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welcome baby J

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I will write josiah william's whole birth story later, but just wanted to share that we welcomed our precious son into the world in a home waterbirth at 4:30am this morning! it was a pretty quick labor and he was born into daddy's hands with the help of our mw. he is just 37w 4d and weighs 3.1kg (about 7lbs) and is perfect. we are doing well and so thankful for an uneventful hb shared with my parents and our 5yo dd. our ds slept through the whole thing and was thrilled to wake up to a new baby brother.

he is nursing like a champ and it is so delightful to have a snuggly newborn instead of a huge belly.
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Aww, congratulations And welcome to the world, Josiah William!
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Wishing you a lovely babymoon!!
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aww congrats!!! welcome baby!
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Congrats Mommy! Welcome to the world little one!
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awwwww! a huge congrats!
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Congratulations! Sounds like it was a lovely birth- so nice that he was 'full term' even though early!
Happy Babymooning!
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Welcome! Congrats! We are naming our son Josiah too.
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How wonderful!

Welcome Josiah! Congrats to you and your dp!
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Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful news.

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Oh that sounds so wonderful! Congratulations, so glad everything went smoothly and dad got to catch!
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how exciting!! Congratulations!
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Yay! Congratulations!
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Congratulations mama!! So happy everyone is doing well and that all went smoothly!
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Yay! Glad everything went so wonderfully! Congratulations! Welcome Josiah!
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Happy Birthday Josiah!!! Congratulations on you precious son. So glad everything went so well.
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Happy Birth Day Josiah!!! Enjoy your baby moon!
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Congratulations and welcome sweet baby boy!!!
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