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disney gay day dilemna

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ok. just looking at special events listed for june, i found out today that we're gonna be at disney for the 'gay days'.

as charming as it all sounds (and my 16 yr old dd is as huge a fag hag as i am- i can say that here, right? if someone is offended- and i certainly don't mean it offensively- do give us a good synonym, please ), i have this feeling that it is going to be really, really, really, really, really, really crowded.

every guide book that i've read (i wasn't paying attention the 4 times i've been there previously, but i wasn't going with a 9 and 29 m old baby!) has said that paradoxically, friday and sunday are the best days to go (because of all the folks travelling those days), and monday through wednesday the most hideously crowded- so we'd planned fri and sun... unknown to me, the height of gay days!

has anybody been? (the only gay friends irl i have right now are my best friend who's never been (we were disneyLAND based), and my hairdresser- but i got pissy with him and went to someone else last 'do, and i don't DARE ask him till it grows out, lol!)

i need advice, quick! i'll do crowds, or i wouldn't be willing to even try disney (and god knows the lines would be more entertaining), but this baby-thing scares me, and i want to minimize stressors- and if there are a million more people there than USUAL, oy.

(the 'gay days' site has been down, so i can't even find any info there! and disney themselves are pretty closemouthed about the whole thing- i'm afraid to call and ask 'just about how many homosexuals do you expect to show up?', kwim? it doesn't sound very nice, and i'm sure they'd take it in a way i did not mean.)

suse<---- christian, but not baptist


edit: now some of my best friends are baptists, so don't y'all get offended either! i obviously meant i wasn't part of an official boycott of disney (any reasons i have to be upset with disney have nothing to do with queer folk and are not within the scope of this post.)
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This time of year it's ALWAYS crowded, so I woudln't sweat it. I used to work there, and almost everyday through the summertime has some sort of special event or group thing going on. Gay day may actually keep some people away, so I woudln't change your plans.
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We were there during Gay Day (only it seemed like more than one day, I don't remember exactly) and other than feeling sorta left out cause, man, no one told us poor straight shlubs what colour we were supposed to wear! :LOL and the people that are there for Gay Day were all wearing red, we didn't notice an iota of difference except for one thing........the queues for the rides the little kids liked were less crowded than normal.
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it's a different day for each park.

(is it a red shirt every year? i want to encourage my dh to wear his red shirt if so. i will take entertainment in slow-moving lines any way i can get it!)

thanks for the responses! i can't wait! (and dd is THRILLED).

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Maybe this site will help you?


I believe the red shirt is the consistent color.
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I can't determine from your OP if you are in FL or CA, but for DisneyWorld, Gay Day is June 5-7 (7th is the big day). For DisneyLand, it's in October. Just wanted to give you that info in case you might miss it afterall.
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