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Weekly Thread March 26 - April 1

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Hey, we've got April at the end of this weekly thread! We are getting close.

I can't wait to hear from SallyZ and vanniencole that they've arrived safely in their new locations. Anyone else moving right now? I'm so glad that I'm only turning my current house topsy-turvy, not trying to change the whole thing.

DS woke up with a croupy cough this morning after a weekend of runny nose. : I'm washing hands like a loon and trying not to catch it. First-time mommies--find out from your mothers and m's-in-law whether croup runs in your family! The first time you are woken from a sound sleep by the sound of your precious darling barking like a seal and gasping for air, it is enough to make your heart stop. Luckily(?), DH had croup so badly for so many years that he could remember what to do and wasn't as scared as I was. ER visits usually don't help any more than moving to a moist/steamy (run your shower with the door shut) or cool/moist (go outside if weather is such) environment. Tendency toward croup is genetic as it seems to be based upon the size/shape of ones... breathing tubes. (I don't know the right vocabulary.)

Other than aching hips this weekend, I've been feeling good. I hope I stay that way and avoid DS's cold.

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Willo, I had croup as a little kid. Even to the extent that my parents bought a steamer/humidifier (basically a big waterboiler that could run for hours on end). It saved both them and me a lot of sleepless nights, I had the steamy shower right near my bed
Worth looking into if it gets out of hand maybe.

I hope he feels better soon and you don't catch it!
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And since I don't seem to be able to be coherent long enough to put it all in one post , let me blabber a bit more here

My MIL is getting annoying. She used to be a "baby-nurse" (here you get about a week of care-at-home by a nurse, both to help you and to teach you how to take care of your baby, say the hospital version at home, they also assist the midwifes during homebirths), so she thinks she knows everything about babies and pregnancy of course. She desparately seems to want to see some kind of belly, since she's been saying: oh now your belly is really starting to grow huh? since about week 6. Too bad for her that it still isn't really growing a lot. We returned from vacation last week, and she said: oh, now you're really starting to show, to which my FIL exclaimed, what? you can't see a thing! (Finally, I was so amused by this, LOL!).

Anyway, she now seems to have started doubting if I'm really due in June, or something. She's been completely confused with the week/month thing from the beginning (she started asking if I could feel the baby at 6 weeks, and now she's trying to prepare me for the bulging kicks. Dude, I've had those for like... 10-12 weeks now?). Anyway, last friday they had dinner at my parent's, and she took my mother apart, and said: I'm so confused, how far along is Cynthia now? My mom just said: well, she's due in the second half of June : ??
I'm not sure what her problem is anymore. Oh well.

On the happy baby front, we've been shopping!! We had gotten a coupon for a baby bath (for free!), so we picked that up on saturday, then we went to another store and spent some money and a gift certificate on some various other stuffs (receiving blankets, flats, hotwaterbottle and covers, breastpump), and today I ordered my mini-stash of Bumgenius diapers! I can't wait till they get here. I'm in a coop for prefolds, they've been ordered and paid for, and that will probably take till the end of the month to get here. I just need some snappis and 2-4 "normal" covers, and I'm set for diapers! Yay! I've been knitting the cutest soaker, it's practically done, and I want to knit up a few more, but there's still lots of time for that. Things are really starting to come together now, and I'm loving it!

Now, I'm going to head outside and sit in the sun for a bit, it's *gorgeous* out there today.

Have a great day everyone!
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The croup sucks!

I think I spent half my childhood tented under a sheet with a humidifier (my mother wasn't aware of the existance of a vaporizer... ). I hope your little one feels better soon, Willo.

Cynthia~ Sorry your MIL is being a brat! Life can be tough when you think you know everything! Heheh. Actually, I've found it very comforting to tell people about MDC when they start getting alarmed by what they don't think is normal. Being able to say "there are 130 women in my June due-date club and you wouldn't believe how different all our belly's look!" can really take the wind out of some matronly sails. I love the internet

On my end—everything is going pretty good. I’ve been boning up on the iron and that has helped my exhaustion a great deal, as is having fully gotten over my cold. Oooh, and I’m finally starting to notice swelling! Hurrah!
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Thanks every one

Ex showed me that yesterday he went shopping and bought the baby about 6 or 7 newborn outfits. He really confuses me sometimes.


