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DH and I have been planning on moving in Sept. from MS to TN. We were planning a trip at the end of July to look at the area. Only now he is wanting to move at the end the of the summer when we go if he can find a job... but the baby is coming in the next 2-3 weeks. So now I'm going to try to move in 2 mo. with a newborn (maybe 2 mo old?) and a toddler. We are about to buy a used camper that we will travel in for our trip and rent a campsite for one month up there. We will be there for a week or two and then if we can find a job and all we will come back here (leaving the camper sitting there) to pack the house and move right then in a matter of days! : The problem is though that I don't want to be that rushed. I've already decluttered the house... nesting!! And I'm going to start packing the extra stuff now.. pictures, vases, etc. I just wish I knew for sure if that's when we were going to move or not so I could pack before we go and reserve the Uhaul etc. I know he doesn't know if he'll find a job "right then" but I can get a job immediately. I don't know if it would be better to let me get a job and us move then or wait until Sept. if he doesn't get one? I'm just so ready to move and I don't want to be overwhelmed.
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I would reserve a moving truck now since you can always cancel it. The rates go up in the summer months.

Penske was cheaper for us, so definitely shop around.
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I got a lot done today...and it is only 2:00! 2 HUGE storage bins that were full of paper, pictures, and CRAP are empty!!! I thought we were going to move with this stuff. Next is the desk. Makin' progress
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Our realtor is coming on Tuesday, finally. We had to postpone twice, once due to my class and the second time due to DH's work schedule changing.
But now it's upon us and it looks like we will be listing our home this week. EEK!
I have still so much more to do before I even want the realtor to walk around this place
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I'm in! I've read so many useful things already! Thanks!

So here's where we are...

I found my *dream house* online one lonely Thursday afternoon (it once belonged to my grandparents; my mom and her 9 siblings grew up there, it's only 2 miles from my Dad...etc etc, long story!) and told Dh about it. We've been aching to move closer to that area for years anyway (Dh works there also so it'll be saving us TONS in gas!) and this seemed to be our ticket.

So...we went to see the house with our realtor the following Saturday (who happens to be FIL ) and decided that we'd put in an offer and get our house on the market (we have a contingency on the offer that ours sells). Woohoo, excitement!! We signed the papers on Tuesday and by Thursday the seller had countered but accepted the contingencies. We accepted the counter on the following Sunday. YAY!

So now we're just waiting for someone to fall in love with our house and snatch it up! It's been on the market for about a month now.

Meanwhile...the day we went to look at the other house, I started de-cluttering and deeeep cleaning our current house. I was a woman on a mission and no corner was left un-touched. I did it all myself (with a 3.5 yr old and 6 month old in tow) as Dh works insanely long hours...yes, I'm proud of myself! Here's a list of what I accomplished in 3 weeks.

*de-cluttered dining/toy/computer room (roughly 12 x 12 room)
*painted the walls and ceiling of that room
*scrubbed and oiled the wood floors

*de-cluttered and simplified LR (roughly 16 x 16 room)
*painted walls and ceiling
*scrubbed and oiled wood floors

*de-cluttered master bedroom (11 x 17)
*touched up paint
*cleaned carpet

*de-cluttered both kids' bedrooms (one is 10 x 12, other is 16 x 16 roughly)
*DEEP cleaned both
*deep cleaned upstairs hallway, stairs and upstairs bathroom

*de-cluttered downstairs bathroom (10 x 10? maybe)
*deep cleaned and touched up paint

*de-cluttered kitchen (12 x 17)
*fixed floor tiles that were damaged
*touched up paint
*deep cleaned everything

*de-cluttered laundry room (8 x 9)
*deep cleaned
*touched up paint

*de-cluttered front (enclosed) porch (no clue what size?)
*dh has yet to fix the windows out there

*de-cluttered and reorganized walk-in attic
*weeded out all the flower beds

I was working from sun up until sun down. I was totally exhausted every single day but my house looks great now!!

What's left to be done?

*paint exterior of house (painters are supposed to be here today but haven't shown up yet...hmm)
*finish landscaping and yard work
*de-clutter and re-organize barn

There's a lot of work left to be done but we're getting there. We pulled out the ugly overgrown yew bushes that were in front of our house and still have to deal with the stumps and fill in the holes/plant grass or whatever.

