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I have an ecolovables

wetter sweater wool cover. I love it! This cover is a very soft stretchy pull-on wool with a soft rib-knit lining in a contrasting color (stretchy) so it also shows as soft contrasting colored-leg cuffs.

I used it today to take ds to the doctor- he just had a shirt and this gorgeous forest green/gray cover over his diaper. It is reallly cute and great for active kids- allows them to move freely. It has not soaked through with my heavy-wetter!

I am a fan of soft, pull-on covers and this is a nice one. Patricia is great and makes them custom- you choose the colors. Mine took only about a week to get. Two thumbs up for ecolovables!
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I got my first off ebay on a whim, and I loved it so!! dd outgrew it and this time I bought new so now I can rave about these covers. The wetter sweater is my best night time cover. I am not a wool fiend yet this cover works better than anything else I have tried at night.

The wool jersey knit is soft and stretchy for a good fit (dc has normal-ish thighs but a pretty long rise). Patricia preshrinks the fabric so no worries about doll-sized covers. And turnaround was very quick and she is easy to deal with. She is planning to put better photos on her website so it will be easier to see what you could get.

I was a tester for her wool jersey longies. She whipped up a pair that fit dd perfectly, with an interesting cut that had no seams on the bottom, to prevent wicking. And they were so cute - even SIL, who thinks CD is totally weird, didn't realize they were a diaper cover, just complimented me on her supercute stretchy soft pants!!
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