I have not been eating well at all... not as in, I'm eating tons of junk, i'm just not able to eat much of anything. (I had a hanfull of chips and two bites of a turkey sandwich yesterday *a sandwich by the way that i HAD to have and drove across town to get* and today I have still not been able to force anything into my stomache... but I still managed to throw up some water this morning ) Still taking my vitamins everyday...

Do you think my baby is ok?
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Willo, I hope your DS is better soon. Having a sick little one is no fun at all.

Minimoose, have you used bumgenius diapers before? I haven't even seen them yet but I'm thinking of trying one. Let me know how you like them! Happy shopping!

Whitewax, I think the baby will be ok. It's important to get good nutrition but a little bit of poor nutrition isn't going to do too much damage. Think of the very poor countries where food is a luxury, some pregnant women go entire days without eating anything but dirt. I'm not saying it is a good idea to not eat, it is best for the baby for you to eat a good diet, but a few days of not-so-good food shouldn't be too bad.

As for me, my hips are killing me. Babe was still breech last night and his head was starting to hurt pressing up against the top of my uterus so I decided to try to turn him. I spent 30 mins in a tub of warm water with two ice packs on the top of my belly by his head. He moved a LOT. Then I got out and did 30 more minutes in the breech tilt (with my bum propped up on the birth ball and the rest of me on the floor). Then I sat on the birth ball for 15 mins. He definately changed positions, but I'm not sure he's head down. Last night was the worst sleep I've ever gotten, my hips were BURNING. I flipped back and forth from side to side all night. I just hope he's turned, I see the MW Friday so I'll find out for sure then.
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hey mamas - i hope everyone is doing well.

my son gets croup at least once a year. the first time was really scary - lots of barking and gasping for air - yikes. we have a humidifier in his room but i'm so lazy about keeping it clean that i don't even want to turn it on - seems like just spraying more bacteria into the air. the last time it cleared up quick - i hope your son feels better soon.

sorr to hear about your hips. that's the worst. i actually tried to sleep sitting up when i was pg last time cuz it hurt so bad to lie down. for some reason, it's not really happening this time but i remember the agony.

whitewax, mini and everyone else

so i've had a bad cold/cough for almost 3 weeks and last week dp and ds both had a nasty bout of strep which i managed to avoid BUT my cold is not going away, i'm pretty sure it's turning into a sinus infection and (Nasty TMI Warning) i threw up tons of mucous the last two mornings. not good. my whole face is red and blotchy from broken blood vessels, barely slept last night and i feel like crap. i tried vitamin c, oscillococcinum, tons of fluids - nothing worked.
my midwife prescribled a Z-pack of antibiotics (azithromycin) which i really didn't want to take but i just have to start feeling better soon. she said she wasn't thrilled about it but that it should be fine. has anyone else ever taken antibiotics while pg? for some reason it makes me really nervous. oh well. i guess it's too late now but any reassurances would be much appreciated...
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Originally Posted by WhiteWax View Post
I have not been eating well at all... i'm just not able to eat much of anything. ...Do you think my baby is ok?
Oh sweetheart, like Jillian said, many women have faced terrible starvation and had very healthy babies. It isn't ideal, but your baby is probably FINE.

You, however, I'm worried about. When I was dumped by the-man-I-thought-I'd-marry, I couldn't eat, either. It is a sign of your pain, and possibly of depression. Have you found a therapist yet?

Maybe make or buy a smoothie or some kind of drink with a little more nutrition? Do you like those breakfast shakes, like Carnation Instant Breakfast or anything? If you can't eat, it's probably better than nothing.

Take care of yourself.

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Willo~ That does sound scary... Stay Healthy...

Cynthia~ People can be so annoying... I feel like I look huge somedays then others I worry that I am not big enough.. I have had a mixed bag from others from "Oh he is going to be a BIG baby" to " WOW you are hardly showing at all"

As for my week, well things are going ok... My right floating rib has popped out thanks to me being so short and my belly area hurts, I guess from more growing? My sleep has gotten a bit better, but I am way more tired..
however all that being said I am still LOVING being preggers and feeling my little guy moving around...

