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Thalia I am right there with you! I joined this thread long ago but this time it is for real! We sold our house (closes 2/19) and bought a farmhouse : (closes 2/20). We are moving on 2/21!

We also decided to use movers this time. The new house is a little over an hour away and involves a ferry ride, so it would be too hard to try to do it without help. I got several estimates and chose a company. Just making final arrangements with them next week.

This is happening pretty quickly now and I still have tons of packing to do! I got a bunch of boxes and packing paper this week so now I just have to get on the packing.

I agree it is hard with a child but DD really wants to be helpful. I'm trying to pack non fragile stuff 'with' her and do the dishes and things while she is in preschool (just 2 days a week so not a lot of time).

I may hire a babysitter for one day next week during the day so I can focus even more. Depends on how much I get done this weekend.

I'm really excited but wow it is a lot of work huh!
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Originally Posted by artemis33 View Post
The new house is a little over an hour away and involves a ferry ride, so it would be too hard to try to do it without help.
A ferry?! In the Northwest?! May I ask to where you're moving? My new home is on Whidbey Island! (And it's a farmhouse too! Though it's no longer on any serious amount of land.)
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Originally Posted by alison_in_oh View Post
A ferry?! In the Northwest?! May I ask to where you're moving? My new home is on Whidbey Island! (And it's a farmhouse too! Though it's no longer on any serious amount of land.)
Very cool Alison! Our farmhouse is only on 1.2 acres now as well - so nothing huge. But the neighboring farms are all 10+ acres so we are hoping in time maybe we can acquire a little more. Even if we don't, it is a great place and plenty of room to do our smaller scale homesteading thing :

This house is just north of Kingston WA so you can take that ferry or the Bainbridge Island one to get into Seattle. We also considered Whidbey but before we got very far looking we found a place we really loved....and well, luckily it is working out! :

Hey we'll practically be neighbors! We should visit once we are all settled (like August ) Congratulations on your new house!
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Well, we decided that we are going to push our moving date to March 28 instead of February 27. Getting estimates for the work we want done in the house is taking forever because we don't have access to the house yet, so there's no way all the work will be done by the end of this month.

So the new schedule is:

2/15: Final walk through
2/17: Closing!
2/23: Painting starts
<---weekend decluttering sessions with DH
3/20: work completed on the house (we'll tell the contractors that we are moving in on this date)
3/20-3/27: Packing week with help from friends
3/28: Movers come (our real move-in date)
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I need this thread. I am getting ready to move my family of four (two little ones) about 40 minutes away. While I thought my current 1400 sq ft 3/2bath home was small, we are moving to a 1150sq ft 2/1bath home on 5 acres. So, while I am super excited about the gorgeous property, I am going into serious planning mode to seperate sell, keep, donate, throw away. I will need to MAXIMIZE any possible storage in this house. OH, and......the new house is in terrible shape. Needs new subfloors though out, etc. So, while we are getting new home ready will be trying to get old home to sell. All help will be appreciated.
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Funny you guys are moving to islands and we just got off! Moved 1/23/09 out of South Whidbey Island and now in Lake Stevens, WA. Love it here!
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We are moving this Sat! Only a few more days - aaaahhhhh!

So far what I have packed is pretty well organized but there is still quite a bit left. Also I am pretty certain I won't have time to sort through / declutter *everything* before we go.

For example, I have several totes of crafting stuff (including fabric, yarn stash, etc.) that I packed up a long time ago and I had hoped to pare it down a bit but I'll have to do so on the unpacking end. Same with clothes - mine and DD's that I've saved. At least that stuff is ready to move even if I don't need it all!

I just hope I can get things done in a relatively organized fashion and not be dumping things in boxes on moving day!
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Hang in there, artemis33, you are almost there!

I know there is going to be some stuff that we move that we haven't had a chance to sort through. My husband is a writer and has boxes and boxes of notebooks that he hasn't looked at in six years, but won't part with until he's gone through them and mined them for ideas. Sigh. That won't be happening before this move. Sorting is actually pretty stressful for him, so I try not to overwhelm him with it. Which means we'll probably end up moving more stuff than we have to, but so be it. Fortunately, the place we are moving to is about three times the size of our current place.

We are closing tomorrow. Prayers/blessings/good vibes welcome! I ordered the wire transfer of the down payment today, but because it is a bank holiday, it won't go out until tomorrow. I am praying it gets there before the closing so we don't have to wait around any longer than we have to.
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Hi everyone! I'd like to join the thread. We just found out we are moving in about a month (just across town, thankfully). BUT we are going on vacation in about 2 weeks, and want to get as much as possible packed up before then! DH will be home a couple of days next week to help out, but most of it will be up to me and whoever else I can recruit to help.

I need some advice. I've been working on decluttering, but still have a long way to go. Now I'm wondering what the best way to pack is. I really don't want to move everything and then sort out what to keep on the other end, I'd like to get rid of as much as possible before moving. But what is the best way to do that? Should I just start packing and sort/get rid of things as I go? Any thoughts?

By the way, I see several of you live here in the Puget Sound. How lovely to be living on the islands! We went up to Deception Pass yesterday, and it was cold and windy but GORGEOUS.

TIA for your help!
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Just a quick note to say that we closed yesterday and the house is now ours!

We found out from the sellers' agent that they were having sellers' remorse. Apparently they were in tears as she had them sign the closing papers, and asked, "Is there any way to get the house back?". I'm glad the agent only told us this AFTER the closing, otherwise I would have panicked!

The sellers bought a bigger, newer, much more expensive house nearby. I'm sure they will come to love it eventually. But it's nice to know that they really loved our house!
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Just found a nice moving calendar at:

I added it to the resources on the first page.
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We've moved! I ended up giving up "recreational" internet usage for Lent, so I wasn't able to update, unfortunately.

I will have to remember if I learned any big lessons. I did find that the movers put our dish barrel, which had almost all our everyday dishes in it, in a corner of the dining room, and then stack boxes all around it, so it took a long time for me to be able to work my way through unpacking to get to it. But that was a good motivator, too.

Although I ended up pulling an all-nighter to get the kitchen packed in the end, all in all, it went really well (thanks to some of the tips we learned here). We had way too much stuff crammed in our 800 sqft apartment, though. 160+ boxes, yikes! Lots of purging to do on the unpacking side.

We had GREAT movers: Under One Roof. If you are doing an in-state move in the Chicago area, definitely have them give you an estimate! They were on time, didn't damage a thing, were very pleasant to work with, and came in UNDER their estimate-bonus!

We are still getting unpacked. And we're doing some work on the house, so it's rather chaotic here. But we LOVE the house and are loving it more everyday. So grateful to have a home in these crazy times!
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