I cannot wait to move though. What keeps me going is the thought of being in that new house and starting a new life.

Thanks for the ideas, everyone! I'm def. subbing to this thread!
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caricandothis- wow.. I'm just in awe of all that you've gotten done, especially with two little ones!!
That's so exciting about the new house. And so special that it's a part of your family history!
I wish we had some inkling of where we're going to end up. That might give me more motivation. Right now we're just listing and hoping that we find a place that we love. We have a place to stay if we sell before we find a new home, so that part is ok.. but I hope we find something nice!
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Well, our home is officially on the market as of this afternoon
I'm so excited. We still have a lot of little projects to do and I need to do some more decluttering (will I EVER be done? but at least that part is done now. It's going to be in the paper this Friday! I think they listed it a little high, but at least it will give us a little wiggle room with the price.

How is everyone else doing?
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We gave notice last week. We don't have anywhere to live though (we had to give notice due to terrible issues going on with the landlord, and us needing out to save our sanity as well as our safety..). I'm stressed to the max. 25 days approx to find a place and move into it. Otherwise? I don't know. :/

I'm decluttering like mad though, as is DH. Even if we do find a place in time, we'll have so much less to move at least. But if we don't find a place, we'll have so much less to store! We've gotten rid of over 40 lbs of clothes at least (thanks FreeCycle!). We've also rid of toys, computer stuff, misc junk (what I thought was junk), etc.. probably 20 large sized boxes of stuff.. thanks FreeCycle once again and CraigsListers!

Ahhh.. It's hard to get into packing much when you don't even have a place to think about moving it into. :/
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Ouch UberMama! We are giving notice next week, because I really didn't want to tell the LL any earlier than the required 30 days (we are giving about 33 days notice).
I am going to be sure and swap out all the CFL bulbs for the old kind (because I still have some sitting around) and I've got to put the old shower head back on, and patch a hole in the wall from DH's broken recliner, and stuff like that. I have approximately 15 days off between now and the move - to do everything!
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oneKnight - We gave our notice last week and our landlord tried to rip me a new one on the spot. So I understand where you are coming from. Sorry you have to give even those three extra days of notice. I know we waited until the last possible minute as well. :/

Good reminder on the bulbs. I need to write that down, as I am NOT leaving our CFL's here!

The only thing we need to do is pack, move and then paint one bedroom. I'll probably shampoo the carpets as well, though I don't know if I should really bother. Our landlord will try and keep our deposit anyway. Grr.
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Originally Posted by UberMama View Post
Ahhh.. It's hard to get into packing much when you don't even have a place to think about moving it into. :/
: (shouldn't be smiling, but...)

DH has been looking for a place for over a month and I'm going crazy/ill thinking about it. I can't do anything from here so I have to rely on him. : I'm not sure the situation would be different if I could help, but at least I'd feel useful.
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Originally Posted by UberMama View Post
oneKnight - We gave our notice last week and our landlord tried to rip me a new one on the spot. So I understand where you are coming from. Sorry you have to give even those three extra days of notice. I know we waited until the last possible minute as well. :/
The reason for the extra couple days is because last time our lease was up we were SURE we signed the lease on Jan 5th, but she said it renewed on Dec 29th : I just wanna be SURE and give an extra day or two so she can't say a thing about the 30 full days. We have already been planning this move for near 2 weeks, we didn't want to give her that much extra notice!

Originally Posted by cupofjojo View Post
That's great that you can get them from your Wal-Mart. Our Wal-Mart will not give any away because they get credit for everyone they return.
They only get credit for "break pack boxes" which say something about "return for credit this box cost the company $x... not for customer or store use" on the side of them. Yes they get paid for recycling regular boxes, but it's not like they're gonna notice a couple dozen boxes missing out of a 1600lb bale of cardboard. The bakrery lady at our WM was nice enough to suggest the cereal boxes because they are "biggest and sturdiest" she said.
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I will officially start packing tonight. Of course, I have no idea where I'll be moving. We've been looking for an apartment to hold us over until our house is move-in ready. But everybody wants us to sign a year lease, which I'm nervous about doing because it's hard (no, impossible) to find a subletter in this area. We've been stuck before, because of it.

