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Mothering › Mothering Forums › Baby › Diapering › I got build up from TJ powder detergent *i think*help pls **
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I got build up from TJ powder detergent *i think*help pls **

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we have never had this problem before last nite our jango pocket was wicking and ds leaked soon after we put it on . so i now i am gonna have to strip them .. any advice . i live in an apt and can not see in the washer .. i am gonna wash them in hot tonite with a tiny bit of dawn (only have ultra) then send them thru the dishwasher i hope it helps .. any other ideas ..
oh we changed him to a fleece drybees pocket and it was really wet this am .. so i think the fleece does not like TJ powder .. so back to purex or maybe sg/washing soda ...
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Hey Jenn-- I'm reading this with great interest. You have the Lemon-Lime dipe, right? Another customer wrote to me in late January that all of her Jangos worked beautifully but that the inner micro on her Lemon-Lime was acting strangely (needing more compression than usual to wick through to the inserts properly once washed, and causing leakage to clothing). I know that she's on MDC, and could maybe chime in here.

Anyway, I did re-testing on this colour and asked three other buyers of it whether they've had any trouble, and wasn't able to ID the problem or find another instance of it. However, some of my LLs came out of the very last of my 2006 production run yardage, and occasionally the very end of a large bolt can look normal but have weave anomalies. (It came from a secondary supplier of Malden fleece and was supposed to have been first quality.)

In the current production run (for the co-ops) I have replaced that yellow micro with a different sku, from a different supplier, to be on the safe side. (The yellow's just a little darker, but it's still quite vivid and pretty with the Lime green.)

I will post an optional recall for anyone who may be having the same experience with their Lemon-Lime dipe. Do know that if it seems like the dipe's micro inner is indeed the problem, you can return or exchange it for a different colour or for a Lemon-Lime from the new 2007 stock. The first of the new LLs should start to arrive in about a week. So sorry!

ETA: The mods still have a lock on Jango's Daily Diaper entry since removing all the extra posts that ended up on it, so I'm waiting for them to respond to my request to remove it---and will update the thread ASAP afterward to include the optional Lemon-Lime recall. Could anyone else who may have experienced this please write to me, and lmk as well what type of detergent interacted with the micro in question? TIA
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