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Originally Posted by willoLevin View Post
When I was dumped by the-man-I-thought-I'd-marry, I couldn't eat, either. It is a sign of your pain, and possibly of depression. Have you found a therapist yet?
Bingo! I had the same thing happen to me. I lost 15lbs in two weeks, and kept it off for months. Food didn't sound good to me at all, ever. I was lucky in the early weeks if I could choke down three or four little pieces of melba toast over the course of a day. Now DH and I joke that it was fate and I lost that weight so that I could fit into the tight little dress I happenned to be wearing when we met. But at the time, it was really awful. I wasn't overweight to start with, so the loss wasn't a good thing.

WhiteWax, you're in pain and it's taking away your appetite. A few days of this isn't going to hurt your baby, but it's one more reason to get help sooner rather than later so that you can start eating well again.

Things here are fine, if a touch hectic. DH built new railings for the basement stairs this weekend, so I now feel much safer walking down them and can even let DD walk down holding my hand - so nice for my back!
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I never get a chance to join these conversations so I'm gonna jump in today since I have a chance. I have been feeling pretty good for the past few weeks which is surprising since I had been feeling pretty icky most of the pregnancy. I was all geared up to do laundry and even pulled out a few baby outfits to wash when the washing machine broke :. We can't get it fixed until Friday and I am out of clean towels and socks. I guess I need to make a trip to my parent's house to do a few loads. Otherwise the weather here is beautiful!! Its going to be 74 today, YAY. I hope you're all doing well.
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Heyla all!

Ack! April! My DD turns two on April 5th and we're having her party on April 1st (since the weekend of the 7th/8th is Easter and everyone seems to have family related plans). We're having a little "tea party" with 4-5 other little kiddos and around 15 adults. Should be fun, and I'm trying to keep it really low stress, but I'm finding that even my "low key" plans are wearing me down!

We met with the doula we hired on Sunday and that was nice...we spent about 2.5 hours chatting and I'm really hoping that she is as wonderful at the birth as she was yesterday. She knows all about my last doula, she has attended VBACs at my hospital and with my care providers, she has attended hypno births (though I don't know if I'll actually use it much in labor), and she had back labor with her first so she knows where I'm coming from in terms of labor experiences. Yay!
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Wow! Thanks for the croup heads up-I hadn't thought of that one and will definitely check to see if croup runs in the family. Willo-I hope your little guy gets to feeling better soon.

It's quiet here today! So nice after a busy weekend. DH and I spent time yesterday raking leaves-I'm going to try to get him to help me plant a few flowers next weekend and get my veggies started. I think (hope) it is going to stay warm now.

I'm off to run to the yarn store today-I've got to find some yummy yarn for a pair of shorties! I can't wait to get started on them-I've been out of wool for a while so I've been using up my cotton stash making a few bibs for a friend whose little boy is due next month. Those are fun too, but I love knitting soakers and other fun things!

I think my internal furnace has kicked on-I've been hot for 3 days now. DH is suffering from it too since I want to have the windows open all the time-he says it's not quite that warm yet!

Hope everyone is doing well and has a great day!
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Originally Posted by violetisadora View Post
so i've had a bad cold/cough for almost 3 weeks and last week dp and ds both had a nasty bout of strep which i managed to avoid BUT my cold is not going away, i'm pretty sure it's turning into a sinus infection ...
my midwife prescribled a Z-pack of antibiotics (azithromycin) which i really didn't want to take but i just have to start feeling better soon...
This is exactly what happened to me in February. I was sick with two colds in a row and developed a sinus infection.

I got the Rx for antibiotics, but went and had an acupuncture treatment before I started them (with my doctor's okay!) I got better a few days after the acupuncture and did NOT need the antiobiotics.

I think, if you need them, take them and you will probably be fine. Still, if you have the time/option to try acupuncture, it has cleared two sinus infections for me in the past year. My insurance discounts it. (My dad's insurance will PAY FOR acupuncture visits with just a co-pay if he gets referred--check your policy!)