We're trying to decide right now if it's feasible to move to the farm earlier than later. I'd like to, because DD starts school in the fall and I don't want to uproot her after she's had a chance to make some friends. But if we move, it means I have to quit my job. And because it's a rural area and I have no car, I won't be able to GET a job for awhile. Not necessarily a bad thing, in my mind. It breaks my heart every morning when my daughter asks "Are we going to the babysitter's today?" "Yes hun" "Oh....that sucks. I like staying with you!" I'd love to be a SAHM, and I think we'll be able to afford it out there. But it means house-sharing for an undetermined amount of time, until our house is ready (or at least, until it has running water and electricity!) House sharing in this particular situation will be quite stressful, because the family is so different than us (mainly in regards to cleanliness....they have a more lax approach, whereas I'm totally anal.) I know they'll want to share food, and thus, food costs. But I'm uncomfortable about that because I know that they spend $80 per day for their family of four (the kids are quite young and don't eat THAT much), and we don't even spend that much a week! I don't want to have to pick up the tab for their wastefulness.

Anyway, we're mulling over our options right now. But regardless of what we do, I must start the packing!
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It's minus 4 and counting here for us! Today is Saturday. Tuesday the movers will come pack the rest of our stuff and load it all on the truck, and we'll go sign our part of the closing documents for the sale of our house, and we'll take the dogs to Petsmart and get them groomed and let them hang out there while they do the packing and loading.

Tuesday and Wednesday night we're going to stay at a hotel by our house (since we won't have, like, beds or towels or anything!) and leave the dogs here and just come by to let them in and out and play with them. Then Thursday DH is leaving by car with the dogs to start the 3-4 day drive, along with a caravan of his coworkers who are also moving too for the job. The car people will pick my car up from the hotel where I will stay one more night with DD. Then Friday the 1st I will fly to Louisville, rent a car and check into our hotel, where we will stay until we can move into our new house. DH should arrive on the 3rd probably, and we will close on the house on June 4. Then on June 5 we're having the carpet removed and the hardwood floors refinished. That will take several days, and somewhere between June 5 and 7the moving company should arrive with all of our stuff! Which will all have to be squeezed into the kitchen, sunroom, garage and basement, since the living room, dining room and bedrooms will be occupied! :

This should be an interesting couple of weeks! I hope that everything will go well. I'm not feeling totally ready, but today things are looking up somewhat--DH was working all week until Friday, although he was previously supposed to have the week off, so that put a wrench in our plans somewhat--there are a lot of things that he needs to do too around here, or that we need to do together, that we haven't been able to get done. Luckily, he was off yesterday and now it's the weekend, and he seems to have kicked it into high gear and gotten a whole bunch of the things done that he needs to do. (Like transfer DD's entire lifetime's worth of digital video tapes onto the computer--in case something happens to the tapes themselves in the move, I don't want to lose the video of her first moments after birth and everything after that! We don't do that much video so there aren't too many tapes to do, but it just takes some time, and I don't know how to do it or where he keeps the stuff, etc. He was working tons since she was born--two jobs and a lot of stuff to do for the one job outside of working hours. Hence why none of these tapes were done in the 18 months since she was born, and also why we're willing to move across the country for a job that pays more money!)
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As it stands right now, I am really not sure if we are moving! Our bank's asseser didn't seem to think the house was worth the price, so if we can't get financed then we won't be moving. I missed his call on Friday, so I guess I won't hear anything till Tuesday. The suspense may kill me before then! It's just so frustrating!
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This is the thread for me. We're house hunting for our first home right now. Currently we rent from my aunt. It's a wonderful arrangement and they would sell the house to us for a good price, but there are a few issues that we don't think we could live with forever. So we're on a mission!

We already looked at one house and it's really nice, but a little out of our comfort zone price-wise. We might put in a low offer, but we have 3 more to look at tomorrow and 3 to view on Thursday. Luckily we don't need to be out of this house by any certain date, so we can take our time and find exactly the right place for us.

As for the actual move, Marc works as a dispatcher for my uncle who owns a trucking company. So we'll be able to use a trailer for our move, and Marc already has a driver willing to move it for us. Yay! We live near family and will be staying in the general area, so we have lots of helpers for the move, too.

