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Crusty eyes in infant?

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Hi all,

This morning my daughter awoke with a watery eye with eye boogers and some crust. She has no signs of anything else and is acting normally. Is this normal or a sign of a cold or allergies? Curious to know. Thanks!

BTW, my daughter is 6 weeks old.
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She's 6 weeks old and not had crusty eyes before? I think it is normal, but if this is an unusual event it might be something to get more proactive about. Have you put breast milk in her eyes?
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My DD has a plugged tear duct (that I'm working on) and she gets goop and crust too, from time to time. She is a little over 4 weeks old. I massage the inner corner of her eye (just wash your hands and massage toward the nose) to help open it and I've squirted breast milk in her eye too.

The same thing happened with my son when he was a newborn and even though it looked infected, the doctor said it was from his blocked tear duct and to keep massaging it. Eventually it went away.

But, if you are worried, it's not wrong to contact your health care provider about it!
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My DD's tear duct was plugged for 3 months after her birth. I put breastmilk in it twice a day (AM and PM) and massaged it when she took a bath.

I agree if it is new, take your babe to the ped.
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I fixed a plugged duct with the advice from MDC within a week or so. Hopefully it's that easy for you!
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The eye looks much better now, just slightly watery. If it gets worse, I will try the suggestion on here.

Thanks all!
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Babies also have 'colds' in their eyes...we have runny noses, they have runny noses and eyes. Keep an eye on it and see if there is any nasal discharge soon after seeing the eye discharge. Breastmilk is great for helping get the crusties out!
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