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Birth Bead Swap - now that we're all out of the 1st tri!!!

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According to my calculations, if I'm due Sep 27 and finished the first tri on Wednesday, we should ALL be done by now!!!
I just feel like it is such a miracle that I have made it this far... (yeah, I have to change my ticker SOON now!)

I remember someone saying she could host this, and I definitely can't bc I'm in Canada.

But I want to celebrate this trimester with BEADS!

SO... where do we do it? How do we get started?

Beads, beads, beads!!!
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I am ready to get started too!
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I said I would host it.

Be back later to discuss! YAY!
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Hi guys,

I would also luuuuurrrrve to do the bead swap but I am in the UK. Any chance??:

Go4it....we have the exact same due date (for all it's worth....them babes make it up as they go along!!), how exciting though....!!

How does this thing work then?? I have a client due who has a string of birth beads....she wears it all the time. Would be neat to have something to draw strength rom, knowing that women are doing the birth thing everywhere, with the same triumphs, struggles, powers ect!

in sisterhood
Debs x
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Been ready!
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Debs, there's another thread farther down that explains how it works. Just scroll down a page or two and you should find it.

Being in the UK shouldn't be a problem because you provide a postpaid envelope to the mama who's hosting. (or send postage via paypal - I hope - for those of us who don't have access to US stamps).

I believe, basically, you buy enough of the same kind of bead for every mama in the swap, then send them ALL to the host mama. She then uses your postpaid envelope to send you one of EVERY kind of bead that the other mamas have sent in. She doesn't string them, but we all have to choose beads based on a standard hole size so they'll all fit together.

Then, when they arrive, we make a necklace or whatever we want out of them and swap pictures of our beautiful shared-birth-power creations!!!

Hope this makes some sense.

PS - don't I know it about due dates... ds was 10 days "late", dd1 was 6 weeks "early" and dd2 was my closest at 3 days "early". Quotation marks ("inverted commas" to you brits!) because I believe every baby arrives in God's good time. :-)))

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ok, I want to be in this bead swap!
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I'm in!
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I would love to participate! I'm also in Canada but would of course make sure hostmama got the proper postage.
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I'm in. By the way, my first child was due on Sept. 27th and decided to show up on Sept. 8th!
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Count me in!!!
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I wanna play!!
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me too! me too!
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i'm in!

i'm so pumped!
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I'm new,also due in September. This sounds extremely interesting.

Count me in as well.
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I want to be in please!
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Oh good, I've been waiting for this to start up! I'm going to go out and hunt some nice beads.

Please count me in - we'll figure out a way to get the postage arranged!
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I guess those interested need to pm me so we'll have an official count and I'll send you my address.

Do we need a cut off for signing up?
We probably need to have a cut off date for getting the beads to me.
Be sure to include an envelope w/ postage for me to return your beads! For those outside the US we'll figure out something. I do have paypal.

Mamas that have done this before...anything else???
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I didn't post on the original thread, but I am definitely in!!

Do we want to set up a yahoo group or move it to TP?
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whohoo! I, being the impatient type, have already started making the beads.
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