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Do you dress your twins alike?

Poll Results: Do you dress your twins alike?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 16% (4)
    I dress my twins exactly the same
  • 16% (4)
    I dress my twins in the same outfit, but different colors
  • 33% (8)
    I dress my twins in coordinating outfits
  • 33% (8)
    I dress my twins in completely different outfits
24 Total Votes  
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Do you dress your twins in matching outfits? Same outfit, different colors? Coordinating outfits? Completely different outfits?

I saw this poll on another discussion board, and was surprised at the results. I'm wondering if they will turn out differently here.
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We dress our twins in completely different outfits (DP is a twin and is adamant about this). Sometimes they wear the same jacket/sweatshirt in different colors, but that's it. When people give us matching outfits, we exchange one of them or give it away. When we have two of the same outfit in different colors, we dress them in them on different days.

I admit I am sometimes tempted to dress them similarly .

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At home I dress my boy/boy identical twins in whatever, just play clothes. When we go out somewhere, other than Wal-mart to pick up groceries, I dress them in the same outfit.

I sew a lot of their clothes and have fun dressing them in the same. When they get older and are able to make a choice in what they wear, which is not too far off, I will not dress them the same and just let them pick.

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Well, I don't have twins but I just wanted to say there should have been an occaisional option on the poll. My girls dress alike for special occaisions and just when matching clothes are clean. They geta real kick out of it and it raises thier collective cuteness factor qite a bit. I would assume twins would be the same.

Dh is a twin and him and his brother often show up in coordinating outfits :LOL It just has to do with themhaving similar tastes and buying each other clothes for gifts (no psychic thing ) but still pretty funny when they walk in somewhere dressed alike.
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Lex, I'm really interested in what DP has to say about dressing them alike. Remind me, is her twin a man or woman? Are they fraternal? My dad is a twin (b/b fraternal) but when I've tried to ask him questions about twinship he has very little to say.

I am actually totally shocked at the extent to which I obsess about their clothing. It's not so much that I want them to match (though we do dress them in coordinating outfits or shirts, sometimes even matching stuff, mostly gifts, though), but that I want their clothing to be *equivalent*. I don't want one to be in a really cute outfit and the other one to be in something less cute. Or to have one be cold and one be hot. Or have one be in something really easy to play in and one be in something that's more restrictive to movement. I shop in consignment shops a lot, so this becomes an issue with stuff like winter coats. I can't tell you how many snowsuits we went through last year trying to find equivalent weights of fleece. I would have been much better off just buying new snowsuits at Land's End to begin with (tip there for those of you who haven't hit winter yet with your babes). Today they're wearing matching rompers in pink and blue with the same logo on them (from Martha's Vineyard). Gift! : But they are really cute and easy to play in and easy to wash, so I've got to prioritize!

I am also shocked at how much pink and blue we have and how hesitant I am to switch the colors. Toddlers so don't care about gender, but it's so hard to find boy stuff that's not covered with fossil-fuel powered vehicles and girl stuff that's not 100% pink, and most importantly, gender-neutral stuff. We love tie-dye!

I'll be eager to hear DP's take. Hope to see you soon!

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Oops, double post. It won't let me delete, so if a mod wants to make this disappear, I'd be grateful!

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DP's twin is a woman, and they are fraternal twins. She thinks that by dressing the boys alike we would be undermining their individuality. She wants them to be seen first as their own person, not as one of a unit, kwim? I imagine that if we dressed them alike, we'd get a lot of "Oh! Twins!" from people on the street. As is, people usually admire them individually, and then ask if they are twins. It helps that they don't look alike either. In general we dress them in totally different types of outfits because Jasper hates to have anything around his middle, or anything that's at all restrictive (jean overalls, for example). And Luke really couldn't care less about what he's wearing, so he gets to wear everything else .

Hope to see you (Cate) at LLL tomorrow!

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I started a poll like this on the Twinsmagazine.com bb. I usually dress my girls in the same outfit but in different colors. So, if Lillie has on pink striped shorts, Faith is wearing the same shorts but they are purple. I try not to dress them exactly alike but have done so on special occassions...but I'll also dress their older sister like them. I have SO MUCH FUN picking out their outfits and dressing them. I've read somewhere that it's okay to dress twins alike until they are 3 then to let them decide on their own.
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I almost never dress DD and DS alike (or in coordinating outfits). DH and I are concerned that it would undermine their individuality and by dressing them alike, we'd get in the habit of treating them like a set instead of two separate kids. The other thing is that we're just not into "the whole twin thing" for lack of a better word (don't read Twins, don't do multiples groups anymore, etc.). I try to think of it more like I have two kids who happen to share a birthday. Though I admit that's easier to do now that they're older and getting their own personalities.
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Since my twins are boy/girl, I don't dress them alike. When they were coming home from hospital, I dressed them alike, but different colors. Now, they dress pretty much in what they want. DS couldn't care less and DD likes frilly girly things (where she got this, I don't know! : ).
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I want to say never but for things like their cousin's bar mitzvah they all wore oxford shirts and chinos. also next year they are starting school and they have to wear uniforms... so they'll be dressed alike then LOL but so will 500 other kids at the school LOL
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Well, I don't have twins but...

