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child support late AGAIN (vent)

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this time it's almost 10 days late (after he refused to pay when we were seperated for almost 4 months)
I called him about it and as usual, he lied. first he said he mailed on monday but then he said he couldn't remember and then he finally hung up.
this man has never accepted responsibility for ANYTHING.
He doesn't even act embarassed. (i would be petrified)
most of all, I am so sick of his lies. he is a pathological liar-so much so he actually begin to believe the stuff that spouts out of his mouth.
I'm going to seek a wage garnishment after the judge signs the order-as I cannot depend on this immature, louse of a human being.

I love my kids but having him as their father is the single biggest regret of my life.
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Sorry mama! That sounds AWFUL. I really don't understand these creeps that just turn in their 'responsibility' card and leave it all to us.

I'm glad that you are seeking help legally. Forget that 'check in the mail' business.

Does your state have a system to send payments through them so that everything is documented? Perhaps the wage garnishment would go through there anyhow.

Sorry mama, I'd be FUMING mad....
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I've learned that to count on child support is to ask for disappointment. I consider any that I get to be a bonus and I never rely on it. We separated in 1994 and right now he owes me and the kids over $50,000.00 in arrears. They finally caught up with him a couple of years ago and are garnisheeing his Workmans Comp, but apparently he has a job now so that's about to end. It'll take 6 or more months for them to catch up with his job, if he isn't being paid under the table.

The lengths he'll go to to avoid his responsibilities never ceases to amaze me.
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My son's dad is totally uninvolved and the only time I see CS is when they catch up to him and threaten him with jail- or if he gets arrested on a different charge, I'll get whatever bail he puts up. So I never count on CS from him.

I had an enlightening conversation with my cs casemanager a few weeks ago. She said that it is almost impossible in my state for a judge to order jail time as punishment for non-payment of cs and that the state currently garnishes the bulk of it's cs from SS checks. So if your ex ends up getting old and begins collecting social security, well, that's when we;ll begin seeing a regular payment. Sad.
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Well i finally recieved it today (whew!) but the envelope is postmarked for the 21st (which was wednesday) and he said he mailed it on monday..
i get so tired of his lying. he simply didn't mail it until he "felt like it". i had to do some serious meditation last night to detach from all his actions...
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