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The nurse brought me an english muffin with butter & jam from the nurses' station. It was hands down the best thing I have ever tasted.

I was so famished.
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homemade beef stew was perfect. my midwife found it in my freezer and heated it up for me; i had hemmorhaged and she wanted me to eat something red-meaty. this time i'm planning to make a big batch of lamb stew--probably just a simple one, with rosemary and carrots and parsnips. yum.

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You know, I don't even remember! I just know I had to fart first! (I had c-sections)
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I remember having to fart first. But I don't remember my first meal. I do remember sending my mom out for a turkey sub from Wegmans. MMMM. She brought back the sub, plus some smoothies and cookies and just all kinds of good stuff. I love her!
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While the ob was stitching my tear I got a huge craving for a grilled cheese on sourdough bread. I was so stinkin' hungry! So Dh drove up the street to our favorite burger joint and ordered me my sandwich. They sent it to me with their compliments and included a "real straberry milkshake" YUM! I thought that was the best food I 'd had in ages. I ordered the same thing 20 minutes after ds2's birth also. We'll see if the pattern holds.....
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lemon cake and stouffers's macaroni and cheese. and like 5 juice boxes.
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I had a rare steak and a baked potato we ordered in from Steak Out. It's kind of a tradition for all of the women in our family to have a rare steak as the first meal. We all love our steak way undercooked, and after being confined to well done meat (or almost no meat in my case - I have HUGE food aversions during pregnancy) we all want some blood: !"
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ds: a McDonalds Hamburger and a coke :

dd: a yummy Panera Bistro Steak Salad
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A burrito from a mexican place close by me.
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I had a c-section, so I had 12 hours of broth and cranberry juice, then I sent dh out to get Mexican. I decided that I didn't need anything too out there--so I got cheese enchiladas with hot salsa. ROFL
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I don't remember my first meals with my first two kids - just that I was starving and it tasted so good! With my third, he was born in the middle of the night and the hospital cafeteria was closed. My dh had worked all day and was up half the night with me and was sound asleep. I ate graham crackers and orange juice from the nurses station. I was so starving and I felt bad waking my dh up to go get me food. After my 4th, I just felt awful so I didn't eat until breakfast. (middle of the night birth too.) My mom had made something wonderful and the midwives and everyone loved it, I just couldn't eat. I was really looking forward to that first meal too. Oh well.
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Savannah Bisque soup (a sweet potato soup from a Moosewood cookbook). With some whole grain bread. I made it and froze it the week before my birth for myself and the midwives. Best darn soup I've ever had.
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Well I had 2 c-sec so I had the whole broth and liquids thing but after that:

First birth was a chicken sandwich and fries from Burger King which I immediately threw up.

Second birth I really cant recall. Some hospital food.

This time I want chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva and an ice cold beer. LOL (Not necessarily together)
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DD1 was a turkey sandwich

My MW heated me up some bean soup that I had in the fridge, I ate a bowl and then DH ordered pizza with DD2.
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After dd's birth, we ordered a pizza. I ate LOTS of it.

After ds' birth, it was the morning; I sent dh to a Mexican restaurant for a breakfast burrito and to Starbucks for a scone. He got himself a muffin at Starbucks, but I ate that too .
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After all 3 of my homebirths we have ordered pizza. Dh and I hava pizza in bed with the new baby. Its a tradition now. I'm sure we will be ordering pizza again for this one. If it happens in the middle of the night we will have our pizza party the next day.
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with #1 it was a gross dry turkey sandwhich with mustard on it (yuck)

with #2 it was tacos and birthday cake yum! (even though I didn't have any candles and didn't get ice cream until i got home)
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After my dd (in a birthing center), I had a banana and we went home after 3 hours (because we were getting hungry). Then I had homemade chicken and noodles. After ds (hospital), I had a 7-up and whatever snacks in my bag. Then it took like an hour to get hospital food ( I think I ordered turkey manhattan). While waiting, my husband went to the cafeteria and got us chicken sandwiches.
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I can't believe I can't remember! It wasn't even that long ago! DD was born around 1 am, we went to sleep around 3, woke up at 7 when my sister called, and then we probably had granola, yogurt, and strawberries for breakfast. I remember eating that for breakfast a lot those first weeks. I made a huge batch of granola before dd was born.
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#1 I honestly don't remember. I asked for some stuff and fell asleep while eating.

#2 my mom was busy making me some mac and cheese but I couldn't wait (was voracious!) so the midwives made me english muffins and brought apple cider. mmmm!
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