Boxes....Marc's mom works in a nursing home and they get a lot of boxes full of medical supplies. So she can get us boxes for free, and the liquor store probably knows us well enough to happily give us some wine boxes by now! (We love Ravat 51 by Bully Hill!)

Decluttering....I adore getting rid of things. Decluttering will be no problem for me. My issue is knowing when to stop! Some things we might really need in a new place.

I guess I'll start with the toys. We've already decluttered our books, but the filing cabinet needs done and we have piles of cds that we never listen to anymore. We should put them on the computer and then get rid of the actual disks. That would free up a lot of room in the entertainment center (which is old and we don't plan to take with us when we move.)

My SIL is having a yard sale on June 9th & 10th. It's a town-wide sale, and they get a lot of shoppers! We're taking a bunch of stuff to sell and I'm going to help her while Marc and her husband take the boys to the playground and the Audubon. So I need to get lots of decluttering done this week!
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I am moving in about 1.5 weeks. We already started packing this weekend and have two boxes of giveaway plus a shelf full of "beauty products" that can be tossed. I really want to recycle the containers, but I don't feel like dumping the contents. : I LOVE getting rid of stuff! That is one of my favorite parts of moving. I like having the time to go through stuff and purge. Plus, my mil said last night that anything we don't want just bring over there. She is having a garage sale this summer. Plus she has about a 2500 sq ft house so plenty of storage room. We are buying a house that is twice the size of where we are now (1220, now we have 650) but I still want to get rid of stuff, and hopefully not acquire much more stuff. The downside of the new house is that it doesn't really have any closets. But I guess that is an excuse to buy an amoire! And now we will have a garage, so all those tools laying around can now go out there! And we have an attic. It is an old house, 1910. I'm really excited!
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Our house is on the market, there is a sign in our front yard and we're on the MLS. Saturday I'm flying with the girls out to KC (from Tallahassee) to meet my dh there and spend next week house hunting. We've done the mortgage preapproval and had our appraisals here, just waiting to see what our guaranteed buyout amount comes back as.

I have been on a decluttering spree. I have had stuff up on Freecycle every day, and have also been making a near-daily trip to the thrift store near my house to drop off items that are too much hassle to give away one at a time on Freecycle. It's been kind of stressful living this way, trying to declutter at the same time having to be ready at an hour's notice to show the house, all with dh out of town, but it will be worth it when we get our new place.

We're going to be able to afford a much larger home (if we want it) probably with a basement in Kansas, so I am going to go from 'too much' stuff to a house that will probably have whole rooms with nothing in them at first!
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Our moving date is firm - July 1st! Canada Day! That should be fun.... Hopefully it means things will be quiet on this side of town, for us, haha. Plus it gives me the Monday off (July 2nd), so I have a "free day" to unpack. Pretty ideal.

I started really packing a week or so ago, setting aside everything we're going to try and yardsale, and then donate. I have the winter clothes packed (taking care to ditch what we never wear). I'm doing the craft/sewing room today. So far, it's a little terrifying. I won't have a room to devote to sewing and crafts in the apartment, and I'm having a hard time parting with this stuff because I do actually use it all. Ugh.

We're also making a list of things we need to buy. Yes, BUY! We're moving from a 4 bdr, 3 bathroom house into a tiny 2 bedroom apartment.... What we're discovering is that some of our larger pieces of furniture simply won't work. We'll need to buy a new bed for the kids' room, because 2 single beds won't fit - it needs to function as a playroom as well and cramming 2 beds in there means zero floorspace. So we're looking at bunk beds and trundle beds. We'll also need a lot of shelving. Preferrably the type that fastens to the walls, because again, there will be no floorspace. It's so teensy. Quite a challenge, actually.

I need to find out if we're allowed to paint. It's stark white right now, and I HATE HATE HATE white walls. I'm really hoping we're able to do a little painting. Even light colors or accent walls would make me happy.
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I gave notice to our landlord. They make you move out by the 28th in order to avoid the next months' rent. I was counting on the 30th since only one month has 28 days
So I only ended up giving them 29 days notice, they'll probably take our deposit for it. At least I'm not counting on getting it back.
Thing is, I was counting on it being the 30th when I set our closing date for June 29th
I guess we can crash at my parent's place for just one night, they have a niiiiiiice air bed.
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