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I"d go to Costco and see what they have instore. Starting this time of year or soon, my BJs always has a great playstructure up. All your choices look great. The walmart would be fun because of the two towers but others are great.

Do you have someone to put it together for you or can you and dh do it? We've have two different structures, and even with instructions, my talented, contractor husband had quite the time putting them together. If you can have them set up by supplier it may be worth the added cost.
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I like number 2 best.
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I have seen them at toysrus too.
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I kind of like the 2nd one out of those.

But...the 3rd one, while it is Walmart/Sam's club and that stinks, is the less expensive line for Cedarworks. We have a Cedarworks set and we LOVE it. Splinter free, maintenance free wood is wonderful!
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We bought a Rainbow Monster for our twin boys when they were 2, and built a sandbox all around it. The whole neighborhood hung out in our back yard!

It was terribly expensive. We bought a display model at the end of the season, which helped. But it was sturdy and well-made. DH and I could swing in unison without it moving! We would have 15 kids on it at once.

We kept it for 10 years. DH power-washed and stained it every other year, and it held up beautifully. Our sons are big (at age 12 they are 5'9"!), so they needed something rugged.

We sold the set for $1200 (about half what we paid), and the new buyer was as happy about the price as we were. He was a friend of our neighbor, and had wanted it for his daughters for years!

We looked at it as an investment. Buying a large, heavy playset allows your kids to use it a lot longer than a smaller set.
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I am REALLY considering saving up for a little longer and going with a Rainbow. I especially like that they come and put it together for you. I've been hearing nothing but good things about them. I'm just worried that I'll spend $3,000 for a set and then DS will get bored with it fast.
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My sons were sad to see ours go (they were 12). But all they did anymore was swing, so I sold the Rainbow and bought a yard swing.

If we had kept it another year, they would have continuted to swing for another year.

Heck, DH and I never got bored with it!
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the inlaws got this

it's a semi local company that is family run and they were just amazing!

we went to a place with all the different rainbow ones set up too.. lots of fun... trust me they are bigger than you think they will be when you see pics
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We have the Sunray set from last year, and we're quite happy with it - I think it's well-designed and will last a long time. It's sturdy enough for my DH or I to swing if we want to. The biggest difference is in the weight of the sets. The Rainbows, even the ones that look essentially identical, weigh nearly twice as much. Sunrays are supposed to be anchored, while Rainbows can just be plonked down and stay put.

I'd hold tight for a bit and keep an eye on eBay, but keep an eye on the stock level of your local Costco(s) so they don't sell out while you're waffling. You can always return the set if you decide on something different. I found a Castle in my area for around $1000 shortly after we bought our playset.

That said, with the money I wanted to spend, the Sunray was the best option (the used Rainbow availability being somewhat limited). I don't regret it, even after that Castle popped up on eBay right afterwards, which is saying something for me.
Anyone who's planning to assemble a Sunray, go to this site. It's a really good resource, and there's at least one pro installer on there who gives tips on putting them together.
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We bought a used one for $100. It wasn't advertised -- I just noticed it in the backyard of some people who were having a moving sale and whose kids looked to be teenagers. I asked if they would sell it and they said sure. DH and his brother and dad disassembled it and moved it over to our backyard in a rental truck. We bought all-new carriage bolts to re-assemble it, and replaced the swings (they were pretty old). We spent around $250 total.
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Hey all, I just wanted to bump this up and tell you all that we got the Sunray set for Cole's b-day and set it up this past weekend. I obviously can't vouch for longevity yet, but it seems nice and sturdy and is really nice!
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My husband who has not wanted to make the investment in a big play set has conceded that the COSTCO one is the best deal around. We should have it in a week and I've been on this attempt for 10 months.

He's into woodworking and climbed up the shelf to view the construction (before being asked to climb down) and said it is very well made. Solid wood, and solid hand pieces, etc. We looked at the Wal-mart wood and he said it didn't look as high a quality of wood.

Call your COSTCO first to make sure they are in stock, if they are not and more are coming they may put your name on one for when they arrive. Our store took our account info and said they will hold it 2 days after delivery date.

