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When did you know it was twins?

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I am 8 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. I am already WELL into my maternity clothes, and DH told me last night I look as big already as I did at the end of my last pregnancy. (I don't, or course, but he was not the most attentive expectant father, nor does he have the best memory). A friend of mine told me today she'd noticed how large my bump was but didn't say anything because she didn't want to offend me. I don't mind at all, it took me forever to show with DD, so I would love to look pregnant longer!

I have MW care at a birth center, so I will only have one u/s, at 20w, if I decide to have it. I do have twins in the family (fraternal, my father's siblings). I don't really have a "gut" feeling as to whether or not there's more than one in there, but I am terrible at reading my gut feelings. Thought DD was a boy and I was sure I wasn't pregnant the month I finally was (we'd been TTC for 5 months and I was sure I WAS pregnant all those other months).

So, when/how did you find out you were having twins or more? Should I request an 8 week u/s just to set my mind at ease? I had OB care in the beginning of my pg with DD, so it was routine. I kind of miss "seeing" that everything is OK in there. But I am also not a fan of unnecessary extra stuff.

ETA: I really feel like knowing earlier would be best for our whole family. It would take DH a lot of time to adjust to the idea, and MIL is considering moving closer, which I think she would definitely do if twins were in the picture (I like MIL, so that would be OK ).
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I measured 14 weeks at my 10-week dr appt, and we did an ultrasound at that time to find out why (I knew I wasn't 14 weeks pg).

By 11 or 12 weeks we could hear 2 heartbeats at the same time, so a US isn't necessarily needed, though if it will put your mind at ease I think you should go ahead and get one.
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My OB does a routine u/s at 10wks to verify due date and heartbeat. It was at that time that the tech saw two babies. I had no idea as I was not showing and was still wearing my regular clothes. I did not get bigger than usual until about 16wks.
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I didn't find out til an u/s at 18w. I went in for gender and found out it was TWO boys.

If you suspect you are having twins, please have an u/s -- my twins turned out to have TTTS which is very dangerous, blah blah -- sorry, but I feel like I post about the risks/dangers of TTTS every other day, so I'm just going to leave it at that.
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I found out at 6 weeks. I had a m/c right before I had teh twins so it was a check for dates / make sure all is okay
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6 wks 2 days, in severe pain in the evening, sent to er, did an ultrasound = surprise, 2 babies!
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I did an ultrasound at 16 weeks to confirm gender and found out it was twins. I had had some "symptoms" before then-- maternity clothes by 9 weeks, severe nausea, etc-- but didn't know until the ultrasound.
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We were in the process of moving across the country. MWs were much more expensive where we lived and I knew they were inexpensive where we were moving. Since I'd already been through two pregnancies, I decided to wait until we had moved (I'd consulted with two midwives at about 17 weeks--because of her measurement and my greater hunger, I'd asked if she thought it could be twins, but she didn't).

A week before the move, concerned friends wanted me to see a medical professional to make sure the cross country travel was safe. As a result of that, I ended up having an ultrasound (at 27 weeks). That's when we found out it was twins. Because the earlier midwife had thought it wasn't twins, I'd definitely want an ultrasound to confirm (then again, with your family history, your midwife might take you more seriously and check more closely). My midwife had just delivered a baby that was a whole month off datewise, so I think she just thought I was off on my dates.
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7w 4d. I was seeing an RE, but got pregnant on my own before she had the chance to intervene (guess I scared my body into conception). Boy was she surprised! (Not as surprised as we were)
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littlebrowndog -- i too and getting bigger faster, partof the time i thik it is the "2nd babies pop faster" and then i am not sure......
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Officially, not until the "routine" 20 week ultrasound. But I remember asking at 12 weeks if it was possible there was more than one in there as I was VERY sick (and hadn't been with DS). My doc said "well, every pregnancy is different." You're telling me, buddy.

My weight gain was exactly the same as my first pregnancy (but looking back, the fact that I puked every day for 20+ weeks had something to do with that.)

And I just came across a notebook and saw a great entry from when I was about 7 weeks pregnant -- mentioned how sick and miserable I was and how DH and I were joking that it had to be either a girl, or twins.

We got both!
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I was TTC for a year before I got PG, so I was VERY sure of my dates. By 6 weeks I was so ill I could hardly move, yet I was already wearing maternity clothing. By 10 weeks when my OB first sees patients I was convinced I was having twins. I was very ill, starving all the time, VERY large, and feeling movements on opposite sides simultaneously. The doc told me I was fatter because it was my second PG, my dates were probably off (yeah right my LMP was my 30th birthday for pete's sake) and I just had a touch of gas. He made me wait 2 weeks for an u/s, and the tech was surprised I knew there were 2 in there. She thought I would be the one who was surprised, not the doc.
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Just lurking but wanted to say I was convinced it must be twins with my second. I didn't show until about 24 weeks with my first. With my second I looked 6 months pregnant by the time I was 6 weeks. I am not kidding! With my 3rd I was very visibly pregnant by 4.5 weeks. This is me 4.5 weeks pregnant with my 3rd - http://new.photos.yahoo.com/heavens_...803291711272/0

None of them ended up being twins!