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My last client before my own baby is born is being induced tomorrow! I'm excited but nervous for her. It's bittersweet because I don't know when I'll be able to Doula again and I know I'll miss it. But I get to see a new baby fresh out of the oven tomorrow!
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croup? yuck! Very best wishes to you getting that little one to feel better.

Things are continuing to go well here. I'm still surprised with how easy this little boy is making pregnancy. No morning sickness at the beginning, no pain or irritation now, he's even let my body continue to digest at a reasonable speed, despite my less than fiberous eating habits. I'm feeling very lucky.

The only challenge right now is at my school. I teach in 4 different classrooms and the nurse has banned me from two of them until a couple of kids get diagnosies from their doctors. Two different looking rashes in two different rooms. Her worry is that it might be fifths disease and I haven't gotten back blood test results to see if I've already had it. She's just being careful, but it's a pain not be be able to do my job. It does give me lots of extra time to get my paperwork done though.
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I don't know when I'll be able to Doula again and I know I'll miss it
Hugs Jilian (and best wishes to your client!). I know the feeling...I was supposed to doula for a very good friend, but her due date is only a week or so before mine and I just didn't think I was "reliable" for a birth that close to my own. I might be there anyway as a support person, and she's having a home water birth (her second) with a wonderful midwife so honestly she really doesn't "need" a doula as much as a first time mom or a mom in a non-supportive environment...but I was still totally bummed since I was so looking forward to her birth.
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Well, we're all on Spring Break here! I guess I've just been keeping my energy up because I have to (no naps here), because now that my husband is home (we're both teachers), I am just ZONKED!! I had to go to bed at 4 yesterday, and hated getting up to make dinner. I am just amazed at how tired I feel...is this how other pregnant women feel all the time? It's totally debilitating and I can see why I have been protecting myself from it by just not ever stopping.

It's beautiful spring here and we're enjoying all the work that my husband is doing in the yard- it's looking so good! My goals for the week is resting, dusting/spring cleaning, and scrapbooking (haven't in about a year!!!!!). Oh, and eating a steak! I'm a vegetarian, but I decided I wanted to try sharing a steak with a friend last week. I don't remember ever having steak before. It was SOOOOOOOOO incredibly yummy, and now I want to do it again! My husband has been moo-ing at me...yeah, real nice.

Baby is head down- yeah! and now in the stage of kicking less, but moving its whole body and it's just crazy looking, isn't it??? I'm feeling really good.

Have been fretting lots over boy names lately. Just not in love with ANY of them...this has never happened to us before. Oh well, just a new adventure!

OH! and I thought you all might think this was cute...we've been having these monthly pregnant mama teas where we just eat and talk and eat, and here we all are the other day-
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Look at all those preggies! What a cool pic!
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What a great picture!

Cornell's spring break was last week so sadly all the studens are back now...one glorious week of being able to park anywhere, not worrying about pedestrians stepping off the curb directly in front of your car, no lines at the store and tables at all the cafes/coffe shops/restaurants. But it's over now! This town has such an amazing split personality depending on whether or not classes are in session.

I have a confession...I think I'm abusing Sesame Street. Until now dd has seen relatively little TV. She's two and I know she shouldn't get ANY tv but...she's been watching an episode 3-4 times a week for about a year. And now she's watching an episode a day...sometimes TWO episodes a day (one morning one evening). But she has gotten so clingy in these past few weeks (I don't know if she's figuring out that things are going to change soon, or if it's just normal developmental behavior) and Sesame Street is literally the only chance I have to do anything without her holding my leg or needing constant attention.

It's saving my sanity, and I know that once dd2 arrives the TV and I will probably become even better friends, but right now I'm feeling a little mama guilt!

Actually, I've also started nesting! We went to the salvation army store to get some silly things for dd's birthday party this weekend (we're doing a tea party) and I bought a half dozen little onsies and a few sleepers. DH laughed, but I couldn't help it...I washed everything and then spent an hour sitting on the floor sorting all of dd's old baby clothes (we only kept 3-4 that we really liked) and these new ones. I need a few more onsies, but it was so much fun!
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