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Some sling questions...

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I have an OTSBH, and I think the reason DD isn't crazy about it is b/c it is too bluky, so I need a thinner one. Also, my ILs and just about everyone besides DH who sees her in either her sling or snugli thinks that she is uncomfortable, hot, not enough head support, will smother... I could go on and on. She loves to face out in the snugli, even at 6 weeks, but sometimes her head falls when she is asleep. Should I not use it? She has excellent head control, and keeps her head up all of the time when she is awake. She never acts uncomfortable, and loves when I put her in. She doesn't like to face me when she is awake in the snugli. I am just now getting the hang of using a sling, and I LOVE it, and so does she. I just need a less bluky and hot one. I go on a walk almost every night, so I need something that isn't too hot. Any suggestions? Also, when can I use one of the hip carriers? Any suggestions on those? That looks exactly like what I need. Please include any URLs that you have found informative concerning baby wearing.

Thanks in Advance~ you are all a wealth of knowledge!
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www.kangarookorner.com is a wealth of info.

i would say you should go for a maya wrap or rosado. it seems to be the consensus that they're pretty good. i have a rosado, which is lightly padded in the shoulder and very lightly padded in the rails, which i love. it was great for a wee one and i still use it all the time for my ten month old. but, i'm thinking of getting something like the maya for summer.

www.rosadoslings.com (or it could be w/out the last 's').
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I love my MayaWrap! You can find a distributor near you at www.mayawrap.com at the top you will find a link to distributor listings.
MayaWraps also come with an excellent video for helpful hints.
I don't take c*** from people so I just let people say what they want and I do what I want, and most of the time I voice my opinion back to them.
Stay strong, babywearing is great for baby and if baby is happy, then they are comfortable. Dr. Sears supports babywearing (AP). Get one or two of his books and arm yourself with good lines for come backs.
You know what is best for your baby!!
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Check out Ebay...

lots of used slings to try and there are some WAHMs who sell there too.

I have a Maya type sling and I LOVE it compared to the OTSBH. I actually just sold my OTSBH b/c it just didn't work for us...too bulky.

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I use a kanga and love it, but also know a mama with a maya wrap and love hers. The kanga has padding on the shoulder, the maya does not. I would suggest one of those baby boppy rings for her head when she sleeps. I had a front carrier which I liked for ds when he was tiny, but prefer the sling since he was 4 months old. When they are so tiny like yours they do get swallowed in a sling.
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Those front/back carriers are a no-no for tiny babies. They aren't supposed to be used until a baby can actually sit up on his/her own. They can really mess up the hips and spine by putting too much pressure on them before the muscles are developed properly. Just like keeping your car seat backward until 12 months AND 20lbs (not one or the other).

Don't lay baby down in the sling. Squish him/her up with knees to your tummy/chest and tighten. Whole baby should be in the sling except for the head. Chest to chest is best!
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I second what got-mama-milk said. You could do a google search about health concerns with a front pack or something like that.

The way I always carried my tiny babies (wether in a padded or non-padded sling) was to have them tummy to chest with me (like gotmamamilk said) but with their head AND feet sticking out...so that the sling just basically replaces your arms. The other way is to bunch the sling up sort of and have the baby lay with his head resting on the side (rail) of the sling ....again just using the sling to replace your arms.

If anyone gives you grief about your baby looking squished...just remind them how squished babe was in utero!!! I doubt any of them were complaining about how squished he must've felt when you were pregnant!!!
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