having cramps every day for 3 weeks now. I'm tired of this. It reminds me of early pregnancy when you feel things stretching and cramping. And THAT drives me CRAZY!

Rube -- Happy B-day! I always thought 32 was a great age, too! I'll be there before I know it. Best wishes catching that egg! I hope you get it!

Oceanone, your chart is looking good, too. Hope you enjoyed that Sushi. I'm looking forward to seeing a nice long LP from you! Looks like O in a couple of days?

Brooke, I'm wishing you lots of peace right now. May the next few days pass quickly and beautifully. May your LP be long and fruitful.

NWmama -- I hear you on those BFP! They should come soon!

Ann-6, I hope the B helps out! When I remember,I take a B complex. It has folic acid in it, too. That's a nice way to get it, I think.
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Keri, bless your heart, girl. Next month is YOUR month, okay?

Otherwise everyone else is sounding pretty upbeat.

Sorry I'm not keeping up with everyone specifically right now. To be honest with you guys, it's taking a lot of energy to try to not be completely focused on my body right now

The good news is that it is CD9 and no sign of In fact, the last two days have yielded my highest temps this cycle!
I am very optimistic about making it through cd10. Yikes! then what? If I make it to tomorrow with my temps intact I might have to choose a TESTING DATE!

Sorry I've been obessessing daily all over you guys. I hope you don't mind too much. Thanks for all the support I've been getting.

Brooke, Cycle Buddy, how are you doing? Hagning in? Saving up your energy for the home stretch? Crossing my fingers for you!

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Just a quick thanks to everyone for their sympathy and kind words. You ladies are terrific!!! Sometimes that's all you need to keep going. I had sushi and iced tea last night and feel much better. My poor dd has croup though and has the cutest case of laryngitis. Now I am starting to feel it. Cross your fingers for me that I don't get sick again too!!

Thanks again ladies! BFP wishes for everyone!!!!
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big hugs to you. i am so sorry af showed up...and I do hope you are going to avoid this next round of sickies in your house. Keep up your good spirits and I am sure next cycle will be all yours!
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Keri--I am sorry. That stinks to have illness on top of disappointment--I will be thinking of you and sending positive vibes for next cycle.

I am on dpo 12--and no af.....keeping everything doublecrossed. Tomorrow will be the longest I have gone LP wise without af or spotting......Wish me luck!
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Oooh, hulamama good luck! (this was the closest I could find to a 4 leaf clover) When's your test day?

This is so exciting we have so many DPO women this time around. Someone (hopefully many) needs to join the "I'm Pregnant" boards this month! Let's get a couple over there at least so you can be pregnancy buddies, ok? Any volunteers?

So I've not really been charting, but I've taken my temp every now and then. I have been documenting my crazy EWCM and some BDing. If any of you want to check it out. http://www.FertilityFriend.com/home/20edf

Tracy, when I grow up, I want my chart to look like yours! Looks good! I hope this is it for you! Test date, please?
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Hello everyone!

Just got back from a delightful solstice weekend with my ds. We went alone, just the two of us and had a ball. However, I was up half the night last night obsessing that I may not be pregnant, etc...all worthless thought, and what is is what is.

Tracy, when are you going to test? I think I will try to hold out until next Saturday. AF should be here by then, if no preggo!

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Hulamama, please be the innaugural BFP this month!

Well, today makes 10dpo! I made it! I have a big girl luteal phase! I'm so excited! And yes, I've picked a test date. Unlike Brooke, who is apparently the most patient woman on earth!, I am NOT going to wait for Saturday. Heck, I haven't taken an hpt since early Feb! I don't want to squander my chance. However, some of you will remember that I am sworn off of early testing. So, I figure 13dpo is close enough to not be considered early. Thursday morning is it--TEST DAY.


So, just between us...I've not been feeling so great. Light headed, nauseous in the morning until I eat...Last night at my MIL's I used their portable blood pressure cuff and my pulse rate was 112 sitting down! (For those of you who do not have a complete pregnancy side effects mental catalog at you fingertips, pulse increases during pregnancy; normal healthy pulse--my dh's--is around 72) That is one thing I remember experiencing very early with my first pregnancy. So...we shall see!

