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Walking - events leading up to it

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My baby is getting close to walking, I think! But I'm wondering about those who have babies who recently started walking - what did they do right before walking (like days before)? Were they walking behind a push toy, were they taking brave steps from one piece of furniture to another? Or did they just let go and take steps out of the blue? Looking back, did you see them doing things that now you realize they were about to walk? I've got the camera ready, but looking for some signs, I guess.

Also, about how long did they pull up to standing, walk behind a push toy, ect... before they started walking on their own?
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Well, my dd can't quite walk yet, but she has taken up to 10 steps (then falls). She has just been getting more and more confident cruising, and stands longer and longer independently. She likes to stand and bounce up and down. She also like holding things while standing independently. I guess it is a feat of balance. I imagine she'll be walking more any day. BTW- she's 10 mo.
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My DD is almost a walker. She is 11 months and has been gradually working up to it for about 2 or 3 months. She started by cruising, then walking with a push toy, now she can almost cross a room on her own! You can just see the pride on her face
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She took a step out to her sister the week before she turned 10 months. Then ( as stated in my sig)on the day she turned 10 mos. she took 4 steps over to my froend and her baby "to peek at the baby" and shes been a pro ever since NO signs except her standing on her own. She started crawling at 7 months and all the milestones before walking followed within weeks..literally.
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My ds is 10months old and is RUNNING! At about 8 months he took his first step and then the next day he took a couple more and then for like a week after that he would take off of the couch without thinking about it, then after a few steps he would realize what he did and stop and then sit down. Pretty soon after that he kept on walking and never looked back!
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