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29 weeks pregnant with twins

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i'm currently pregnant with twin b/g. i was pregnant with triplets but now it is twins. i went through a bad s/r to reduce my risks. this has been an extremely difficult pregnancy for me. i've had vaginal bleeding, ptl (currently on procardia, terbutaline and was on sulindec), cerclage, bedrest, gestational diabetes, fibroid pain,etc,etc. i had such horrible depression that i even considered late term abortion (family & husband talked me out of it.) i finally went to the hospital because i was so depressed anxious i wouldn't eat and would sometimes vomit what i ate. i never been bad in my life! i've struggled with depression and anxiety before but never so severe. the doctor at the hospital helped me alot (i tried to tellmy previous doctor i was having terrible thoughts and didn't feel right but she blew me off.) i'm now on zoloft.

now, i'm overwhelmed with the thought of raising twins. i wanted to have this nice singleton birth and be that crunchy mom (sling, breastfeeding, cloth diapering). i wanted to bond with that child and have time for myself and my husband. i guess i was asking too much. i worry about everything about my children dying in the future, about me getting old and dying. i worry about my marriage falling apart after the children. i worry about our finances (we have some money in our checking and savings account and are living off his unemployment). i've been thinking about adoption 9my husband won't allow it).

i have been on bedrest for 15 weeks so far. no baby showers, no shopping for baby items in the store, nothing. i feel alittle cheated. i worry that i will not bond with and come to resent them. i'm almost scared to bond with them. i want to be more positive and appreciative of things, but i'm having a hard time. i feel that i got to start parenting with no transition. i've had no freedom at all and now i will definitely have none.
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OMG... you poor thing.
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Hi. I can sort-of relate. I was on bedrest twice - once for 8 weeks with my daughter's pregnancy and once for 10 weeks with my son's. My sister has twins who are 6. Having help with twins is a must. Friends, church members, family members.... To do all the "little things" so you can concentrate on sleep and feeding. Bedrest sux. Plain and simple. You're bored, you're lonely, you want to get into the fresh air... I know! I was terribly anxious and depressed on bedrest. The thing to remember is that it CAN be done. Remember that there IS an end. You're aren't sick- just pregnant. Keep up with your doctors on your mood and thoughts. keep contact with people....

There is a support group for people on bedrest - either online or by phone. I've drawn a blank on the name. They have someone chat with you to be support for you. I'm sure there are groups online too for women on bedrest. Heck- if you want, you can email or even phone me if you get despirate enough for company! PM me and we can at least start there and I will find you the name of that support group in the meantime.

Hugs to you! It will get better. You will have your twins with you and life will be good again. I promise! You can do it!!
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"crunchy" twins

1)Where do you live? There are twin support groups across the nation. I belong to my local one. Check out www.nomotc.org to find one near you (hopefully there is one)
2) i'm sorry to hear about your difficult pregnancy. I had morning sickness for the first 5months and never quite subsided totally-lol. HBP started at 38weeks so I insisted on delivery instead of bedrest. MOST important is to remember to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. I quit my job due to MS...and never went back, just did odds and ends when I was up for it. Remember you have 2 babies to take care of in addition to yourself. REST, EAT, DRINK, RELAX. It will be hectic when they arrive, but what you do now is important to their growth and you want them to be in your human incubator for as long as you can.
3) You CAN be a "crunchy" mom. I EBF my twins and they are still nursing strong at 20mos. I cloth diaper. Feed organic foods and never gave them packaged baby foods. So there you have it. A lot of this is actually easier with twins in my opinion. A LOT of it is up to your mind and what you want to do
4) Feel free to write me offline if you want to talk more!
Hang in there. You CAN DO IT!
MOM to Sebastien and Julien (7/14/05)
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That sucks! I was basically bedridden from about week 5 to week 14 with severe nausea and vomiting. I got really depressed from the isolation. My MW said it's so common they should start a support group for us! I was concerned it would come out as resentment of the baby, but so far it hasn't. I found I was relying too much on DH for support and I needed to reach out and ask for help/emotional support more explicitly. I urge you to use your telephone extensively. I heavily relied on my laptop for community, and toward the end I figured out I could watch DVDs on it.
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