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diabetes and circ?

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No, no, not cause and effect. A man at another board I visit has just been diagnosed hyperglycemic and
Have heard various things lately, like that since I am not circumcised that I now will have to be. I have
looked around on the internet and have found nothing really concerning this. The only thing I've come up with is that it seems to
depend on the dr.
I haven't yet asked him where he heard this. Sounds like crap to me, but I figured if anyone had anything solid about what they are likely to try to sell him on this and why he ought not buy it someone here would.
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He no sooner needs to have his foreskin cut off than he needs to have a foot taken off. I mean- it happens sometimes- but you don't just go volunteer. Why don't you try to think of something nice to say to him that reassures him that his foreskin is an important part of his body (as I am sure he feels already) and that unless there are problems and nothing else would help him, he should not even spend a minute of his day worrying himself over it. He needs to find a doctor who understands the value of a whole body and who would not treat him as if select parts are disposable.

Love Sarah

(just in case I was not clear- some men with diabetes do have difficulty with yeast, infections and healing... what he has heard... it does happen sometimes, but hopefully he will be able to manage his condition and any problems that do arise if they do arise, without circumcision... so don't just pish-posh at his concern... it does happen)
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I'll go with Sarah and add a little more. It does happen occasionally but it happens to older men in their 50's-70's. The preputial sphincter, the elastic band around the opening to the foreskin, looses it's elasticityand the foreskin becomes non-retractable. This can be delayed by gently stretching the sphincter and if it does become non-retractable, he can get a dorsal slit. That's a small slit at the top of the foreskin that cuts the sphincter and releases the constriction and he gets to keep theforeskin and all of the exquisite sensations he has enjoyed all of these years.

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Thanks you guys! He is only 29 and is working on getting his diet in line, etc, so it sounds to me like any pressure to circ would be out of line.
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Perhaps if you related it to many diabetics often needing toes amputated too (especially as they age) Is he going to chop those off while they are still healthy?
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