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I had no idea until 18 weeks with the first ultrasound. DH kept asking our OB prior to this, "Are you sure there aren't twins?" She said probably not because of how small I was. He knew somehow. I don't know how he knew, but he really wanted twins and kept asking me "what if" questions about it. He is a totally amazing person sometimes.
I immediately burst into tears when the tech told me there were two. I just felt (and always will feel) extraordinarily blessed.

But, I did have severe nausea with no throwing up. Whenever I felt hungry I would eat immediately because otherwise I simply wouldn't eat. I ate crackers, drank Vernors ginger ale, and an occasional banana for about 6 weeks. It really sucked but I sure am making up for it now!
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I was so tired and hungry (gettting up twice a night to EAT, not pee), I knew something was off. I was NEVER hungry in the first trimeseter with my other 3 pregnancies. The doc at least listened to me when I said those things. He didn't do an u/s, but he ran all kinds of blood work looking for Thyroid, sugar, iron, etc. When all that came back normal and a month later I was feeling worse, he did the u/s to look for the heartbeat just to put my mind at rest that the 'baby' was fine. His words, "You are older now, and pregnancy can be rougher on someone older. But lets take a quick peek to make you feel better." And POP, two babies! That was at 9.5 weeks, I can't remember the exact day for it
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I self-diagnosed by 12 weeks. I knew what was normal for me after 2 pregnancies, and I was NOT measuring anywhere normal for me even by 10 weeks. And nausea/fatigue for twice as long. Went in for U/S at 12 weeks to make sure, and I was right. Still a shock though!
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I got pregnant 3 months after a m/c, was ravenous. In spite of lots of morning sickness, I was gaining weight and started showing around 9 or 10 wks. Our midwife reassured me that since my diet was so good, I shouldn't worry about the weight gain. I'd been thin before and she thought I needed a little extra.

It was my first pregnancy after the m/c so I didn't have anything to compare it to. As everyone commented on my early bump I called my mom who reassured me that women in our family show early and not to worry.

We weren't doing any of the 1st trimester tests, but finally agreed to one u/s (21 wks) at our midwife's request. When I saw all those parts on the u/s screen I thought maybe it takes awhile to focus...the tech said, "So how many are you having?" (This was at a perinatology office where they see lots of RE clients with higher order multiples.) and poor DH's eye's got big and he almost fainted.

Funny thing is that I'd been feeling kicks from about 12 wks which isn't typical for a first pregnancy. I thought I was just more observant than most women...turns out I'm simply not as intuitive as most women!
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I had an u/s at 5 weeks due to 2 prev m/c's. I saw what looked like two sac's, but nobody would say anything to me because I wasn't with my dr. I told my husband that's what we saw and showed him pic on the net that looked just like it. He didn't want to think it was true till a dr told us so. A week later my dr office called and said everything looked okay but they wanted to do another u/s at 6 weeks, they weren't even going to say anything about the possibility of two sac's. I knew at that moment I was done with my dr and found a new one that gave me an u/s at my 1st apt and shared all the info with me. We did have two sac's, they wern't sure one would continue, so we went back in a few weeks and we had two normal heartbeats. I have always just wanted to call my old dr back and give her what she did and how it made me feel, but it would do no good. My husband seems to have adjusted to the idea now (18 weeks) and the rest of the family is excited, so I am glad we knew sooner than later. Best wishes to you!
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I found out at 10 weeks, when my MW did an u/s to confirm dates. I was measuring a few weeks ahead. I was very sick that whole pregnancy and very tired. My symptoms were 100 times worse in my twin pregnancy than with either of my singleton pregnancies.
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I knew at 26 weeks but suspected all along.
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I found out around 6 weeks - I'd had a miscarriage the month previously and didn't even get afull cycle and was pregnant again - so my dr. wanted to make sure that everything was good. We did an ultrasound and they made me drink gallons of water for it. I ran into the building without dh - who was parking the car- and told them I couldn't wait any longer. The ultrasound tech was very kind and told me she'd quickly run the wand over me and then I could go to the bathroom - afterwards I'd coome back and do the transvaginal ultrasound. So, there she was running the wand over me and suddenly she stopped. I got so scared that something was wrong and so I asked her if everything was okay. Her reply: OH, yes, everything is okaaaaay. It's just that there are two.

The funny thing is that ever since I had found out that I was expecting I was praying that they would be fine and healthy. Always they and never one. Somehow, I just knew.