We are in a dry climate so all the one's we've looked at on craigs list have not had the wood treated and again my husband really looks at that so make sure you check sets for good wood and minimal rusting on the screws, chains etc. We found a set on Craigs list $600 less than COSTCO but after pricing out a few new pieces of wood, new screws as he would assemble it and cost to seal it for $120 more we're getting a brand new set.
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Is there a Rainbow Outlet near you. We have one here and the sets there are really cheap. We did not buy from there but I have friends that have.

We got our Rainbow when they changed models completely in 2004. We got the old model (in February) and it was only $1900 delivered and set up! It was so nice that we did not have to do the work!

It has held up great in the Texas sun. Looks new and is so strong - I never worry about the kids playing on it. We got a ramp and it has been the favorite of all the kids who play on it!
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I have the second wooden playset (Sunray, purchased at Cosco), and we really love it. It's been up for about 2 years and still looks great (no splintered wood, etc).
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The closest Rainbow store to us is about an hour away, I don't think there are any outlets around. I've pretty much decided on the sunray set. I'd LOVE a Rainbow but the price difference between the Rainbow I want and the Sunray is $1600, and I can think of a lot of things to do with $1600! $3,000 is just too much for a playset, I just can't do it.

I'm glad to hear that so many people like the Sunray. My aunt bought the Sunray set for her son 2 or 3 years ago and it has held up nicely. She's been really happy with it. I think I'm gonna go for it and get the set soon.
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We are looking to get the Costco one once our moving situation is worked out. I've heard good things.
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Would anyone that has had playsets like these for awhile mind commenting on how long/to what age their kids played on them?

I've been thinking about getting one for my 2.5 and 4.5 yr (already 4' tall) olds but we have a very small backyard so I don't want to get something that will only be used for a year or two and then just take up valuable real estate? Any thoughts appreciated! TIA.
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ours came with the house but it is the costco one and held up for the previous owners kids and my twins fairly well it needs to be powerwashed and stained this year but it's about 8 years old now so it has held it's value. If you don't have the Costco membership get the executive one they send you a rebate check at the end of the year based on your purches you made the year before it's like $100.00 a year for that membership but well worth the cost we usually get back between $100-$200.00 a year with ours
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I researched this quite a bit last year, and I'd say of the three, the Sunray is the best deal and you'll get Rainbow quality. Cedar will always be better than pine.

Another thing to consider in the cost is making the ground below safe for the kids. You'll need a cushion of wood chips under there, the deeper, the better. And you'll need wood to frame out the perimeter to hold the wood chips in. Oh, and weedblocker underneath. I'm trying to remember how much I spent in wood chips alone - I think it was like $200.

Marsmom, you might think about simply getting a big, tall fort for them to play in and forgo the swings. That'll save space and they'll love it for years.

I ended up stealing much of the design from Rainbow and Backyard Adventures and built a playset from scratch. It still ended up costing a ton, with the wood chips, etc. And I built some raised garden beds for the kids at the same time. But it was really fun to make. I ordered a lot of the parts from byoswingset.com, and got the slide from Home Depot, and the lumber from the local lumberyard Dunn Lumber (who was AWESOME).

I do have a friend who got an a good deal on a Rainbow off of Craigslist. You have to be fast because they sell quick! The downside to buying a used one is that you have to take it apart and that's usually just as much work as putting it together.
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Originally Posted by marsmom View Post
Would anyone that has had playsets like these for awhile mind commenting on how long/to what age their kids played on them?

I've been thinking about getting one for my 2.5 and 4.5 yr (already 4' tall) olds but we have a very small backyard so I don't want to get something that will only be used for a year or two and then just take up valuable real estate? Any thoughts appreciated! TIA.
We got ours from Sams Club last April for $1000. When its nice our kids (2.5, 6 and 11 yrs old) are on it everyday. We bought other accessories from other places to add to it such as a tire swing and a periscope.

Our neighbors bought one from Walmart about a 1 1/2 years ago and their children never play on theirs. Their kids are the same age as ours. I think part of the reason is their set is geared toward toddler/preschool age and ours has some elements for older kids like monkey bars, a trapeze and a rock climbing wall. Now that I think about it their kids don't play on our swingset either so I think it depends on the kid.
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