Edited to add that it looks like I am sticking my tummy out because my legs are bent back but I have double jointed knees so they always look like that! That is a bonified preggo belly. I also felt movement at 14 weeks with number 2 and at 11 weeks with number 3.
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was everyone really sick with their twin prgancy?

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Our babies were conceived through IVF, so we had a six week ultrasound to check for a heartbeat and find out how many embryos had stuck. The nurse saw two right away, and found two heartbeats. Personally, I was glad to know early, as I could start "eating for three" right away, make sure I was getting extra water, etc.

BTW, I think the extra nutrition helped, because at our 8-week u/s, both were measuring ahead of gestational age and very nearly the same size - one had been smaller at the 6 week u/s. Even the nurse was impressed, and became very interested in the Brewer diet. So of course, up on my soapbox I climbed! Yes, even in stirrups, I can preach good nutrition!
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Originally Posted by Aimee21972 View Post
was everyone really sick with their twin prgancy?

I was -- I believe the worst of it was that I had thrown up so much, I popped blood vessels in my eyes and started throwing up blood from tears in the esophagus (how about that for a pregnancy glow?) -- but many mamas weren't.
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Originally Posted by Aimee21972 View Post
was everyone really sick with their twin prgancy?

Nope. :

I had no morning sickness. At about six weeks I had some spotting and was sent for blood tests to check my hormone levels. When I went to see the doctor for the results the doc said that my levels were going up like crazy.

The next visit I was measuring ahead but he could only find one heartbeat. He tried tricking my husband by stopping to hear the heartbeat on the right side and then moving to the left side and then going back to right side. My husband got all excited but my doctor fessed up that he was just joking. When we were talking about how I was measuring ahead I asked if my dates could be off, he said yes or there could be two in there.

My GP doesn't deliver babies so I ended up choosing a midwife and at our first visit with her I was still measuring ahead and she heard one heartbeat and what we thought was an echo on the left (it was the same speed as the stronger one on the right).

I went for an ultrasound at 19 weeks and I mentioned to the tech that I was measuring ahead and that my dates could be off and my husband bounced in his seat and said "or it could be twins". As soon as she started the scan two little heads came up on the screen. Even though we had suspected twins I spent the next several days wandering around in a daze muttering "holy crap!"
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I also had a Miscarriage before this pregnancy so we needed to check dates and make sure the baby was healthy. I has strong feelings like it was twins. At 7w4d we got an ultrasound and found the baby. The Tech said "well you don't get much better then that, there's the fetal pole and yoke sac and here's the HB." I told her I was relieved and that I wanted to find out my dates (could have been anywhere from 12- 6 weeks pregnant), make sure the baby was ok and to make sure there wasn't two. She asked me why I thought It was twins and I told her family history (my dad a fraternal) and I was breastfeeding, but mainly because I had a strong feeling it was twins. Sure enough there were two. Even though I suspected I was still in complete shock and I know I used explicatives when she told me LOL! OH and I also had little to no morning sickness and at 22 weeks I'm only measuring 26 weeks, so I'm still "small", so really the only way you are going to know for sure is to hear two heartbeats (which is hard) or by getting an ultrasound.
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As for mother's intution, the thought crossed my mind as soon as the positive test came back (we had been TTC for a year so I tested very early, I think I knew at around 3w5d.) It was a weird nagging feeling. We had been planning to UC that "baby," but the "feeling" led me to seek care almost immediately, it was so strange.

I *knew* at 5w when I started having round ligament pains and severe fatigue and morning sickness that something very weird was going on- I suspected twins and I told my best friend so that exact day.

One week later I found out I was correct at an ultrasound, and we finally KNEW for sure

Oh, and I also had miscarried right before getting pg with the twins. Literally right before, no break in between- I found out I was pg with the twins just over three weeks after confirming the m/c (I have short cycles.) You could have knocked me over with a feather, since naturally, they were concieved in the ONE MONTH we weren't trying after a year of TTC.
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Originally Posted by Aimee21972 View Post
was everyone really sick with their twin prgancy?

I was very, very sick. I was hospitalized with dehydration, I was so sick until almost 22 weeks. I was dx with hyperemesis and then it disappeared mysteriously- like one morning I woke up throwing up all over myself, the next day I sprang out of bed perfectly fine.

I distinctly remember literally wanting to die for weeks and weeks on end- it was the most horrible experience of my life. The worst part was bearing the worst of the m/s during the heat of July/August... without air conditioning, in 90-100 degree heat. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
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