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Quick ?? re: babys belly buttom (w/ photo)

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can anyone help me...my poor dd is 5 wks old and her little belly button looks like this...someone mentioned umbilical hernia...but i looked online and that looks like more of a large mass behind teh belly button...anyone seen anything like this??

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that definetly looks like an umbilical hernia. Take your baby to the Dr on Monday and get it looked at.
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we are seeing ped tomorrow...
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Hernia is my best guess too....Best of luck at the MD's
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Let us know how it goes that looks painful...
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my son had the exact same thing. it's just a growth of tissue, my ped. said. eventually it will sink back in (my sons did). Did her little stump take a long time to dry out? Has it been like that since the stump fell off?

Actually, all outies are an umbelical hernia and it would not be raw like that. I would definitly still see your ped though, because it could get infected. good luck!
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I h ave had two children with hernias and that is not at all what they looked like. I don't think that is a hernia. i would definitely have that checked out.
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Ouch, what did the doctor say?
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better than i thought!! thank goodness

"Umbilical granuloma
An umbilical granuloma is a small piece of bright red, moist flesh that remains in the umbilicus after cord separation when normal healing should have occurred. It is a small piece of scar tissue, usually on a stalk, that did not become normally covered with skin cells. It contains no nerves and has no feeling. These things are usually either cauterised with silver nitrate, tied off with a suture and allowed to wither and drop off, or just plucked off with a clamp and cauterised."

everything is OK, thanks for your help/posts...
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yeah, thats what its called. My son did have the same thing. Ped also said he could "burn" it off with silver nitrate. Yeeps! Isn't that the same stuff they use to put in newborn''s eyes? Ouch.
Anyways, glad little radish (and mama radish) are okay!
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good to hear it is just a little thing that looks much more painful than it is.
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So what did you decide to do?
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ped used teh nitrate teh day of the appt...turned black and fell off teh next day!

apparently it has no nerve endings so it was not painful ...
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my baby had the same thing...smaller though. We had silver nitrate put on it a few times and it did the trick!
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