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you contemplate offering to PAY someone to shave you cause you cant reach or even see what is going on down there anymore!

you sit on the toilet for five minutes when you pee, cause you know more will come if you just wait a minute.
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shop keepers are concerned that you will go into labor while in the dressing room. i had one say to me today "well, just don't go into labor here because i'm not at all prepared for that." i told her it wasn't my plan. was she serious??

while buying a bra, the sales clerk remarks wildly about how you went from a 34 to a 40 in the same bra...wow...amazing...wow...SHUT UP ABOUT MY BOOBS ALREADY, LADY!

EVERYONE says "wow, looks like you'll be having that baby any day now." and then i say "nope, it'll be another 2 months or so." they are just so shocked you'd think they suspect i'm lying...

you start asking your kids to pick stuff off the floor for you as you move through the room..."honey, that pencil there, yeah, thanks...and that piece of tissue, yes, thank you...". and if they resist, you say "do you want ME to have to bend over and pick it up?", totally appalled at the nerve of them!
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ive got another few days before im in my third tri but close enough i suppose!
some of these are way too funny!!

ive got ummm.....7 different flavors of ice cream, seriously.
(plus some gross frozen yougurt that looked soo good!)

when you have to kinda roll over and push up to get off the couch/bed
when your 2yo huffs at you, and rolls his eyes, and says no and stomps off down the hallway to make daddy feel bad for him because youve asked for too many things off the floor when theyre normally eager to help give you things
when a shirt you wore last week to get your infusion on thursday, and its only wednesday and it doesnt cover your belly anymore!

ill try to think of some more, i know i have been recently, and i just get weird looks, lol!
and i can clip my toe nails, etc...i can touch my head with my foot still! : but normally i can get them behind my head..hmm..i wonder..LOL!!
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You can entertain your two toddlers for a good 20 minutes by pulling up your shirt to let them watch the baby roll around

Every place you go into you get the 'when are you due' question

Your 4 yo keeps looking at you and saying 'that's a BIG belly you have there mama!' and you have to tell her that she hasn't seen anything yet .
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You wake up in the middle of the night hoping the feeling you have to go to the bathroom will go away. Then finally roll yourself out of bed to go only to wake an hour later for the exact same reason.
You are actually thrown off balance when the baby decides to roll over.
You’re so sick and tired of your pants falling down that you actually let them or walk around the house pants less. And you’ve given up trying to cover the part of your belly that hangs out the bottom of your shirt when your pants fall down under your belly.
You can’t find a comfortable position to sleep in no matter how many pillows surround you.
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