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Sort of Sad

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I know I haven't been in this DDC very long, but I had trouble deciding which one to join since my due date is 4/30. Now that the birth stories are starting to trickle in (albeit a little early) I'm starting to get bummed that I'm probably going to be one of the last in here to actually give birth.

It's so exciting to read about all of the babies coming into the world though, and I'm sure there are others here who are due closer to the end of the month. Anyone else feel the way I do?
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Oh hey I am right there with you. I am due 4/27 and my dd was 2 weeks late so I have no doubt that I will go into May...
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I will have my baby on 4/30...you are not alone. We can hold out together!!!!!
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ALL RIGHT! Late April Mommies for the win!
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i am due on 4/27 also, so i am right there with you all!! my last was a week late.. i am hoping for an april baby tho LOL but not holding my breath!
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I'm right there with ya chica...Due april 30th. I stuck with april though b/c my 2nd DC came almost a month early.
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All the babies on my maternal side came 1 month to 1 week early for 5 generations. I'm hoping I don't break the cycle!
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I wouldn't assume that you'll be the last one - you never know what is going to happen!
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My littel boy is due 4/26 (although I still sort of think his real due date is 4/30) ...I'm feeling pretty sure I will have a May baby - glad other people will probably be hanging out with me!!!

...I have been peeking in on the May DDC a lot though too.
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I'm due 5/7, but have short cycles and short pregnancies (both boys came a week or so earlier than the wheel date, but right around my calculation by o and cycle length); so I am there with you. I joined both DDCs!
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I'm in - due 4/27 and have gone a week late with my two previous pregnancies. I admit it though - I'm having wild fantasies about having the baby at 37 1/2 weeks...
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I am also due 4/30 so you are not alone!!!
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I'm due the last week in april, so I know how you feel!
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I have just been saying the end of April. I don't mind being one of the last, really. I usually have my babies a week+ late, so I expect the same this time.

It's all good, we're in it together.
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Thanks everyone I"m glad to know I won't be here all alone waiting for my baby at the end of the month!

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hehe wow so many of us have the same due date, its funny cause then we all know when we had out last periods and DTD (about)! lol I am ready for baby now and we have another month at least.....
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