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help! I cant go!

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I have never had constipation with any pg but all of a sudden I have it BAD!!! What can I do????
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up the fruits and veggies, flaxseeds, bran , watch your dairy intake it can be constipating. ummm, magnesium can help.
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increase fluids at the same time that you increase fiber... absolute minimum non-caffeinated fluid intake should be your weight in pounds divided by two... that number in ounces... (200lbs / 2 = 100 ounces, etc).

dried apricots
prune juice

don't let it go too long or it will get impacted and you'll need a doc to fix that
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I second the magnesium - it has helped me a lot. Watch out for Tums (if you're like me, you may be eating them like candy for heartburn) - they seem to constipate me sometimes. I've countered it by drinking a TON of water (just can't get enough.) Another thing I did when constipation was the worst for me (second trimester) was to eat a big bowl of shredded wheat every morning. I just can't do it now 'cause it sends my glucose sky high.
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I've struggled with this sense my 2nd trimester. Increasing fiber and fluids helps. My prenatal vitamins were making it worse also, so my MW said I could either take them on and off or take a mild stool softener (but not the full dose - just one pill either once a day or every other day - b/c most prenatal vitamins have softeners in them)... I am not big on taking any meds - but the softener has really helped. I take it until I'm just barely more soft that needed then go a day or two without taking it...just listening to my body.

Hope you are able to straighten this out -- I know how uncomfortable it is!!!
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well now I am scared. If I cant push out a poop, how am I going to push out a huge baby?????:
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Originally Posted by MommytoTwo View Post
well now I am scared. If I cant push out a poop, how am I going to push out a huge baby?????:
LOL... your uterus will be helping you push the baby out... TOTALLY different.
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Don't worry, we can all understand. Ever since the baby dropped I have been really backed up. On Monday night I made the super dooper fiber concoction of 1 1/2 cups apple juice, 4 prunes and 2 tbsp of oat bran. You heat up the apple juice and add the prunes and bran, let it sit for 15 minutes and then go for it. It is actually really good.

Then VIOLA, Tuesday I went three times and two times a day ever since. I have been taking it every afternoon.

Good luck!
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Evening Primrose Oil seems to be cleaning me out, LOL!

There's good advice here. And your body will do just fine at pushing the babe out. Hope you get some relief soon!
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I have been having this problem too! I was wondering if it had anything to do with the baby dropping. I am taking additional fiber...might try primrose oil.
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So when my doctor prescribed my prenatal vitamins way back 8 months ago, I noticed the prescription they gave me said 'prenatal with stool softener." I remember thinking Ick, I don't want a stool softener every day!

Boy am I glad I stuck with it..

But Mommytwo, try dried prunes and plenty of water. That does the trick for me.
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Eat whole everything! I mean avoid pasta and other enriched or not whole grain or empty carbs. Eat lots of fruit and vege's as close to how they are on the produce shelves (raw and all). Eat stuff like Fiber One or oatmeal or other wholegrain cereals in liu of the sugary, empty carb ones. Go easy on the harder-to-digest dairy stuff (like cheese) and meat doesn't have much fiber either. Try beans and nuts to help with the protein intake.... oh, and lots of water (not caffeinated or carbonated stuff or non-100% fruit juices) and walk when you can! The more exercise, the more smoothly things move. In my experience, these things help more than adding regimens to your current diet. There are some things that are counterproductive to a healthy bowel. Best of luck!
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ok I am headed down to the store to pick up lots of fruit and bran and all that... I have been drinking probably not enough water. I am taking EPO. Maybe its because of the baby dropping... my mw said my fundus was lower and the head was in my pelvis so if thats the cause I wont complain. lol But it sucks! Yesterday I was so miserable I took a glycerin suppository and at least went once (sorry tmi) but I have eaten only 2 meals in 2 days.. I just cant eat so I know I need to get this resolved TODAY!!!!!
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