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I am freaking out

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My husband just pointed out that the babies could be here in 11 days. I burst into tears. I'm not ready for them to come. I'm sure that everything will be fine but I'm scared and feeling overwhelmed.

Is anyone else freaking out?
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I think it's pretty natural to feel that way, especially the first time, and especially with twins!! Don't worry - it will all be fine

This is my 3rd and while I'm personally ready, my house is not. I have so much I still have to do.
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You will be fine! You are ready, it is just your mind that is freaking you out. Try some affirmations...

Good luck!
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I had this last week. I feel much better this week! Now I am ready for baby to come!
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I feel the same way, I'm so not ready!!! I mean, physically I'm ready, but for the rest... I'd wait another couple of months!!
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I have felt very peaceful about the upcoming birth until recently. I am trying to regain my composure but I am freaking out alittle. I cannot believe this is coming so soon. I have been having more contractions and I just started to realize 'WOW WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A BABY!!' I know it sounds silly but I have been so focused on getting things done that I do not feel mentally prepared! I really need to find some zen. Fast.
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I'm freaking out. I was teary eyed last night, worrying about it. How am I going to handle 3???? How???? How am I going to be able to love another one as much as the ones that are already here. These are my last few days with only my older kiddos. They're so self sufficient and I can't believe I'm going back to baby land! Yeah, I'm freakin'.
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Oh yeah! : I'm freaked alright! My toddler is such a handful right now, I have been wondering what we were thinking...I honestly don't know how I'm going to handle it, but it's too late now!! Things have a way of working out...we'll all be fine
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I kinda had a moment of panic for a few days, but I got the babyclothes into the dresser and diapers put up and packed my bag for the hospital and Im calm again. I had a total meltdown going from one baby to two, but I managed it and now my two little ones are much older and more independant that dd was when ds2 came along so I guess Im feeling like it just wont be a problem. It should be easier to integrate one baby with two big kids than it was to intergrate one new baby with one still demanding and dependant barely out of babyhood toddler was!!
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I completely understand. I had my panic the other day when I remembered that labor hurts.
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Just a note, you will probably never be ready or feel it. : Just know that it will be go to get into a new routine and to live life on the WILD side! What an adventure you are about to have!!!
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Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post
I completely understand. I had my panic the other day when I remembered that labor hurts.
Erm... I just realized this was not entirely helpful. It's a good hurt. It's a very productive hurt. And, in the end, you get a sweet little baby.
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Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post
I completely understand. I had my panic the other day when I remembered that labor hurts.
Funny. I was just sitting on the toliet today thinking...OMG this baby is going to have to get out of me somehow.
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I'm not ready at all...I keep hoping that the day when HE'S ready I'LL all of a sudden be ready too. I had the idea of making a few fleece pouches to wear him in my shirt so we can be super close (although still not as close as inside) for a little while longer. Does that sound too extreme?
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I think it sounds lovely!
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Yes, I'm freaking. Realizing how little time I have left, all my "to do's" are piling up and I want to just be done so I can relax & focus on being ready mentally. Although, I'm starting to realize that its not so much a "1. get the house ready 2. get the baby stuff ready 3. do fun pregnancy stuff 4. get my mind ready" kind of list, because I'm doing all those things at once and they don't have to happen seperate of one another to be enjoyed. (Did I even make any sense?!? : )

Anyway, I have these mini revelations which lead to mini panic attacks, that I WILL be getting this baby out of me.

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i think i'm going in the next week or two, from the feeling i'm getting down low every time i stand up (hey, maybe i'll be like that lady who sneezed out her baby into her pant leg, ha!). also, people have stopped smiling sweetly and saying, oh, how nice, when are you due? and have started looking at me with a kind of shock/horror at the torpedo belly and saying, "wow, is it soon?".today is dh's birthday, though, and i'm cooking for a dinner party. i am tired. i might drink coffee.
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I'm feeling either super snuggly towards my big kids or I want to run away from them. I really fee llike this is our last weekend to get stuff together (I'm 37 and a half weeks along) and I am nesting like a fiend. We were able to cross two big things (dressers) off the list today. I'm really neervous about having a boy after 2 girls. And I am flat out terrified of bringing a newborn into a house with 2 preschoolers.
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Originally Posted by Muggins&Doody View Post
They're so self sufficient and I can't believe I'm going back to baby land! Yeah, I'm freakin'.
I know! DS is 7-1/2. He's asking to drive the car. He's reading chapter books. He gets himself dressed, makes his own snacks, and gets himself ready for bed. And I'm going to have a helpless newborn at age 38?!

OTOH, I want her here now. I know I've got another 4 weeks and she only weighs 5 pounds right now (according to yesterday's u/s), but I wish she were here. I am sick of being pg. It's been much harder this time, and since we started IVF more than a year ago -- and started thinking about it 2 years ago -- I feel like I have been waiting for way more than 9 months. I want to see her and get on with raising her.

On the other other hand (yes, I have three hands!), the house is not quite ready. I had a panic the other night at about 4 am over how I have to organize the pantry, clean up my art studio space, organize the bookshelves, and clean out the giant basket of magazines and catalogs that have been sitting there for 2 years! I actually did tackle that basket yesterday, and put most of it in the recycling bin. The rest went into IKEA cardboard magazine files. At least I can cross one thing off the list and maybe sleep now!
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I keep thinking, "When we get XYZ done, then the baby can come." Today it was clean out the car. Who knows what I'll think of tomorrow?
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