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baby kicking cervix?

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Hi! I am almost at 28 weeks and my baby has been getting more and more active. The last few days I have been getting this strange sensation. I get sort of a blip down near my cervix that kinda of vibrates. It will happen several times in a row then stop then happen again. Sometimes it almost feels like it in in my vagina but I think that is just the vibration travelling down? I guess I just want to make sure it is normal. Is it just the baby kicking or punching my cervix or around it? Also, sometimes when it happens I almost feel like I am going to pee for a second too.
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Sounds normal to me, thankfully baby did that a few times and then quit. Though if you were to have a bad bladder infection, it can also cause weird spasm feelings like that down there- so if you have bladder symptoms be sure to get that checked.
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It happens to me and my babe is head down.
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Head down baby here, getting lots of punches and "shivers" and also hiccoughs (which I like the least of all) on the cervix. Sometimes it feels like it's actually in my vagina.

Fun, huh!
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yes, i feel it too, and my baby is head down. weird and uncomfy.
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I've been getting that ALL. THE. TIME. (Ok, not literally, but it seems it sometimes.) I'm beginning to think the baby is getting impatient and is trying to blast his way out. Just wait until yours gets a little bigger and it moves up from a "blip" to a "shove."
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Babies have hands and arms that move too, don't forget. They don't just move their legs.

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Thanks for the replies! I am so glad to hear that other people have this too. I haven't had any bladder symptoms but I will keep an eye out for them. I think these spasms are baby movement related, though, as they only happen when the baby is moving. At my last MW visit the baby was head down so maybe it is little baby hands or hiccups!
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