Does anyone around here have an antidote to Getting Your Hopes Up Fever?

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Tracy! Its not that I am patient...at all. Last cycle, i must have taken 5 tests long before I ever should have! This cycle FF changed my O date, so now they are saying that I am just 6 DPO and I am not feeling anything at all. Trying so hard to just be ok, and yet, I don't really feel ok with it. UGH!!!

So onto another note, Tracy!!! sounds very promising! And I don't think I can wait until Thursday for you to test! Just kidding. i will stand by and root you on to keep holding out. If FF had not changed my O date, I would have been testing on Thursday as well. My DH still wants to!

If you wish you can check out my chart and let me know what you think.

Hang in there. Are you going to be busy between now and thursday? Hope so!!!

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Tracy! Sounds wonderful! I can't wait for you to test! I hope you are able to keep busy until then

Brooke-looks like we will be testing buddies How are you holding out? I have a very unbusy week this week so I am going to try and sew: (I am a novice) but I need something to help pass the time IYKWIM! My girls are in major independent mode lately, right now they are at the end of the hall "reading" books together, co cute!

Hope everyone else is hanging in there and that you are all happy!
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Tracy, I am the antidote. Just sit with me with I rehash my last crazy cycle. :LOL Seriously, though you sound like you are in great shape. Go, baby go!!

Hulamama, I hope you broke your record!!!

Brandi, Isn't it great when they do their own thing while you get a break? Hope you get a lot of sewing done and not a lot of stewing over that HPT that is calling you.

Brooke, Still early to be feeling something so do let it get you down! Hang in there!

I am keeing my fingers and toes crossed for everyone! There's got to be SOMEBODY with a bun!!! (Hopefully EVERYBODY!!)
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Tracy, I am SO on the rollercoaster with you!! Except I hope it's not a really a roller coaster, or at least not one with any downs. This is it, this is it, this is it! That's all I can think. I can't believe you have the patience to wait until Thursday.

Brooke, your weekend sounds fabulous!

So many of you girls in the 2ww, it's wonderful! I hope we have lots and lots of BFP's.

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Hulamama, yahoo! Keep us posted. sounds like this could be a very POSITVE month for you!

Brandi, looking forward to testing with you on saturday (if we don't cheat before then, or AF rear her ugly face!)

Hanging in there, trying not to read into every little twinge I feel in my body!
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Oh mY!! Hulamama...that is the best darn looking chart. Congratulations!!!


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Hulamama! WOO-HOO!!
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Hulamama!!! What a pretty, pretty green line!!!! Yea for you and your expanding family!!! May you have no m/s and a short labor. Lots of luck!!!

Hooray for nursing mamas!!! We CAN get pregnant!!! Yippee!!!
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ok, I know I am obsessing, I cannot stay away. Now the girls are napping (in the same room as the sewing machine) this is so not typical of them to be sleeping at the same time, they must know I am stewing!

hulamama! woohoo!

Hey Brooke, lets graduate together! I know what you mean about ignoring every little twinge in your body. I keep analyzing every little thing, is this normal pre AF or could I be?! I have had a dull ache down low, mostly on the right and for the life of me I am totaly blank on if this is normal pre AF or not, it is like forgetting that labor was hard work. I have also been really nauseous, today I almost threw up! I was like this a couple cycles ago when I thought I might be pregnant. Am I just psyching myself out, I think I just need to meditate and stop obsessing!: Maybe my vitamins messing with my stomache. Anyway! Thank you for reading all my babble!

Thanks coleslaw

to you all, the nicest bunch of ladies!
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Hulamama---hooray!!! It looks like you tested positive today? Congrats!!!

Tracy, I'm getting my hopes up even though I don't have much hope! LOL Good luck testing!

Chrissy--I hope you're enjoying time in the mountains.

In my perfect universe I'd be pg in July. I doubt it will happen, but who knows, right?

DD and I are both sick today so I'm going back to bed. Good luck mamas!
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