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What was your first post-partum meal?

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With my first birth, it was pancakes from a diner next to the hospital. YUM! I went there like once a week after that for the next six months to eat pancakes. I just had fond memories. (if anyone is in Ann Arbor, Mich, it was Angelo's!)

With my second birth, in a hospital birthing center, I brought cereal from home, and had like 4 bowls.

I'm thinking about what to make for this birth, as on my midwife's list is "hearty meals for post-partum!"

What did everyone else eat?
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Mine was a grilled chicken sandwich from the cafeteria of the hospital. I remember thinking that it tasted REALLY good for cafeteria food, but I don't know if that's because it was really good or because I hadn't eaten in over 24 hours.
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Do Fig Newtons and Gatorade during labor count?
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thom kah kai with chicken, yum.

chocolate birth day cake
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I can't remember #1, #2, or #6. I know after #3 my mom ordered pizza. #4 it was a burnt tv dinner lol. #5 was a marrinated chiken burrito made with my dads left over bbq chicken. This time a whole thing if raspberries and a pananini.
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DD was born just in time for breakfast at the hospital {9:25 am} - so I had eggs, bacon, sasuage, dry cereal and juice. It was even mostly still warm! I might have had either pancakes or toast too - just can't remember.

They gave me huge trays the entire time I was at the hospital - I guess because I am/was bfing.
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Tortilla chips with refried beans, cheese, salsa and guacamole. My sister brought it to me in bed after DS's homebirth. It was just what I needed.
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MIL's beef stew! It was sooooo good!
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With my first it was spicy crawfish. This time around I am buying a bunch of pizzas. I haven't had any forever due to an antiyeast diet and I am so craving it.
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I can't remember what I ate (my dds are 3.5. and 6), but I do remember how ravenous I was each time. It felt great to be able to eat and drink normally again without a uterus/baby squished stomach! My bfeeding appetite rivaled my teenage appetite!
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Before we moved a dear friend knew I liked maple bars and made sure to have them at my door bright and early right after the baby was born. :

I must say being able to eat and not get heartburn was incredible.
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Originally Posted by YumaDoula View Post
With my second birth, in a hospital birthing center, I brought cereal from home, and had like 4 bowls.
Me too! I have to thank my friend who suggested that I bring cereal and milk in my food bag.

After my second birth I had a Subway sub from the mall that was located right across from the hospital . I was so starved that I couldn't wait for dh to get back with the grub.
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After both, I was STARVING for like a day or two.

Right after #1, DH brought Chinese food in.

After #2, he brought some linguini with olive/garlic sauce and shrimp.

This time (if it is lunch or dinner) I want a to-go Hibachi grill meal. (Japanese)
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A few hours after the birth, I woke up ravenously hungry. My DH had brought me a grilled chicken salad from McDonald's : while I was in labor, and I didn't want it at that time. He put it in the refrigerator in the family waiting room. It was the wee hours of the morning, so DH was sleeping and no one was around, so I got up and hobbled down the hallway to the waiting room and got my salad. I was sooooo hungry I was afraid I would pass out just walking down and back, but I made it. I gobbled down the whole thing and wanted more! I fell back to sleep and woke up for hospital breakfast a few hours later and cleaned my plate too. I don't remember what that was though.
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Meal? I don't remember. But I DO remember seeing a Snickers bar sitting on the window sill in my room (have eaten, but only by DH LOL) and whispering for my dad to give it to me as soon as DH went with DD out of the room (after DD and my immediate hour after birth together...so I was ravenous, and that Snickers bar was heaven ).
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I had "circumstances" with my son's birth so I had to beg for a real meal! My first actual "meal" the hospital offered was blue jello and apple juice. My mid-wife talked the resident doctor into "letting" me eat actual "food."

Sorry for all the "quotes"!

All I really wanted afterwards was a big fat cheeseburger!
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Grilled cheese. For many days since that is what my Dh cooks best....
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We always order out after homebirthing. Our last birth we ordered from Seva this WONDERFUL veg restaurant in our town. I had sweet potatoe french fries, carrot milkshake, and a kick-butt Tofurkey Sandwich.
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With my last one I had Olive Garden's Pasta Fagiol soup & Salad. Yum! We had it planned that dh would go pick it up for me!
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I ate a piece of apple and some dry toast as i struggled to stay conscious after losing way too much blood. I then slept for about 12 hours straight.
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