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Question about progesterone

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I have a concern about progesterone. I think I may have a slightly short lp. (10 days) I know this is the "minimum" that you want your lp but I am starting to think this may have been the probelm with my mc at 10 weeks and subsequent inability to get pg.:

My question is, I know there are vaginal suppositories as well as progesterone cream. With my length of lp do you think the cream would be effective? I really would like to stick with the natural progesterone cream and stay away from the medically altered form. (If I need to do this in the near future.)

Thanks in advance
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I have not used the cream but have read from a few others that they thought it did lengthen their LP by maybe a day or 2. Of those I read they always combined this with a B-6 supplement as well-50 to 100 mg.
I've only used the the suppositories and the first month I got preg, however, it ended in m/c 4 wks later (I was still on the progesterone). I do think I'll need to keep using this to get preg again though since my LP was only 7-10 days.
I'd say to try the cream for 3 mos and if it doesn't lengthen your LP then you can try something different.
Good luck,
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oops, double post
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Don't mind me...Just having a "senior"moment

Has anyone else done a triple post Yikes!
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Thanks Ann,.

Can I ask another question?

When do you start applying the cream? I would think as soon as you know you have O'd but was wondering if you should start it sooner.

Thanks again
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I have to use cream to get and maintain a pregnancy. It takes about 3 months of useage to get preggo for me unless I use the brand Cumulus then its a month. For the life of me I cant remember when I start applying it: It been awhile I guess, now I feel really stupid.

Interesting thing, when I use progesterone I feel ovulation, dont ever feel it otherwise.

When using the cream, be sure to change areas of application as the skin will get saturated and not absorb. Soft skin is best for application so thighs, tummy, breast ect.

Once preggo I continue usage for 13 weeks then taper off. My second pregnancy I didnt feel right about the baby and also didnt use the progesterone faithfully, I m/c at 12 weeks

Dont recall it having lenghtened out my cycle.

Cant believe the I cant remember when I start using it in my cycle! Sure hope I can remember where I have it written down.
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I use the creme starting at O and continue for about 2 weeks. I can't say much for it lengthening my LP, since my last cycle was 125 days and I used the creme intermittantly during that time, thinking Af would show up everytime I stopped, but she didn't. You could try using it and not stopping until AF shows up or you get a neg. HPT It's not very expensive so it's worth a shot and makes your skin nice as a bonus
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Thanks ladies!

Is there anything "bad" about using the cream? I am wondering if I should start it now or wait until I know exaclty how long my lp is and if it is indeed short. Also how short of a lp would you consider using the cream? 10, 11, 12 days?

Thanks again!
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I don't think there's anything bad with it, unless, of course, you already have progesterone dominance, but I think you'd have noticed something like that. It has such a small amount in it that you'd have to practically bathe in it to OD, so I guess it'd be worth starting now, it'd be a shame to miss a good cycle
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I decided to go ahead and start with the natural progesterone cream. I hope it isn't too late. Today is 6 DPO. I applied some today and will continue until shows or I get a

Hopefully this little investment ($30 ) will do the trick and I will be applying it for the next 12 weeks!

I have one more question though. I have read conflicting information about soy. One source said that soy is good to increase progesterone levels and another said to lay off of soy to help progesterone levels. What one is it? More soy or less soy?:
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Are these creams/suppositories OTC or prescription?
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OTC cream. "Pro-gest" is the brand name. The kind I got is for menopause symptoms. Called menopausal solutions. They do make a menstrual solutions one also but the store didn't carry that one. If I continue I think I will get that one next time.
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