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A couple acquaintances at work threw a small impromptu shower for me at work today. I usually work at home so they asked me (and my DH, who also works there) to come. I'm not much of an 'oooh and ahhh' type but it was still a little fun to be celebrating the coming of our little one.

After the present-opening, I felt a little awkward with a couple of the women who I guess are more 'mainstream' than me when we started talking about my choice to have the baby at a freestanding birth center. I started to get the 'What If'' scenarios but they were tactful and realized it wasn't appropriate and stopped. The funny thing is that I'm thinking the birth center is middle ground. I almost went for a home birth. What is even more odd is that I felt more in-tune with one of the men there, whose wife had her baby at home (50 hour water birth labor) in a sterilized cattle tub (probably 15 or so years ago.) I know medical technology saves lives in emergencies - I have a bachelor of science myself - but, giving birth is such a normal, natural process. How have we come to routinely expect and fear the worst? I guess the sad part is that if doctors and hospitals worked harder to support natural labor and only intervened when necessary, you could have the best of both worlds... Ah, well - I can dream, can't I?