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It's funny how we can remember those first meals, huh?

With ds1 in a hospital, we ordered pizza from a super yummy gourmet pizza place. They delivered it along with my own pint of Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby. We shared pizza (but not the ice cream!) w/the nurses and they loved that! Yummmmmmmy.

With ds2 at home, I downed like 4 Black Cherry Spritzers right after the birth. They tasted so freaking good. My mw's assistant insisted I needed some protein (I did, it was a long birth) so she made me some scrambled eggs and toast which I ate pretty happily. The other thing I desperately wanted was Advil for the killer afterpains! My dear friend who was here kindly went to the drugstore for a super sized bottle, bless her dear heart. I will also always remember that the next morning, ds1 went to that same friend's house for a playdate and on the way home, dh stopped at this great gourmet food place and came home w/fresh-squeezed OJ, a plain croissant, chocolate croissant and almond croissant for me. Yum. I always associate that with ds2's birth.

With my last birth in June, dd at home, I was starving afterward, and dh and my mom made me scrambled eggs, veggie bacon, stone ground coarse grits w/sharp cheddar and whole grain toast with preserves. (oh, and oj and hot tea) I ate a HUGE plate full and it tasted so good. That was my breakfast for the next several days- I couldn't get enough of it. My mom (105 lbs soaking wet, and never breastfed a baby a day in her life) was horrified/amazed at how much food I would put away! Every day went something like this:

Dh:honey, how many pieces of veggie bacon do you want?
Me: 2 is fine.
Dh: OK, I"ll make you 5.
Me: Ummm 5?! I can't eat 5 pieces, plus eggs, toast and grits and juice and tea.
Dh: Uh-huh, yeah, whatever, love........
10 minutes later:
Me, sheepishly: OK, you were right.. 5 pieces was just right.

It felt so good to eat and not feel nauseated or throw up like I had been doing the whole pregnancy!

Happy birthing and eating to all you pg mommies!
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I gave birth to DS around midnight, so my first meal was lunch the next day. DP went home that morning and cooked up an amazing veggie/rice/tofu strirfry and brought it in for me. I was starving and it was wonderful and I finally was able to eat as much as I wanted without having to worry about heartburn. He aslo snuck me in some Guinness but I guess that doesn't count as a meal . mmmm!
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How's this for freaky

My mother was served Beef Stroganoff after I was born and then when I had my first twins what do you think I was served? Yup, Beef stronganoff. Now after homebirth I chose to have Ropa Vieja (a traditional Cuban dish) and margarita! Yum. After last birth I honestly don't remember eating anything the rest of the week because one of our twin daughters died and the other was fighting for her life. It was a blur!

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I honestly have no idea after my first birth (C-section in the hospital)

At home after my HBAC, I had some hard boiled eggs and a cheese and bologna sandwich. lol
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I was way too tired to eat..even though my df could have gone downstairs and made me something!
For breakfast the next morning he made me soy yogurt with granola, strawberries, grapes and almonds!

For lunch a HUGE pot of miso soup with tons of garlic shitaki mushrooms and bok choy!!!!!! Was hands down the BEST miso soup Ive EVER tated!!!
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With DD #1, my mother left and brought back some tomato florentine soup in a bread bowl and tiramisu from Zios.

With DD #2, there was a hurricane evacuation going on, so I just had the nasty hospital food. I don't remember what it was, just that it was SO bland.

This time I'm having a homebirth and want something yummy, but I don't know what yet.
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I had a chicken gyro from the hospital cafeteria--and it was really good!! I wasn't expecting much, and hadn't eaten in about 14 hours, so it may have tasted better at that time than it actually was!
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I made dh bring me some jerky because I wanted the food NOW.. and while I was munching he made me a blue steak. I lost a lot of blood and just wanted red meat and more red meat, the rarer the better. Then I had some peanut butter and honey in a cup.
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lentils with rice at home, they wanted me to eat something but I was so NOT hungry, I mean, who would just 6 hours after you had the biggest steak with fried and NA beer?
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My first was a hospital-birth-turned-c/s, so my first meal was "liquid diet." Lovely. We had friends who actually brought FAJITAS to the hospital room!! My DH was thrilled and I really didn't care too much - I couldn't eat it so it seemed rather unfair BUT I also didn't want any! So I must've had something brothy/jello-y later and the next morning, I think, got "real" food. My sweet DH stayed with us the entire time and I gave him my scraps!

With the second, he was born at home at 12:48am on a Sunday - not a lot of options! So after we were settled the midwives insisted that I HAD to eat something - anything I wanted! And the idea of Whataburger taquitos jumped to my mind. So I had a couple of potato, egg, and cheese taquitos, and they were GREAT!

The next day I got my Cinnabon and birthday cake that I'd so dutifully stayed away from for months - soooo good!!
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DD was a c-sec, so it was the nasty liquid diet for me--which totally sucks since I hate broth soups and jello so I don't think I actually ate anything until I got home.

DS, hbac, it was a peanut butter sandwich. It's kind of funny because I have always not liked peanut butter but it is truely all I wanted for days after his birth--every night while BFing I would make DH get up and make me one or two, or . . . He's already bought a big thing of peanut butter for me to have after this birth. We'll see what I am craving
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With Abi: an egg salad sandwich. That was all the cafeteria had available at the time and I couldn't wait for them to open for breakfast.

With Nitara: an entire medium pan pizza from Pizza Hut. Dh had it delivered.
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I birthed ds at night, and the labor nurse had told me I might want someone to go get me some food while restaurants were still open to keep in the fridge to reheat later. My family went to a yummy italian restaurant and brought me back 4 cheese pasta which was super yummy!
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#1 I ate banana and toast. He was born really early in the morning.

#2 My friend made me this yummy chicken and cheese enchiladas.
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#1 - muffins that my best friend baked while I was pushing.

#2 - gross hospital cream of wheat (post surgery). But DH brought me some sushi that same day, and I count the sushi as my first real food.
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Boston Markey - 1/4 chicken white with mashed potatoes and gravy, and probably creamed spinach, plus their cornmbread. This was shortly after 12:00 noon, and I hadn't eaten since about 7:00 PM the night before.
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my dh went and got me broccoli beef. i had lost quite a bit of blood and the mw told him i needed to eat iron rich food.
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Angelos! Yum!!!

Both births, after the whole "wow! A Baby!" First nursing bonding pause, I was suddenly RAVENOUSLY hungry. Eat-my-own arm off hungry. WIth my first, he was born right before dinner at the hospital, and they brought me meatloaf and mashed potatoes and they were the Best! Food! Ever!. #2 was born in the wee hours of the morning (3am) and I think the nurse sent down for a turkey sandwich when I said Must! EAT! NOW!
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My dd was born in a hospital at 7:37am. As soon as I delivered the placenta, I ordered french toast, hashbrowns, scrambled eggs and a giant glass of oj. I swear it was the best meal I ever had. That was the good thing about being in the hospital. I could call down for food and they delivered it with out me having to cook it serve it or clean up!
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