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burning feeling in breast?

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Today I've been noticing a burning sensation in my left breast. It is only in one area, and not in my nipple, but my breast itself. It is quite painful.

It only happens when I am leaning forward, or if I go from a laying down to sitting up position.

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I don't think it's thrush.. it didn't bother me at all when he's nursing. And there are no cheesy patches or anything in his mouth.

It also disappeared after a few hours, it hasn't really bothered me since I made the post, maybe once or twice, but not for hours now. :
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You can have beginnings of thrush without pain while nursing and of course, without white patches in baby's mouth, as I think the link says. Glad it "went away" tho. Hope it stays away. Maybe start taking a pro-biotic just in case?
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I will talk to my midwife about it and keep an eye on it.. thanks for your help!
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I get a pulling, burning sensation sometimes. I thought maybe it's a nerve thing, cause it tends to happen after dd has been doing horrible stretchy things with my nipple. The burning sensation (kinda like static electricity) goes right back to under my arm. It doesn't last long and happens every few days. The burning sensation I had when I had thrush was a hot, burning sensation that felt more like cut glass and it was a constant pain that never went away. The fact that it happens to you when you move might indicate it's a nerve thing. Is your baby a gentle nurser? Do you think it may be caused by bad latching?
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I honestly don't know what caused it. It only happened when I was leaning forward for a few seconds, it didn't bother me at all at any other time. And it stopped after just that one day. :

I wouldn't call Ozaiis a gentle nurser, but he's not rough.. I guess exuberant would be the best term. :LOL He sucks VERY hard when he first latches on, but after the first few sucks he calms down. He's VERY picky about his latch though, he'll keep pulling off and readjusting it until it's perfect to him, it's kinda funny.
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