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freezable meals for post partum

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I am a month away from my due date now and starting to think about what to have prepared in my freezer for after the baby's birth. We do eat meat, and don't really have any dietary restrictions (though I suppose some things have a higher likelihood of causing digestive problems for my breastfeeding infant.)

Anyway, can anyone offer recipes or suggestions of resources for post partum meals, especially that can be prepared ahead and frozen. I don't know what makes something freezable or not.
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Stuffed Manacoti (sp?)freezes very well in a baking dish, preferably disposable.

We also like to have a homemade chicken stock all ready to go frozen in like a gallon zip-lock bag all we have to do is add veggies.
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There are whole cookbooks devoted to make-and-freeze meals, where you cook like a month's worth at a time. That might help.

Otherwise, lasagne is an old stand-by.

When a friend had her baby, I went to the store and bought ground beef and chicken breast. From the beef, I made a chili, 2 baggies of spag sauce, and some kind of taco-bean thing.

With the chicken, I made a couple of curries, a couple of stir-fry type preparations, and a cream sauce thing. I bought various rices and noodles, and labeled each frozen item with its corresponding starch.

It was really only enough meals for one meal a day for maybe 2 weeks, but it was appreciated. There is a little extra prep involved with cooking the rice/noodles, but it is still a lot simpler than making the whole meal.
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Spinach lasagna
Quiche freezes well- you can cook them half way then freeze
Premade burritos- I use beans, brown rice, chopped broccoli, cheddar cheese, cilantro and whole wheat tortillas. I wrap them individually so they can be popped in the microwave and eaten within minutes.
Mac and cheese
Enchiladas- Corn torillas, Cheese, enchilada sauce and whatever else- we like spinach and sometimes a few beans
Good luck!!
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This is helpful. And one other question: how long is it safe to freeze these meals for?

Thanks, Cindi
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Cindi here is one of my standbys

and all variations I have frozen for up to 3 mos ..
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oh! mac and cheese always freezes

nicely too
mashed potatoes
and sheperds pie ...

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Not just for breakfast..

I recently realized (duh to me) that I could store/freeze pancakes and french toast and sauteed potatoes. My DH makes the best french toast, he uses a dash of vanilla in the batter .. Mmmmm!

Congrats!! I'll be doing the same in Sept
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Burritos! I have 2 recipes in my cookbook.

Also, some veggies that freeze well are cabbage and peppers. Just slice, put the amount you'll use at one time into a ziploc bag, suck out all the air, seal, and put all the little bags in a big labeled bag and seal it similarly. These thaw quickly and taste fine cooked...not so good raw.

My favorite thing to do w/thawed cabbage is brown it in oil and soy sauce w/some tofu or nuts, and eat it over rice or instant rice noodles. I often put carrots in this too--you can freeze them mixed together.

Happy new baby!!
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I regularly make and freeze:

split pea soup (in individual portions, in freezer bags)
bean soup
vegetable stock (for instant soups and recipes)
individual pizzas (partially cook the dough before topping and freezing)
bean and cheese burritos
black eyed peas
lasagna roll-ups (cooked lasagna noodles, spread with herbed ricotta and mozerella and rolled up. serve with sauce)

It's also handy to cook and freeze beans and brown rice (anything that takes a long time to cook). Make a big batch and freeze in individual portions.
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The "breakfast" foods are great--I freeze leftover waffles...and whole wheat waffles are a nice snack too!
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