I find I often dress myself and my ds in color coordinated clothing. Not at all intentionally, but I think y'know, somedays you're in a blue mood, and somedays you're in an orange mood, and since I pick out his clothes as well as mine....:
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I do the same thing!!! I've had people tease me about my dd and me being dressed in the same color top, etc. I agree with you that some days I'm feeling more red (or whatever) and put us both in that color.
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i like to dress my b/b identical twins in loosely coordinating outfits (same style, yet diff. colors and make). i like to see both in overalls, or both in shorts, etc.
we've done it all though. we'll do completely different about a third of the time.
i do buy them the same shoes and usually the same coats/jackets.
the only times i've dressed them head-to-toe identical is for their pictures. for their upcoming 2 year picture i want to do the coordinating thing though.
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I picked coordinating outfits because that is what we do most of the time. I like to buy outfits that go together but are not the same. They are either a different print or slightly different style or a different color. But we do have a LOT of pairs of exactly matching outfits that we have received as gifts all the way up to one year. So we use those because they do look cute. After the age of two, though, I won't be dressing them similar unless they choose it.

Since they are MZ sometimes if I don't look closely I can get them confused, so I have a system with the clothes where I can tell them apart without having to see their faces. I have assigned colors, assigned prints, assigned pacie clips. No one but me knows the system, but I can look back at all their pics and tell who is who which is a relief in some of the less clear shots. When they become more self aware, they can pick anything they want.
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laralou i think that's great how you assigned colors/patterns. my guys are identical also. somehow i havent had a problem but almost everyone else does. actually my dh always thinks the twin in darker colors is August eventhough that is not always the case (i think in the beginning i dressed him in darker colors more often???), so maybe i should do this to help him out.

also, i was thinking about doing this color assignment and telling other ppl., like those at our daily playgroup who cannot tell them apart and have to ask me everyday who is who. that or something? maybe pin an "A" on August and "O" on Oscar? what do you all do to help others distinguish who is who if there are no obvious identifying features?
hmmm, maybe i should start a separate thread on this....
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I have b/b fraternal twins who look NOTHING alike. I dress them alike. At times when they are not dressed the same it seems really weird to me.

I will let them take over the decision making when they express an interest in what they have on.
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Originally posted by Ingwer
what do you all do to help others distinguish who is who if there are no obvious identifying features?
hmmm, maybe i should start a separate thread on this....
I found these great pacifier clips that were silver and engravable and had their names put on them. Unfortunately, they broke. Plus they left rust stains on their bibs where the babies drooled on them. Of course, those are no good if your babies don't use pacifiers. Now I have pretty wooden beaded ones from www.ecobaby.com. Tristyn has the flower one and Tabitha has the ladybug one. That helps ds tell them apart. No one can keep up with my clothing system except me. And I don't think it is that complicated.

If they do have on the same outfits I try different bibs or socks or the pacie clips do it. I would love to have a bunch of monogrammed bibs that I could put on over their outfits. But that is really expensive to have all that monogramming done.
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My mom only ever dressed my identical twin sisters alike on special occasions (often then in dresses my grandmother sewed, with a very similar complimentary dress for me, 2 1/2 years older). Occasionally as they got older (out of toddlerhood) she'd have similar outfits (like matching coveralls w/ different shirts underneath), but as they got older their tastes diverged, and now one of them bleaches her hair and keeps it short so people can tell them apart more easily when they're together and they have quite different tastes in clothes (actually, one has some taste, the other doesn't, lol.)

There was a set of twins in my college classes who were identical and dressed head-to-toe identical EVERY DAY, right down to accessories. This mean shopping for outfits they could find identical in two sizes because one was a bit more heavyset than the other. They were also both nursing majors and had the exact same class schedule. I asked them once why they dress alike, and they said because they like it, but I don't see how anyone who's been raised w/ a sense of individuality could. This pair also had names that differed by only one letter. My sisters are physically identical, and strangers have trouble telling them apart, but are two very different individuals and were always treated as such by our parents. I think it just goes to show what a big impact parents really can have on their childrens' personalities.
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My 2 1/2 has very much her own personality she is unlike anyone i know. i am confident that what clothes my twins wear will not affect there personalities. right now at 3 months old i dress them same, different colors. just like someone else said its easier because you are going to a particular event and need a curtain type of clothing. i dont want one in the cute outfit and the other in a not so cute one. My girls dont look alike and even now already have different personalities. they are very much individuals in my eyes and all the grown ups around us see them for who they are even when they were the exact same clothes. the only people that see them as a unit are passer byers or people at church that dont know them just see them every week. those people arnt going to be big influences in their lives.
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