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"You're having a big baby" poll

Poll Results: Were you told you were having a "big" baby?

  • 35% (94)
    I was told I was having a big baby and I had a big baby.
  • 26% (71)
    I was told I was having a big baby and I had an average or small baby.
  • 37% (101)
    I was not told I was having a big baby.
266 Total Votes  
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This is a s/o of a discussion on the "I'm Pregnant" forum.

Were you told during your pregnancy that you were having a big baby? Did your doc want to induce? Was your baby "big" or not? (Your opinion.)

With my first pregnancy, I was induced at 34w due to twins with TTTS and they were 5.11 and 3.11. With my third, I was told that I was having an average sized baby and she was 8.4, which seems like an average size, at 40w.
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With my first, I got stuck seeing another dr. in the practise at 36 weeks when my dr. was called out. He said I was having a big baby, but ds was 7lbs15oz, so not really big at all.

With my last, my midwife's student commenyed to my dh that I was having a bigger baby. I think she was actually answering a question dh asked. Since I was in very active/transitional labor, that was not a great thing to overhear. Dd was over 9lbs though, after 3 other 8lb babies, so she was signifigantly bigger than the others.
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I was told ds1 was to be "of average size...perhaps a bit smaller" putting me in the mindframe of 6.5-7lbs. I was very shocked to be presented with a huge baby weighing nearly 10lbs. (9lbs 10oz) it took a bit of getting used to I'm sure. mostly I spent a few weeks poring over my belly pictures "but my belly was so tiny!!!"

I was informed that ds2 would possibly be smaller than ds1. I felt he was approx a pound lighter and at 8lbs 10oz he was...and he felt/looked soooo tiny! it was odd to have everyone commenting how big he was!
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I was told to expect 9-10lbs, no medical decisions were based on this fact though. DD was 7lb 3oz.
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My answer's different for my two boys.

#1--You're having a huge baby and we'll schedule an induction for your due date. 39 weeks and some days he arrived on his own weighing all of 6 lb 14 oz.

#2--You're having a huge baby. (Midwives this time, didn't push for induction!). 42 weeks and some days he arrived at 9 lb 15 oz.

#3--You're probably having a huge baby again. Midwife guessed at 36 weeks that he's around 7 lb, so he has a little more growing to do.
Thank goodness I have a "tried and true" pelvis from last time around. Gives me a leg to stand on when I tell them I'm not at all worried about how big the baby gets.
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The midwife told me that she thought the baby was big. "I guess I could offer you a scan if you want it." I declined, because current ACOG recommendations are not induction, but straight to c-section for over 5000 gms. I didn't think the baby was that big--I was thinking 9 lbs. The midwife later told me she was thinking 10 lbs.

He weighed 11 lbs, 14 ounces! Crazy.
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I was told starting at 36 weeks that dd was huge and I'd never be able to deliver her vaginally. They wanted to schedule an induction or c/s ASAP. I refused, and continued to refuse until I went into labor at 40w5d. I didn't remember how big they said she would be, but dh says 9 lbs. She was 10 lbs. 9 oz. -- born vaginally.

I thought that would work in my favor this time -- proven pelvis and all that -- but the ob my mw works with STILL wants to induce me early because this baby is measuring big at 8 lbs. My wonderful dh questioned her logic, considering the size of our first, but we got the same answer: we're very, very lucky that nothing terrible happened with our 1st baby, and even smaller babies can get stuck. Thus prompting the question: why not just automatically section every mother at 37 weeks so that no babies get stuck? Grrrr.
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We never discussed size specifically during either pregnancy, but I was measuring right "on target" or just a little ahead for my gestational stage with both. Gained about the same in the end with both.

DD was average sized.

DS was a big dude. Complete surprise to everyone.
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After my baby was born the OB said, "He's probably seven, eight pounds." I said, "I think he's nine pounds even." The nurse put him on the scale and he was nine pounds one ounce.

Mother's intuition is way more accurate!

He was born on his due date.
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With my son, I was told that he was big, and they induced me on my due date (boo), and he was born weighing 9 lbs. 1 oz.

With my daughter, I asked the midwife if she felt large, and she said, "Mmm...average." She weighed 10 lbs. 7 oz.
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I was told both times I was having a "big baby"... and I did. DD1 was 9 lbs 7 oz, and DD2 (who was born at 38 weeks) was 10 lbs 3 oz.

My OB was going to induce for #1, but only because I was almost 43 weeks pregnant, not because of size.
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I've had a MW for all three of my births, and have never been told I was having a big baby. (I did end up having two babies over 10lbs and one over 8 lbs.)
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I was told at 36 weeks that he was 7½lbs already. He weighed 7lbs 15 oz when born at 40wks.
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I was told at 38 weeks I was having a 10 lber, and at 42 weeks on the dot I had a 9 lber, on the dot.
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Baby size never came up. Induction certainly never came up. I chose midwives exactly to avoid things like this.

(8 lbs, 9 ozs and 9lbs, 10 ozs.)
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I was told the opposite. Twice I was told 5lbs max - 8lbs 4oz (41wks) 7lbs 6oz (37wks.)

My SIL was told big baby, over 9 lbs at 37wks. She induced (with EPO and sweeping membranes) and had a 6lb baby. I don't have much faith in weight estimates!
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I had a homebirth MW for prenatals. With my 1st she guestimated (by palpation) that he'd be about 7 lbs. He was 7 lb, 2 oz. He could have been 12 lbs and she still would have been gung ho to assist me though, so i didn't vote since baby weight wasn't a big deal in my birthing experience.
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My doctor made no predictions that I can remember, but everyone else kept telling me I was huge and the baby would be huge. I carried my girls all out front and I have a small frame and gained a lot of weight.

Both my kids were around 7 pounds. One a little under, one a little over.
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I had a 9 lb, 3 oz posterior baby, and pushed him out with only a tiny tear. Two hour labor. No one suspected he'd be that large, and my midwife didn't act like it was a big deal when she weighed him. I'm a relatively small person (5'6" and not particularly overweight), so I have a hard time understanding why doctors make such a big deal about big babies.
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None of the choices really fit...

With my first, my OBs predicted "big" but, since I went into labor naturally the day before my due date, induction was never mentioned. She was 9 pounds even.

With my second, I was in a new practice and one OB seemed extremely concerned about having another "huge" baby. Every time I saw her she'd say something dumb like, "Do you think this baby is as big as your first?" or "Let's do our best not to have another 9-pounder!" I mentioned once that I had no problem delivering my first but this didn't seem to make much difference to her. I finally decided that if the subject came up again I would ask her, "Are you uncomfortable helping me deliver a larger-than-average baby? Because if so perhaps I should find another practice."

Luckily, another OB was on call the day I delivered. A few hours before P was born the OB examined me and said, "I'm thinking this baby is 7.5, 8 pounds." She turned out to be 9 lbs 10 oz. The OB just laughed when the nurse called out the weight and said, "Shows what I know!"
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