I had hypermesis iwth this pregnancy as well (as my others except one) and lived on Zofran (the wonder drug) for the entire pregnancy and only had to get IV fluids once or twice.
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Wow alot of us conceiving twins right after a miscarriage. Mine were two months after my loss, but It was my first cycle (I cycled every 2 months while breastfeeding). I wonder if there is a connection?
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Originally Posted by fyrebloom View Post
Wow alot of us conceiving twins right after a miscarriage. Mine were two months after my loss, but It was my first cycle (I cycled every 2 months while breastfeeding). I wonder if there is a connection?

I also concieved right after a loss. I did read in one book there was a connection. It was the only "twin risk factor" I had.
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Originally Posted by RachelEve14 View Post
I also concieved right after a loss. I did read in one book there was a connection. It was the only "twin risk factor" I had.
Are yours MZ or DZ?
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Originally Posted by fyrebloom View Post
Are yours MZ or DZ?
I would be willing to bet the are DZ since they don't look alike (like sisters, but no one ever mixes them up, they have totally different looks), but we can't prove it because they are both girls and have the same blood type (but dh and I have the same blood type so that's not weird either). How's that for a run on sentence :
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I found out my very first doctor's visit. She did the routine exam then an internal ultrasound. I was only 6 weeks pregnant. I didn't say a word when she told me. She then called my sister back and I told her. My mom has 4 sets of twin girls on her side and my dad has 2 sets of boys on his side. I had a boy and a girl.
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I'm really curious if I could be having twins. My MW found the heartbeat at 9 wks but just one. I am measuring right on schedule with my dates but I have a big belly. I was this big around 6 months with DD and I'm 16 wks with this pregnancy. I started feeling movement at 14 wks but earlier I could have sworn I felt little kicks here and there. I also had a lot of twin dreams early in the pregnancy and a feeling that something is different.

The other things are that I had a m/c two months before I conceived (seems like a lot of twin mammas had them too) and I am a vegetarian craving meat - so much so that I have started eating turkey and even dreaming about meat! Sometimes people make comments to me about having two, but who knows. Sometimes I feel like it probably is twins then other times I feel like oh there's no way its possible. We will just have to wait until our u/s in a few weeks and I may mention something to our MW at our next visit.
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20 weeks on accident. My doctor's partner decided to check the heartbeat with the u/s machine and when he backed it up to show me the baby, there were 2! He wasn't going to tell me because my doctor was in the Phillipines but I started asking questions! This time I am definitely asking for an u/s right away so that if it is twins we can take time to adjust.
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I found out at the now-standard-in-this-area 13-week ultrasound for nuchal translucency test.

Sure glad I found out then! The pregnancy had already by that point been more difficult than my previous three. I had not guessed it was twins. I just thought the crazy-even-for-trimester-one fatigue was iron deficiency as it had been in pregnancy #3 (which was when we had thought "Oh, it must be twins! Once bitten, twice shy, I guess!). I attributed other symptoms/concerns to some very stressful personal situations I was dealing with.

Although I have concerns about ultrasound, particularly a lot of them during a pregnancy, I echo YumaDoula's concerns about TTTS. Ours didn't have TTTS. We decided the frequent ultrasounds to monitor for it were worth the potential risks, b/c without diagnosis, TTTS is devastating. With diagnosis, it can sometimes be effectively managed. If the ultrasound revealing twins is much past 13/14 weeks, they can't properly see if it's a single placenta or two that have fused. This has implications regarding your risk of TTTS and thus your ability to make an informed decision about whether you want all the ultrasounds.
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I knew the day I ovulated. I have obvious mittelschmertz and I was set to ovulate from the left side that cycle. And lo, the pain came on the right side, which confused the heck out of me. And then not 20 minutes later, the pain started in on the left and that's when my jaw dropped and my eyes bugged out. I knew the eggs my ovaries would be fertilized, too, because... well, I just knew.

And then 10 days later, I felt implantation pains: first on the right and then moments later on the left.

2 days later I tested positively pregnant. I was in maternity clothes at 8w. By 10.5 w I could feel tiny kicks and hits in four different places in my uterus. And now I feel like I'm gestating tumbling octopi!

FTR, I wasn't really all that sick. I was a little nauseated and didn't puke for the first time until 10/11w. I still throw up a couple of times a week, but it's not bad at all. My sister was hyperemetic with all three of her pregnancies (2 of which were twins).
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For those of you who found out later, did you have doppler scans for a heartbeat? My midwife scanned for just a minute and picked up one beat, but I'm measuring 16 weeks and I know I'm only 12 because I know exactly when I ovulated. I guess my question is, when you found out later, had you been having regular doppler checks and only hearing one HB?
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Found out at 12 weeks by U/S.

A quick doppler at 12 weeks, if not suspected... why look for one more if one is found, would be the most likely action. Even later if twins are suspected, it's still hard to find 2 heartbeats.
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